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Article: Finding Inspiration in a Post-Lockdown World

Finding Inspiration in a Post-Lockdown World - BestPaintByNumbers

Finding Inspiration in a Post-Lockdown World

The pandemic, especially during the times when the quarantine protocols were super strict, drained most of us. It left us so uninspired to do anything - some of us got lazy and unmotivated, while some became motivated to explore the world of art. Not everyone became the latter type of person as a lot of us were just in our houses the whole day switching gadgets every 2 to three hours. We were contained in our homes and our world became the size of our room, literally. Now that we’re allowed to go out from time to time, it feels like the moment to get up, be inspired, and make some art.

A lady artist ready to do a painting

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The coronavirus battle is not yet over and as sad as it may sound, it gets worse in some places, even though vaccines are readily available in some countries. What we see in the news can make us feel quite down and social media does the same too. However, despite that, we shouldn’t lose hope. Stories of hope and resiliency should make us inspired amidst the pandemic. Those inspirations that we gather can improve our creativity as well.

So if you’re stuck at home, this article will give you a new space for creativity, tips to find inspiration, and how we can apply your inspiration in art, whatever form it may be. We tend to see the lockdown in a negative light, however we should also keep in mind that this is a small opportunity to get closer with our loved ones at home. Thus, because of the extra free time, it has also become an opportunity to do something new-- a hobby that we’ve always wanted to try, 

craft kits that were never touched because we used to be so busy, the foreign language that we always wanted to learn, and so on. 

Then, we should also use the internet to our advantage. Instead of just laying down and binge watching shows on streaming sites, we can also use social media to look for art inspirations. There are so many art tutorials on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to name a few. Plus, you will also meet like-minded creatives who are passionate about arts.

A photo of a gilding powder and art tools placed on a picture


Finding Inspiration in Small Spaces

These days, our lives revolve within a very small world. The things that we used to do such as traveling very great distances are now prohibited. We’re not even allowed to travel short distances most of the time. However, you can still find inspiration, even if we’re living in a small world. Here are some tips on how to find new and brilliant ideas for your next art:

    1.  Look around you:

Anywhere can be a place full of ideas that will enhance your creativity. Look at the sky, clean up the room and look at random old piles of photographs, memorabilia, etc. All it takes is imagination in order to enhance what you perceive in your surroundings. Or start by looking at nature. Feeling uninspired? Gather some flowers and learn the art of flower pressing or drying up some flowers and incorporating them into necklaces, picture frames, and scrapbooks. The possibilities are truly endless.

pressed flowers colorful dry flowers on a white sheet

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  Search over the internet:

The internet is literally right at our fingertips and it has so many social media sites full of tutorials, discussion groups, and inspiration posts. We can use these ideas to create our own, but make sure that you’ll actually get up and make something for yourself! Use the digital advantage to make you more productive instead of the other way around. From endless arts and crafts to easy cooking and baking recipes, trying these out with your family at home will surely make you all get closer together.

A photo of a woman writing on a tablet computer while using a laptop


    3.  Join an online group:

The internet has so much more to offer than tutorial videos and inspiration. In fact, the rise of online groups on the internet has surged during this time of pandemic. Art groups, cooking groups, etc. are all available to allow you to connect with like-minded people online.

A lady on the bed with a book in her hand viewing a laptop

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    4.  Do something that you’ve never done before:

Been wanting to learn a new language? Try the crafts or explore another art style? Then the time to do that is now! Make a simple bucket list that you can easily achieve inside your home such as set up a mini cinema with your family, do a family picnic in the backyard, achieve your fitness goals, etc. The point is to have fun inside your home. A lot of things can be done instead of just laying down and using your phone all the time. Sounds like a challenge? Well it better be, but in a positive way.

A girl knit sewing a make craft

    5.  Read books:

A book is a source of endless creativity and imagination. Thus, it also improves your vocabulary and it can even inspire you to write your own book! One single book can change your life and the inspirations will come out as you read the lines. What’s even greater is that now that you are at home with your family, you can also start a reading club so that everyone can cultivate a reading habit inside your home.

A tea time poetry coffee reading


A Meaningful Lockdown

Life is tough these days but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy things and have fun even if we’re just inside our homes. Inspirations can be found everywhere, as long as you’re open to new ideas. Try these things on our list and you’ll definitely get inspiration for doing your next art project, family activity, and so much more.

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