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Article: Guide for Beginner Artists: Top Tips to Get Your Art Noticed

Guide for Beginner Artists: Top Tips to Get Your Art Noticed - BestPaintByNumbers

Guide for Beginner Artists: Top Tips to Get Your Art Noticed

The strategies that artists must use to get discovered by galleries have altered dramatically during the previous decade. The art industry has become a worldwide marketplace that operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to the emergence and rapid expansion of the internet and social technology.

With so many avenues of connection and commercialization offered to both artists and dealers, the model has shifted dramatically. How can painters be discovered by a gallery in an ever-changing environment? And how do we cope with these fast changes as artists? 

In this very competitive industry, being talented, skilled, and hardworking is not enough to get you noticed by curators, dealers, and famous contemporary artists. You also need to use your creativity to start building connections with other artists, step out of your comfort zone, and do things that will distinguish you from other artists.

We know, it doesn’t sound easy but just like any other profession, being an artist entails plenty of difficulties, competitions, and surprising situations. But at the end of the day, there is nothing more fulfilling than earning money while doing something that you love. So, if you wanna be known as one of the top artists in the art industry, continue reading this article to boost your profile because we will be giving you the top tips to get your art noticed. Believe us, you will find this discussion very useful, so keep on reading this article to learn more.

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Many artists don't know how to get their careers off to a great start. Countless full-time artists have experimented with various techniques and found what is best suited along the way. It's an adventure! What is the most serious error you can make? The lack of action. Because doing nothing will not transform your existing circumstances. Failure to act will not lead to an increase in your exposure. 

You’ve spent a great deal of time and resources making your work, and you want the entire world to recognize it. This is quite simple if you're an experienced artist, but it takes a lot more work if you're a new artist. As difficult as it may sound, proper use of the internet and social media sites can significantly boost your reach in the art industry, which can also help you sell more artwork. Here are our top tips to get your art noticed in this very competitive industry. Let us know if you find this discussion helpful.

Top Tips to Get Your Art Noticed

    1.  Create an account on various social media sites:

Artists have been flooding online sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and most recently, TikTok. Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” has never been easier to recreate thanks to the internet. The best part about using social media sites is that they’re free and you can interact with people in real-time. You can, however, optimize your posts by paying for advertisements.

You can be a trending artist if you showcase your artworks the right way. This means, you actively post on your accounts, interact and engage with your followers, stay authentic as an artist, support other artists, and do other actions that will help you and your artworks get noticed. Remember though, that no matter what, you should continue doing your art because it is your passion, and not because you want to gain attention and be flooded with likes, shares, and comments. As fulfilling as it may seem, never forget to be an artist full of authenticity, not superficiality. 

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    2.  Find the right artist community and a target audience for your artworks:

Joining your local art community is an essential part of getting in front of the proper audience. When it comes to art, communities take two forms: those who make it, like you, and those who consume it; these two ends of the same coin form a community. It is a place where those who produce artworks and those who enjoy them may coexist. There are internet groups on every type of social media, and identifying yours is critical. The beauty of social media analytics is that it is simple to discover your network. You'll see more content like it when you browse around and look at what you enjoy.

Artist communities or organizations may come in two forms: you may either join an exclusive artist organization which requires membership or a community that doesn’t need any signed membership. Either way, it’s all up to your preference which type of group to choose.

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    3.  Create an online presence through personal websites:

Having a social media account is one thing and having a personal art website is another. Being an artist means maximizing and taking advantage of the possible resources from the internet. One of the top tips to get your art noticed is having a personal art website. It's extremely difficult to be recognized online and much more difficult to sell your artwork if you don't have your website. Make it simple for visitors to learn more about your art by displaying it on your website. By having your website, you can create a portfolio of your creations, post-art-related content such as review posts, art critiques, personal insights as a professional artist, etc. Moreover, with special features, you may also be able to sell your artworks there.

Perhaps the biggest aspect of making your website visible is writing blogs. Believe it or not, people would love to read about you and the art you create. People are interested in learning about what motivated you to become an artist, your path to where you are today, or what inspired you to produce a specific work of art.

A blog will provide people with a greater knowledge of you and more information on your works of art, which may be enough to sway them when considering whether or not to buy your artworks. People may also share your blog on their own social media networks, giving you and your art even more recognition.

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    4.  Consider joining art competitions:

While contests are not for everyone, participating in relevant artistic contests might help your artwork be recognized by a larger audience. Your artwork will be displayed in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of art fans. If you are shortlisted as a finalist, you will gain even more attention for yourself and your art, which can help your career take off. Remember that the individuals who will see/judge your art as part of the competition are true art connoisseurs who are always looking for new potential artists.

This increases the likelihood of someone seeing your artwork and supporting you and your artistic career. The best part? You can win a cash prize which will be very helpful to your career. Some competitions even have scholarships or exhibition sponsorship as a prize.

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    5.  Start doing commissions: 

Perhaps the fastest way among this list of top tips to get your art noticed is by doing commissions for other people. You can post on your social media sites or your art website that you are open for art commissions and by doing so, you are showcasing your talent and flexibility as an artist. 

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Final Insights

Being an artist as a profession will never be easy. Some will support you while some will try to drag you down along the way. As cliché as it may sound, you just need to work hard, continue improving your skills, and believe in your capabilities. The road to artistic success is not easy, so we hope this list of top tips to get your art noticed is helpful on your end. We wish you luck on this journey.

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