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Article: Artsy DIY Hobbies to Learn this 2021

Artsy DIY Hobbies to Learn this 2021 - BestPaintByNumbers

Artsy DIY Hobbies to Learn this 2021

If you’re asking questions on how to improve your creativity and artistic skills this year, then you should start hobbies that are inclined with arts and crafts. Arts is a very wide scope of topic so the hobbies that you can think of are actually limitless. This article will provide you a list of do-it-yourself hobbies that are low-cost, easy, fun to do, and useful so keep on reading if you want to know more!

Painting equipment on a table

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This list is not your typical list about arts, crafts, and hobbies. This list will provide you unique craft ideas that you can do as a long-term hobby to improve your creativity, reduce stress, and bust your boredom. So if you have plenty of spare time and take your artistry to the next level, this curated list of hobbies and craft projects is a must-try for you.

Artsy and Crafty Projects that You Should Try as Hobbies 

  1. Soap-making:

    Fancy soaps can be expensive so why not create your own instead? It may sound expensive and complicated but actually, it is not the case. You will only need a few ingredients for this to happen, and you can actually purchase D-I-Y soap kits online that are low-budget! The best thing about creating your own soap is that they’ll contain less chemicals and it’s customizable--the shape, color, and the essence or fragrance.
    Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
    This hobby is great especially if you like to indulge in aromatherapy; finished products of your soap-making project are also great as gifts for your loved ones!

    Bars of soap on a plate

  2. Air-dry Clay Sculpting:

    If you want to try clay sculpting without getting your hands dirty, then this is a very good option for you. Air-dry clay is also cheaper than traditional clay and it doesn’t require much work other than sculpting and waiting for it to dry for a few days. A lot of air-dry cays are available online, some of which are sold individually while some are sold together with materials like knives, carvers, and sandpaper. If you want to test your precision and fine motor skills, this hobby is a must-try for you!

    Shaping an art piece

  3. Make your Own Organizer and Declutter:

    Room so messy? Disorganized table? Then there’s only one way to solve those issues: DECLUTTER. And how do you start decluttering? By putting your things and other knick-knacks in an organizer. The problem for some is that they don’t have many organizers. But the thing is, if you’re one of them, you don’t need to buy because you can create your own using recycled objects!
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    You can create your own organizers using cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, used plastic cups, etc. There are many instructions and even templates available on the internet that can guide you in creating multi-layered organizers. It’s frugal, customizable, and very useful!

    Artificial plants in a box

  4. Homemade Wreaths:

    Make your home more inviting by making your own wreath and displaying it at your front door. Who says that wreaths are only for Christmas? Wreaths can be displayed year-round and you can actually create your own wreath based on the season or the occasion. Customize it on how you like and you can use plastic flowers or even create your own flowers using crepe papers.

    Christmas decorations on a table

  5. Make your own Pillowcase:

    This may sound hard especially if you don’t have an experience with sewing but this D-I-Y pillowcase project is different. Instead of using regular fabrics, upcycle old t-shirts that are no longer in use (make sure that the size is large enough for the pillow). This craft is fast and easy, even a person with minimal knowledge on sewing can handle this.

    Pillows on a sofa

  6. Colorful candles:

    These homemade candles are great as gifts, decorations, and for aromatherapy. It’s not really necessary to buy a D-I-Y candle kit, you can actually create colorful candles with crayons that are no longer in use, no wax needed! Other than that, you can buy wicks at the craft store as well as essential oils. You can customize the shapes, aroma, and the color which is very ideal as a personalized gift for a special loved one.

    Lit candles on a table

  7. Cooking and Baking:

    Cooking and baking are considered arts. Both are very practical hobbies and fun to learn, and are very low-cost too. You can utilize whatever’s in your fridge and learn the art of culinary through watching tutorial videos on the internet, cooking shows on the TV or through a friend who knows how to cook and bake.

    Cake about to be baked

  8. Floral vases:

    There are so many objects lying around in your home that can be transformed into beautiful floral vases-- old mason jars, wine bottles, glasses, jars, votive holders, and so much more. You can make them simple by wrapping them in doilies and ribbons, or simply painting them with your favorite color of acrylic paint (or spray paint). Once finished, you can either put real flowers, plastic flowers, or even simple D-I-Y flowers made from different colors of crepe paper.

    A flower bouquet on a table

  9. Make Your Own Fabric Face Mask:

    In this time of pandemic where using face masks is mandatory and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) go short at times, creating your own washable face mask made out of fabric will not only help in avoiding the spread of the virus, it can also help in saving the environment mainly because it’s usable than regular face masks and you can create them using cotton fabric shirts that are no longer in use. They’re customizable and easy to make, even people with beginner sewing skills can make this.

    A mouth protection face mask

  10. Miniature crafts:

    Do you want a mini-scale of your kitchen? Bedroom? Your whole house? Or your dream house? Make it happen by creating a miniature craft using recycled materials like shoeboxes, match boxes, old toys, etc. A lot of people are getting into miniature crafts recently and they’re so adorable! Try it for yourself and let your inner child play.

    A make shift house

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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