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Article: Best Paint By Numbers Images To Use

Best Paint By Numbers Images To Use - BestPaintByNumbers

Best Paint By Numbers Images To Use

Hook: Paint by number kits are fun when you’re looking for a new hobby, but the common kits can get boring soon. Here are the best paint by numbers images to use for your first custom kit. 

A Photo of an artist sheet of a paper water colors brushes on a desk

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

If you’re looking to start painting with the help of paint by number kits, this is a good start, especially if you want a guide for when you paint. However, some people don’t enjoy the concept of using pre-printed paint by number kits because the prints can get old. If you’re part of this community, you may want to consider using customized images.

In this article, we cover the best paint by numbers images to use for your customized kits. When it comes to custom kits, you can choose any photo that is near to your heart. But before you submit an image, you should consider some elements in the picture.

Paint by number kits are great if you’re not ready to freehand your first painting, and you can access them easily in any arts and crafts store in your area. But, if you want something that’s unique to you, you might prefer ordering from companies like Best Paint by Numbers, which specialize in customized paint-by-number kits. 

Choosing an image should be easy enough, but we suggest following our guidelines for choosing the best paint by numbers images to use so that you choose the best image. Also, this will help ensure that your painting process won’t be so difficult when you start painting. 

An oil painting of a knight in the knight

Choosing The Best Paint by numbers images

If you decide to purchase a customized paint by numbers kit, you should consider some factors. Not every image you want to use is appropriate, and the company you purchase from might discourage you. Here are the tips for choosing the best paint by numbers images.

A graffiti wall mural painting

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Guidelines For Choosing the Best Images

    1.  Choose an image with a simple background: Whether it’s an image of your pet or a group of friends, it’s best to choose a photo that features very few background characters. Aside from the fact that it will not translate very well through painting, it can also become difficult for you to paint a lot of details if you’re new to painting. Choose the photo with the simplest background to make your first paint by numbers experience easier. 

    2.  Choose an image that has good lighting: Too much and too little light might not translate the same way when you’re trying to paint because adding a lot of shadows and highlights can require a lot of blending; which is not easy if you’re a beginner. Choose an image that has the best lighting of your subject, and if you need to edit it before submission, don’t go crazy with adjusting the brightness and shadows.

     3.  Avoid choosing an image with too many filters: It’s important to remember that painting an image may not have the same results as an image produced by a digital camera. If you want to use a filtered image, make sure it’s not too filtered so that it won’t be difficult to mix and match the colors for your kit. 

    4.  Don’t use a pixelated image: One of the things you should remember is that resizing your images may not translate into a clear image. If you want to convert the size of your image, you may be better off getting help from a professional, that way the image you choose will be crisp and the final result of your kit will look nice.

The Best Images To Use For Paint By Number Kits

Now that you know the guidelines to consider when choosing the best paint by numbers images to use, here are some suggestions for you when you choose a subject for your paint by number kits.

An artist supplies with blue brush

    1.  Pictures of your family: Family pictures are always a great subject because you can give the final image to your family and show them an artistic expression of your love for your family.

A man and his wife with their kids sitting on the grass

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
    2.  Your favorite pet: Everyone has had a first pet that they wish could stay in their life forever. One way you can honor your pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge is by painting your favorite picture of them.

A brown short coated dog lying on a blue and white textile

    3.  A photo of your friends: Much like family pictures, you can paint your favorite picture of your best friend and give them your finished painting as a gift. It’s thoughtful and it shows how much time and effort you put into your friendship.

A photo of women using the hands to form a love gesture during daytime

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
    4.  A picturesque scene:
If you don’t want to paint pictures of people and animals, you can also submit a photo of your favorite scenery. This is also easier to paint because there’s less blending involved when it comes to the colors.

A daytime photo of a brown rocky structure near a body of water

Final Takeaways

Ever since the start of the pandemic, paint by numbers kits has become more popular. A lot of people are enjoying these kits because they’re a great break away from the dreadful news of the virus, and they’re easy to buy if you just want to get a pre-printed pattern. 

However, if you want something different and unique to you, you might prefer purchasing a customized paint by numbers kit from companies that specialize in printing these kinds of kits. 

While a customized kit may be a bit more expensive because of the printing price and the cost of shipping, it’s a worthy investment.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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