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Article: Your Best Option for the Christmas Rush

Your Best Option for the Christmas Rush - BestPaintByNumbers

Your Best Option for the Christmas Rush

Can’t go out of the house to buy gifts because of health hazards or you simply don’t wanna join in the Christmas rush? Can’t decide what to buy online because you’re scared that the product/s won’t match your expectations? Here at Best Paint by Numbers, we’ve got something just for you!

Christmas presents under a Christmas tree

We only have a few days left until Christmas and some of us still have no idea what to give for our special loved ones. It can be a little frustrating to some who really want to make others feel the Christmas spirit by giving them gifts. This year’s holiday season is unlike the ones that we had during the previous years due to the coronavirus-- it’s a bit risky going to the mall and because of lockdown (quarantine), some might not be able to see their loved ones.

To lighten things up, there are so many gift options to choose from, but Paint by Numbers kits are arguably the best option this Christmas rush. Not only because it’s trending, but it’s also relaxing to work with and it’s simply unique. The best part about giving a Paint by Numbers kit to someone as a gift is that it lasts for a lifetime and they can frame it somewhere in their home.
Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

If you’re wondering about when the Paint by Numbers kit/s will be delivered, customers from the United States, Australia, and Europe can receive it before Christmas if it’s ordered on or before December 5th while customers from Canada can receive it before Christmas if it’s ordered on or before November 15th. 

But if you’re planning to give someone a Paint by Numbers kit as a gift and you want it to arrive exactly on Christmas day, it is not guaranteed that you can receive the product on the 25th, however, we have got a solution for that, and it’s the Best Paint by Numbers Gift Card.

What’s a Best Paint by Numbers Gift Card?

It’s a gift card that you can purchase for someone as a gift and they can redeem it at the store with whatever Paint by Numbers kit they wish to buy (limited to the value of the gift card). Gift card value starts at $30.00 USD… how affordable is that!?

The Best Paint by Numbers gift card

Best Paint by Numbers Gift Card

How do I purchase one?

You can purchase a gift card by simply clicking here. You can purchase the gift card the same way you purchase a Paint by Numbers kit from the site. The Best Paint by Numbers Gift Card will be delivered via email together with instructions on how to redeem the gift card at the checkout. The great thing about our gift cards is that it has no additional processing fees, so you pay exactly the amount of the gift card value you chose!

Why Best Paint by Numbers Gift Cards are a great option as a Holiday Gift:

  1. They give your loved ones the freedom to select the kit they prefer.

    If you’re having a hard time deciding which kit to give them because there are so many designs to choose from, a gift card is a perfect option for you. It will give them the freedom to decide the kit that they’re willing to try and paint.

    Women in sunglasses during Christmas

  2. They are convenient and affordable.

    Joining the holiday rush at the mall is quite risky this season so why not stay at home and purchase something that will only require you a few clicks and a small amount of money? Purchasing Best Paint by Numbers Gift Cards is easy as 1, 2, 3! There’s no hidden charges and you only have to pay the value you prefer to give-- this offer is exclusive only on our site!

  3. The Gift Card/s will be delivered to your email in a short amount of time.

    If you feel frustrated that the kit/s won’t arrive exactly on Christmas, giving them a gift card from our site is the best option not only because it will reduce your stress associated with thinking about the gifts, but also because the gift cards can be given on your preferred date.

  4. They help avoid giving your loved ones something they already have.

    You might have some loved ones who are Paint by Numbers enthusiasts, so giving them a kit they already have might garner an awkward reaction from them. With the Best Paint by Numbers Gift Card, that situation is 100% avoided since they’ll be the ones who will choose their preferred kits.
    Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

  5. They guarantee that your loved one/s will love it.

    I mean, who doesn’t love gift cards? Especially when they can buy a Paint by Numbers kit with it.

  6. They can be given to anyone, at any place.

    We’ve mentioned that some might not be able to see some of their loved ones because of the lockdown. A gift card is a great gift especially for your loved ones living far away since it can be received via email! That way, it also saves you money from shipping and handling fees.

The Perfect Gift Comes from the Heart

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year when thinking about gifts and planning your budget, so remember that it’s the thought that really counts, not the gift itself. So whether you give them a Best Paint by Numbers gift card, a Paint by Numbers kit, or even a simple Christmas card, they’re all perfect as long as they come from the heart. Happy holidays!

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