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Article: 5 Concept Art Ideas

5 Concept Art Ideas - BestPaintByNumbers

5 Concept Art Ideas

Coming up with your concept can be difficult if you’re new to creating art. We know that we struggle with coming up with our concepts, which is why we rely on paint-by-number kits. But, here are 5 concept art ideas if you want to create your art. 

A photo showing fantasy mystical people mysticism

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When we watch animated series or even 3D movies, we’re often amazed by how breathtaking the art is. We know that it takes a lot of time to render these scenes per slide, but the question is, how do these artists come up with the concept art?

Creating your own art may be difficult at first, but once you know what you want to create, you’ll be able to come up with your own concept. However, to help inspire you, here are 5 concept art ideas to try. Digital art is an amazing way to combine traditional techniques with digital techniques to get amazing results.

It would also be nice to know more about what digital artists do to create their work. For some, digital artists are still an unknown part of art, but they’ve become more relevant with the release of animated films.

Do you want to try out digital art? We think that the combination of traditional and digital artwork may be a little difficult for some, but we know that once you get the hang of both mediums, you’ll be able to yield great results.

Let us know if you’re going to try out digital art techniques.

What Is Concept Art?

A photo taken under water of a woman in white

Before we get into the 5 concept art ideas, let’s talk about what concept art is. Concept art is drawing up a concept that you will later animate with the use of digital programs. This will make the art you draw come to life and make it more realistic and lifelike. A lot of digital artists come up with concept art when they create video games, movies, or even comic series.

This is a great way to add more pizzazz to your art and we think that a lot of people would love to see their works of art come to life. However, digital art is more than just being able to visualize your concept, the hard part comes after when you have to bring the art to life. Animating the art takes some time and you would have to be patient because there are multiple layers to switch between in the edits.

5 Concept Art Ideas

A photo showing a rail track in the woods with fallen brownish leaves

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Now that we’ve discussed what concept art is, we’re going to list 5 concept art ideas for you to try when you try out digital art. It may be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect. Here are five ideas for you to do:

  1. Character design: One of the most common types of concept art that are done by people is character design. You can come up with your original character, and then bring them to life with the use of digital art.

  2. Background/environmental design: If you play a lot of video games that feature realistic places, it’s always amazing to see how realistic the background looks. Background is also a form of concept art that you can work on and the sky’s the limit.

  3. Weapon design: Another aspect of concept art that we find interesting is how people design weapons. The ability to make the details come out and look so realistic in an animated movie is always astounding.

  4. Prop design: When you focus on a lot of little details, we’re sure that props design is something you would love to look into. It may be difficult for some people because there are a lot of props, but we think you would love to try prop design.

  5. Vehicle design: Vehicles can be very difficult to illustrate and bring to life because there are so many details to consider, but it’s always wonderful when an artist can come up with a vehicle design it would be realistic too.

Key Takeaways

A painting of a winged fairy

Now that we’ve listed the 5 concept art ideas, we hope that it will be easier for you to come up with your concepts. We love seeing animated scenes and playing video games, so seeing people become concept artists is exciting because we know that you’re a step closer to creating these things. 

Do you plan on creating your own video game or animated movies? We love concept art and we think that more people should know more about them. It may take some time to learn, but we always believe that it’s worth the time and effort to learn.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit



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