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Article: Abstraction: Why do People Make Abstract Art?

Abstraction: Why do People Make Abstract Art? - BestPaintByNumbers

Abstraction: Why do People Make Abstract Art?

Meaningless, childlike, mindless, and slump– these are some of the most commonly attributed words to describe abstraction or abstract art. Little did they know that abstract is of high regard due to its philosophical, political, and highly emotional attachments to each of the canvases created by artists. Have you ever tried to compare paintings created centuries ago to paintings created today?

Although traditional art is undeniably still done and appreciated by many, contemporary abstraction is the current trend. Non-representational art is given its limelight at art shows, galleries, and museums. Smears of paint, splashes of color, and the use of unconventional painting equipment are all examples of inventiveness. Many people may believe it's child's play, but not everyone interprets it the same way.

Many question the purpose and value of abstraction in the contemporary art world setting, but here’s a fact: contemporary art is all about unconventional abstract art. Moreover, most of the artworks being sold and created today are abstract art. As simple as it may seem, many artists struggle in bringing about their ideas to offer something new, interesting, fresh, and modern. So, in this article, let’s delve into the subconsciousness and possible notions of many artists as to why they create abstract art.

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Red blue and yellow abstract painting

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Some individuals dismiss abstract art because they are unable to grasp and understand what they see. After all, because of its simplicity, representational art is easy to criticize. But, what is the aim of abstraction in art, and how valuable is it? For decades, people have argued over the worth of abstraction.

Some individuals appreciate the conventional style artworks of Rembrandt and Da Vinci, while others like the ingenuity and originality behind Kandinsky and Pollock's works. Regardless of taste, art is an art and it is subjective. As a result, the spectator and critic must choose the significance, artistic value, and meaning. We will analyze the value and meaning of abstraction in modern art in the next section.

A Quick Overview About Abstraction in Art

However, before we explore the subconscious of an abstract artist, it would be worthwhile to know more about abstract art and what it's all about to help you interpret and understand abstraction in art.

Abstraction dates back to the nineteenth century and was influenced by Post-Impressionism, which was headed by painters such as Paul Gaugin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat. Abstractionism posed a challenge to the conventional method of making artworks by presenting tales, religious events, mythologies, and historical events. Wassily Kandinsky is known to have started abstraction in the 19th century.

Due to the prominence of Dada, Suprematism, and Constructivism, despite its early emergence in the twentieth century, notably during Globe Wars I and II, the style had minimal effect in the world. As a result, war propaganda and posters had a significant influence during the time. However, throughout the postwar period, another abstract style known as abstract impressionism evolved and affected the art world.

This gave rise to abstraction in American and European painting and sculpting approaches. Despite the uncertainty it causes for some individuals, the style is largely recognized today.

An abstract colored painting of people

Since its emergence in the 20th century, abstract art has received negative criticism from those who viewed the movement as uncreative, lazy, and meaningless. Abstraction was never without significance. It may not depict the real world, but it demonstrates the artist's ideas and characteristics such as sincerity, directness, and purity. Abstract art has no figurative form that portrays real-world items.

It is an approach that employs color, geometric forms, expressive markings, and non-representational graphics to convey a message to the observer. Most of the time, the spectator determines the meaning and significance of abstraction. For both the painter and the observer, this approach is all about spontaneity and liberation. As a result, it allows the artist to create spontaneously beyond our cognition, feelings, and grasp of the physical universe. 

Why do People Make Abstract Art Anyways?

    1.  To express feelings and emotions:

There are moments when we just cannot explain emotions in language or images. When this occurs, attempt to express your sentiments and emotions via abstract art. The goal of abstraction is to engage with your inner self and release your fear on a medium through colorful bursts, graphical poetic symbolism, and line drawings.

    2.  To expand horizons and perspective of the world:

Abstract paintings on canvas are a visual treat. The artist would employ various colors, geometric forms, designs, texturing, arcs, and other things to portray their ideas in a lyrical, nonlinear fashion. As a result, the artist was able to express himself in ways that representational visual art could not. If you're the creator, abstraction speaks to your emotions and inner self, allowing you to better understand yourself. If you're the observer, on the other hand, it helps you grasp things beyond existence and appreciate ethereal, subjective, and theoretical notions.

A perspective painting of different colors

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    3.  To get in touch with the inner artistic self:

The artist's production of abstraction shifts from the conscious to the subconscious level and the artistic expression is governed by human intuitive drive, dreams, and one's vision. The subconscious material is fully visualized, and the "id" is further examined on a profound level when one creates or stares at an abstract artwork.

Blue red and white abstract painting

    4.  To provide and to experience a unique and unconventional way of creating art:

Have you heard the term "poetic license?" "It is also known as "artistic license," which is the divergence from the usual forms of writing (in this case, art), breaking the regular rules of writing (in this case, art), and developing their standards to give a more unique work of art. When you're an artist, your canvas serves as your paper, and your brush serves as your pen.

However, instead of expressing oneself verbally, you do so through visual images. Abstract art may therefore enable our brain to behave in a less limited and stereotyped fashion, discovering different associations, stimulating alternative emotional pathways, and building new potentially creative neural linkages.

An abstract orange painting

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    5.  To boost one’s creativity and imagination: 

Our brains receive abstraction art visual stimuli in fundamentally different ways than realistic art. That makes sense. Paintings containing recognized things supply our human brains with incredibly clear image perceptions of photos of people, houses, trees, and even boats. This information is immediately classified in our minds in the same way that a person or a sailboat is classified.

This is simple and convenient for us. Abstract art challenges our eyes and brains to perceive visuals that are completely separate from the pictures our brains have evolved to rebuild. It is harder to tell recognizable items or forms in a Rothko or a Pollock.

Red and blue fluid painting

Key Takeaways

When in doubt, go abstract. Abstract art may help you in a variety of ways. Many people underestimate the value of abstract art, yet realize it or not, the bulk of abstract expressionism generated is worth millions of dollars and has its unique limelight within the modern art world. The ultimate goal of abstraction is to show everybody that anything can be beautiful not because it is, but because it could be, and it accomplishes this by altering your vision and urging you to have an inquisitive attitude.

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