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Article: Creativity 101: Which Creative Type are You?

Creativity 101: Which Creative Type are You? - BestPaintByNumbers

Creativity 101: Which Creative Type are You?

Creativity is a complex topic. We all have our ideas about what creativity means, and what makes someone more or less creative than others. But one thing we can all agree on being creative isn't an easy thing to do. It's one of the hardest things we'll ever do in our lives! Whether we are aware of it or not, we must come to realize that everyone is creative-- artist or not!

With such, one must be aware that there are different types of creativity. Wanna know which creative type you are? Continue reading this article to know more!

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What is Creativity? 

Creativity is the process of creating something new, whether it’s art or music. It can also be defined as the ability to solve problems and think outside of the box. Creativity isn't just about being artistic; it's also about taking risks, being innovative, and above all else having fun while doing it!

The following questions will help you determine which type of creative person you are:

  • What aspect of creativity do people most often associate with your personality? For example, if they say "he/she is creative" or "they're very creative," does that describe who you are? Or does it give away too much information about yourself (i.e., what kind of job would someone like this do)?
  • Do any other characteristics play into how others perceive your level of creativity? For example, if someone claims that their friend plays guitar better than anyone else in their band—and then shows up for rehearsal wearing suspenders instead—can we conclude that said friend's level of musical talent is lacking? Or might there be another factor at play here (i.e., maybe this person has never listened closely enough before)?

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How Important is Creativity These Days?

It's important to note that creativity is not just about making things. Creativity can also be applied to solving problems, communicating effectively, and finding new ways of doing things.

For instance, when it comes to problem-solving:

  • Creativity helps you come up with new solutions by breaking down old ones into smaller parts and looking at them from different angles (this is called "generative" thinking). You may have heard this referred to as brainstorming or "brainstorming."
  • Creativity helps you understand why one solution isn't working so well; if your idea isn't working then there must be another option out there!

Is Everyone Considered Creative?

The question of whether everyone is considered creative is a complex one. Some people are more creative than others, and it can be learned. But creativity doesn't have to be an innate talent—it can be taught, trained, practiced, and mastered through practice.

Creativity is defined as "the act or process of creating something new or useful." This definition makes sense when you think about it: Creativity means coming up with something new or useful for yourself or others; if you're not doing that now (and maybe even if you are), then there may be room for improvement!

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Which Creative Type Are You?: Find Out Below!

How to tell if you're a convergent thinker

  • Are you good at problem-solving? Convergent thinkers are often the most capable of taking a complex issue and breaking it down into its constituent parts. They're also great at figuring out how to solve problems using this method.
  • Do you like solving problems that have a single correct answer? Convergent thinkers tend to prefer solving problems with one answer over multiple possibilities, which makes them ideal for math and logic classes as well as in general problem-solving situations like an SAT test or brain teaser games on Jeopardy! (although even these don't require convergent thinking skills).
  • Do you enjoy math? Convergent thinkers tend to excel in fields where calculations are required—and they may even enjoy doing some of their own calculations! If this sounds like something that could be fun for you, consider pursuing a career in science or engineering; those fields tend to value convergent thinking skills above other kinds of thinking styles.

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How to tell if you're a divergent thinker 

A divergent thinker is someone who comes up with many ideas and doesn’t like to follow rules. They also have a hard time focusing on one task or idea, which can be frustrating if you work in an environment where deadlines are important.

Because they tend to be creative, divergent thinkers often feel as though their ideas are rejected before they even get off the ground. The truth is that most people don't like rules either—so this may not seem like a bad thing! If you're a divergent thinker, consider yourself lucky because it means your thinking process is more open than others.

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How to tell if you're an abstract thinker

You're an abstract thinker if you're good at solving problems.

You're probably not aware of it, but every time you face a challenge or solve a problem in your life, your brain is doing its best to figure out how to do it. When we see something that looks hard and complicated, our brains think: "I can't possibly do this! I don't even understand how people do things like that." But the truth is that no matter what kind of problem you're facing—whether it's balancing work with family obligations, making rent on time, or just having fun after work—it doesn't have anything on what abstract thinkers do every day without even realizing it: They just figure things out.

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How to tell if you're an intuitive thinker

If you're an intuitive thinker, you're likely to talk about your ideas with other people. You might even like to brainstorm with others and work on a team.

You solve problems by talking with others. Your greatest strength is finding new ways of thinking about things—and the best way for you to do that is through conversation!

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How to tell if you're a linear thinker 

If you’re a linear thinker, your path to success is clear. You know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. You tend to like doing things in a certain order—you might even have a set of rules that govern how you approach tasks or projects—and are good at following them (and keeping track of them). In the world of creativity, this type can be seen as very organized: They plan for every step of their work process, which allows them great flexibility in terms of when and where they work best.

Linear thinkers also tend to be math or science-oriented types, who enjoy solving problems through logic rather than intuition or inspiration (though some may still follow those paths). They prefer working alone over collaboration with others; however, if permitted by someone else who needs their help with something else (like organizing an event), linear thinkers will gladly assist another person who needs it more than themselves does!

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How to tell if you're an imaginative thinker

  • Imaginative thinkers are good at thinking of new ideas, but they struggle to implement them.
  • Imaginative thinkers are good at thinking of new ways to do things, but they struggle with the details.
  • Imaginative thinkers are good at brainstorming and can come up with a lot of great ideas in that process; however, when it comes time for execution and follow-through, they may not be able to stay on track or make changes as necessary (but this is often more a result of having too many great ideas than anything else).

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Take this quiz and find out!

The first thing to know about creative types is that there are many types of creativity, it is hard to categorize as much as it is hard to define. Each of these categories has its way of thinking—and we all fall somewhere on the spectrum between two extremes.

This quiz will tell you if you're a visual creative type like a lot of people or one of the other kinds mentioned above! Take it now to find out which type(s) fit best with your personality traits.


We hope that this quiz helped you learn a bit more about how to tell if you're a convergent thinker or divergent thinker. We also want to thank you for taking the time to read our blog post! If you'd like more information about creativity, check out some of our other articles on our website.

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