Art 101: Virtual Art Events To Consider This Year

While the world is still recovering from the pandemic, some event organizers have made it possible for you to visit their exhibits virtually. In this article, we list virtual art events to consider this year

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Even if the world isn’t back to normal just yet, it’s nice to see art institutes making their exhibits open online. One of the things we missed about the pre-pandemic times was how easy it was to go to a museum. However, since the world is still recovering, it’s wonderful to know that we have the option of looking at exhibits open virtually while we wait for things to go back to normal, or at least find a way to improve the system. 

In this article, we list virtual art events to consider this year. We want to show you which art events are worth checking out when you’re looking for an exhibit to visit while you’re scrolling through social media.

We are glad that we have an option to visit exhibits virtually because it would be a nice change from what we see on our social media timelines. We also hope that the online exhibits can be used as an opportunity to teach students about art and history, despite not being able to visit the museums in person. 

Let us know what you think of virtual museums and if you have plans on visiting them when you’re very bored. 

Why Should You Go To Art Museums

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Before we get into our list of virtual art events to consider this year, let’s talk about why people should go to museums. We know that some people may not enjoy the idea of walking around in a building and learning about history; however, this can be fun if you look at it from another perspective. 

Museums allow you to view art and learn more about the work without sitting through a boring lecture. It’s also a great way for you to look at different artworks from different eras without having to go into different areas. 

We know it can get intimidating, but with the right museum guide, there’s a lot you can learn about art without having to sit through a long lecture about the history of art or even listening to deep conversations about the history of the artwork. 

Virtual Art Events To Consider This Year

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Now that we have discussed why you should go to museums, we’re going to talk about virtual art events for you to check out this year. Some of them may not be available in all the countries, but we’re still going to list them in case you can get access. Here is our list of virtual art events to consider this year: 

  1. Tresors de la foundation des Treilles: This spring, you can catch a selection of some of the greatest exhibits from Fondation des Treilles. They contain a large collection of classical art, which we think art history buffs would enjoy. 
  2. Un regard engage-Alice Neel: If you have more time in the Fall, you can check out this exhibit by Alice Neel. This artist was a feminist icon and was one of the first to highlight intersectionality. Her work focused on two topics: gender struggles and class struggles. 
  3. “Why Are You Angry?”- Paul Gauguin: This exhibit shows the relationship Gauguin had with Tahiti when he resided on the island from the year 1891 until the day he died. It is said to be a valuable factor to understand eroticization and state colonialism. 
  4. Revelation by Andy Warhol: If you are a fan of pop art, you may want to check this art event. It offers a peek into the upbringing of Andy Warhol and how the Byzantine Catholic Church influenced his work. 
  5. London Art Fair: This art fair is suitable for all art lovers who appreciate contemporary art and expert art critics that may miss the feeling of seeing art. 


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Now that we have listed virtual art events to consider this year, we hope that you check out any of the exhibits on our list. We know that not being able to go to a museum has been difficult, especially if you enjoy going to them. However, we hope that you find joy in the exhibits we have listed. 

There are more exhibits available, so if the events we have listed aren’t your thing, you can always go for more events that feature exhibits you would enjoy. Let us know what you think of museums opening their doors to people. 

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