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Article: Custom Kits: This Holiday's Unique Gift

Custom Kits: This Holiday's Unique Gift - BestPaintByNumbers

Custom Kits: This Holiday's Unique Gift

Holiday rush is here which means there are a few days left before Christmas. Are you still thinking about which gifts you should buy for your loved ones? Well, worry no more because Best Paint by Numbers provides you plenty of options this holiday season. Continue reading this article to find out!

A couple exchanging gifts

One of the biggest trends this year has been Paint by Numbers kits. Everyone must’ve heard about what these are and it’s arguably most people’s top favorite hobby these days. You can see it everywhere--from the television to social media sites. If you haven’t tried Paint by Numbers yet, you’re totally missing out. So this Holiday season, grab yourself (and your loved one/s) a Paint by Numbers kit which will show you that everyone can be a painter.

Since it’s almost Christmas, you might want to make the kits extra special by customizing your own Paint by Numbers kit. Custom Paint by Numbers allows you to personalize your own kit according to your own preferences: you can choose your own photo, customize the size, turn it to a different art style or you can even turn your photo into a Diamond Painting kit! It may sound like it’s a lot of effort on your part, but trust us, all you have to do is simply upload the photo of your choice and leave the rest to us. How simple is that?!

Since details are everything and it will either make or break your finished artwork, we have a couple of guidelines that we suggest you should follow to make the best out of your painting. But before proceeding to that, let’s discuss first why Custom Paint by Numbers kits are not only great, but also remarkably unique gifts this coming Christmas.

What makes Custom Paint by Numbers a great Holiday gift?
A lady holding a gift wrap in white gift paper

  1. It’s personalized.
    Unlike with fixed design kits, you can make your Custom Paint by Numbers according to what you like. Adding your own ‘touch’ to the gift makes it extra special, especially in deciding which photo to use for the customized kit. Surprise them with either your favorite photo together, a portrait of their pets, a family photo or their prettiest selfie.

  2. It’s a great pastime hobby.

    With all the fuzz and buzz happening in this world, everyone deserves a break. Custom Paint by Numbers kits are not like the other pastime hobby you know. It provides plenty of benefits to your physical and mental health. To name a few, painting by numbers can improve one’s creativity, brushwork, visual-spatial reasoning and confidence. Moreover, this activity can reduce stress and anxiety and can also promote mindfulness.
    Paint by numbers set being painted

  3. Affordable and convenient to buy.

    Going out to the mall this holiday rush is not really a good option considering that the coronavirus is still around. Custom Paint by Numbers is a few clicks away: simply select your preferred custom paint by numbers kit, upload your photo, proceed to checkout where you pay and wait for the kit/s to be delivered right at your doorstep. How easy is that?!

  4. A great gift for a loved one afar.
    Another great thing about Custom Paint by Numbers kits is that you can mail them to a loved one far from you this holiday season. The best thing is that we also offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE so that you can send your love to a friend, family, etc. anywhere around the world.

  5. It’s made for everyone.

    Custom Paint by Numbers is not only meant to be enjoyed by artsy people, but for everyone regardless of age and skill level.
    A young lady painting her canvas

What Comes Inside a Custom Paint by Numbers Kit?

Paint by Numbers canvas being completed

Each Custom Paint by Numbers Kit contains…

  • A high-quality 16 x 20 cm pre-marked canvas
  • A set of 24-colors acrylic paint set (Standard)
  • A set of three basic brushes (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large)
  • The latest Best Paint by Numbers ebook

How do I create a Custom Paint by Numbers kit?

  1. Select your preferred Custom Paint by Numbers kit.
    Apart from turning your photo into a painting, you may also select other options such as Custom Brush-crush style Paint by Numbers, Custom Sketchy Art Paint by Numbers, and Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers. To see the full list of custom art, simply click here.

  2. Upload the photo of your choice.
    Although you can choose whatever photo you like, we have a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider before uploading your photo:

    - Make sure that the photo is high quality, with good brightness, contrast and sharpness.
    - Since most of the canvas are 16 x 20 cm, it is good to select a photo with a 4:5 aspect ratio. (To see other available size options for the canvas, simply click here.)
    - Select an image with the subject not too far-away from the background. For pet portraits, it is ideal that the photo should be close-up.
    - Make sure that the background isn’t too cluttered.

  3. Leave the rest to us! Once finished, simply pay at the counter and wait for the kit/s to be delivered right at your doorstep.
    Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Tips and Tricks to Make the Best Out of your Custom Paint by Numbers kit:

  1. When painting, start with one color and paint from left to right going from the top and bottom. This direction will help you avoid smudging of the painting onto your hands.
  2. Always keep a paper towel and a cup of water near you. This will be useful when you transition to another color. 
  3. Take care of the brushes by cleaning them immediately after use.
  4. Always close the paint pots that are not in use to prevent them from drying out.
  5. Dip the tip of your brush in the paint, not the whole brush itself. This can save paint and improve precision on the strokes.

Happy Holidays from Best Paint by Numbers

Since every photo tells a story, why not make it into a painting with Best Paint by Numbers’ Customized kits? That way, you and your loved one will cherish a piece of art that will last a lifetime. Whether you gift it for a loved one or even gift it for yourself, we hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy our stress-free and relaxing Custom Paint by Numbers kits this season.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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