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Article: Easy options for your next art adventure

Easy options for your next art adventure - BestPaintByNumbers

Easy options for your next art adventure

You don’t have to be an art professional to create stunning pieces for your wall. To quote Bob Ross, “all you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” With time, practice and lots of patience, you can achieve a beautiful piece of art that can be framed to showcase your extraordinary talent.

An artist getting ready to create a masterpiece

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, a creative block is unavoidable and oftentimes, it is frustrating. In this article, we will provide several painting ideas that will definitely inspire you to pick up your art materials and start painting.

From two-toned sunsets to colorful cityscapes, here are some easy things to paint on a canvas that would make your artwork look artistic and professional:

  1. Flowers—floral images have been an art staple since forever. They’re easy to paint, yet the results are very stunning. There are so many floral varieties to choose from, with different colors, sizes and textures. Whether it’s a dandelion or sunflower, it will definitely make your room more vibrant and cheery.
    A beautiful flower painting

  2. Paint pouring—you might have seen this technique on YouTube and Instagram and it is very satisfying to watch, so why not try this technique on your own? All you need are acrylic paints, a pouring medium (used to give the paint a more loose consistency) and a canvas. The technique is to fill the cup with the pigments of your choice and pour it on the canvas and tilt it afterwards. The best thing about paint pouring is that no result comes out exactly the same.
    Paint pouring art example

  3. Tree silhouettes—there are so many tree varieties that you can take inspiration from. Also, you can do different backgrounds when you paint tree silhouettes such as the sky, galaxy or a simple gradient effect using colors of your choice.
    A well-defined tree silhouette painting

  4. Splash painting—this technique literally requires zero skill. Start splashing your canvas with bright colors like orange and yellow using a brush or if you’re feeling extra creative, fill each balloon with different colors and pop them using a needle or a dart (this is ideal for big canvases).
    A colorful completed splash painting

  5. Quote art—keep yourself inspired by putting your favorite quote on a canvas. Make it colorful yet minimalistic to make your wall chic and stylish.

  6. Two-toned sunset—staring at the sunset is good, but have you ever painted a sunset that looks realistic? The key to a great sunset painting is using two-tones of pigments and blending. To make it look better, you can paint silhouettes of things like hot air balloons, trees or mountains.

    Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
  7. Cityscapes—make your favorite city extra colorful by painting a city skyline using your favorite colors. This will definitely make your wall stand out.

  8. Abstract paintings—when in doubt, paint abstract. There are certainly no rules to follow when making an abstract painting.
    An abstract painting that will make you think

  9. Balloons—painting balloons is a great experience for beginners and even kids because it’s one of the easy things to paint on a canvas. You can use your thumb to manipulate the shape of the balloon using different colors and you can even paint the sky as a background.

  10. Duct Tape art—put the duct tape on a canvas depending on the pattern you like and start painting with whatever colors you like. Once the canvas is completely dried, carefully remove the duct tape and voila! You have a geometric-designed art piece.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

 Practice makes perfect

Now that we’ve given you easy things to paint on a canvas, why not level up your art skills by painting complex objects? Unleash your inner artistic strength with Best Paint by Numbers because every man is a Rembrandt.

If you don’t know what paint by numbers is, it is a system where a pre-printed canvas is marked with numbers that correspond to a particular color. You don’t have to worry about the end result being ugly because as long as you follow the simple instructions, your canvas is definitely going to turn out a masterpiece. You can choose from a wide variety of designs or you can have your favorite photo turned into a Custom Paint by Numbers kit! To find out more about paint by numbers, kindly click here.

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