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Article: Art 101: Teach with Paint by Numbers

Art 101: Teach with Paint by Numbers - BestPaintByNumbers

Art 101: Teach with Paint by Numbers

It may seem simple and conforming to others, especially to art critics, but many have overlooked the main idea of Paint by Numbers: every man is a Rembrandt and anyone can be an artist, even those people who don’t usually pick up a paintbrush. In this article, we will discuss how beneficial Paint by Numbers is to aspiring artists, especially art students.

Back to school watercolor set

The original Paint by Numbers kits were first introduced to the public in the 1950s, but the concept goes way back in art history and can be traced to during the Renaissance period. People have argued about who invented the concept first: some say it was Michaelangelo and some say that it was Leonardo da Vinci. 

According to the accounts of Dan Robbins, the inventor of the original Paint by Numbers kit, he borrowed the idea from Leonardo da Vinci’s teaching method for his students. Da Vinci would number the different parts of the canvas and those numbers would indicate where certain colors should be, such as the preliminary background colors, underpainting and so forth.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Art can be tricky and complicated sometimes, considering that there are so many things to learn in art school before you actually start picking up a paintbrush and paint on an actual canvas: you have to learn the history of art, art theories and many more. It could be overwhelming especially for beginners, but it can also be very fun because you get to create art. Creating art is a little bit frustrating at times, but you need not worry because Paint by Numbers is here to help.

How Paint by Numbers Can Help You Unleash the Better Artist in You:

  1. It provides you the basic materials you need to start off your painting journey.
    A canvas set from Best Paint by Numbers

    The medium or art materials are arguably the most important thing you need when starting an artistic journey. This is one of the common problems of artists too, especially for beginners; either because of the expense or the overwhelming number and types of art materials out there. 

    With Paint by Numbers kits, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because the materials are provided, all at a very affordable price. In every kit comes a:

    • Set of brushes (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large)
    • Set of acrylic paint
    • Pre-drawn canvas

    Everything is ready to use, which means there’s no need to apply gesso/primer and no paint mixing required as well!

  2. It teaches color theory.

    Painting materials laid out on a table
    Learning this fundamental area in painting is very essential because colors bring your painting to life, obviously. Paint by Numbers teaches you how to work with color schemes correctly. The number assigned to a particular color can help you identify and visualize values, shadows, perspective and motion. 

    Moreover, you will also learn the importance of light and dark values and how they can immensely affect the outcome of the painting. Those concepts mentioned can help you learn how to blend, overpaint, underpaint and blur like a pro.

  3. It helps you improve your brushwork.

    An artist using watercolors
    Learning how to take control of your brushes can be hard work, especially for beginners. Thus, knowing the difference and specific use cases for several kinds of brushes is not an easy task as well. With Paint by Numbers, you begin to learn with the basic brushes, while mastering your grip and learning different brush techniques as well. The small gaps in the canvas may seem difficult to fill in, but those will teach you how to effectively gain control over your brushes.

  4. Paint by Numbers has a wide scope of art movements/styles.

    Lady looking at paintings in art gallery
    To learn art is to learn the various art movements/styles because that’s where you can get your inspirations from as an artist which can also help you experiment and find your own style. 

    With Paint by Numbers, you can have the experience of painting your favorite artworks from famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and many more.

  5. It helps you build your confidence as an artist.

    Lady working on her art
    Confidence is a necessity if you want to grow as an artist. Creating art can be daunting especially at the beginning when you’re full of high expectations and sometimes, self-doubt towards yourself. Go easy on yourself by starting an art project with a Paint by Numbers kit. The system will not only help you improve your artistic skills, but it will also help you embark on a growth process on your part as you go along and finish the painting.

    Moreover, you can start from an easy kit at first and eventually move to more complex ones as you progress as a painter.

See Yourself Grow with Paint by Numbers Today!

Art is complex, so sometimes we don’t know where to begin. With Paint by Numbers, however, you can start your creative journey by learning the very basics of painting. Some may say that it’s methodical and repetitive, but this method works for a lot of people, so trust in the process and you will see the magic for yourself!

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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