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Article: Have Fun with these Amazing Props for Your next Painting

Have Fun with these Amazing Props for Your next Painting - BestPaintByNumbers

Have Fun with these Amazing Props for Your next Painting

Paintbrush, paint, and your painting surface shouldn’t be the only things that you use during your painting projects. Sure, it is still fun to stay simple and conventional but to make things more interesting and unique, use unconventional painting props that will make your art stand out from the rest. In this article, we will show you a list of props that you can use for painting as well as new painting projects that you can indulge in, so keep on reading to find out more!

A multi colored abstract painting

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Have you ever used supplies and materials in your painting that are not necessarily meant for painting projects? If no, then you’re totally missing out. Art is all about stretching the boundaries and trying to innovate your creativity. Staying traditional is fine, but shifting to non-traditional painting from time to time is even better because you try to re-define art in a new way that somebody might have never done before which makes you stand out as an artist.

Mixed media art, painting without brushes, using unconventional tools as a painting material are some of the topics that we’ve discussed before which tackled the similar focal subject: unique art style. Let’s go on a unique art journey once again so that you’ll have twice or thrice the fun on your next painting project because these may be the things that you have never tried in your life as an artist.

Non-Traditional Painting Props for Your Next Art Project

    1.  Form cells in your acrylic pouring art using oils or alcohol:

You’ve definitely heard about acrylic pouring. It has been featured on the site many times and you can see thousands of videos and photos surfacing on the internet that show paint pouring. The art of paint pouring is unique in itself, the outcomes are much more unique because no final artwork comes out exactly the same. But forming cells with this technique represents a whole new level. See the painting below? Don’t you just appreciate the countless cells and their varying shapes which give the painting a deeper depth and dimension? 

Aren’t they just cool and have you ever wondered how they’re formed? Well, the secret has finally been unveiled as most artists confess that they use additives such as oils, alcohol, and silicone. Most artists use silicone and they put 1-2 drops of it in their paint cup before it gets poured in the canvas.

A yellow, pink and black painting
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    2.  Make a trippy kaleidoscope painting through the help of a colander:

Colander usually belongs to the kitchen as a straining device, but do you know that this can also be used in your painting too? This technique is also called swirl painting and it is somehow similar to acrylic pouring because you pour the painting cup on top of a colander below the canvas and then you swirl it around to get a good distribution of colors, as well as shapes and dimension.

A colored abstract painting

   3.  Stamping using textured objects:

It may sound like a toddler art project or a pretty straightforward art technique, but stamping can give your painting interesting textural patterns and designs. We all know the basics of stamping--using a rubber stamp, apply an ink or paint unto it and press it into a surface. This may be a simple and overrated technique, but think about the possible things that you can use as a stamp--sponges, straws, crumpled papers, fruits, vegetables, and leaves. You can even create your own rubber stamps.

 A wooden stamp and an invitation card on a white table

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    4.  Combine alcohol with permanent marker ink to create alcohol ink painting:

Alcohol ink is a very versatile D-I-Y ink that adheres to many surfaces such as fabric, metal, clay board, ceramics, yupo paper, and glass. This technique is very similar to tie dye and it involves bright-colored dye-based paints mixed with alcohol to create a very flowy ink-like consistency. There are readily-made alcohol inks available on the market, but it is more fun to D-I-Y, don’t you think?

Some artists also perform this technique with acrylic paint, but more artists prefer to make alcohol ink with permanent marker inks, usually through removing the marker nib using tweezers and submerging it into alcohol until the ink transfers to the alcohol. This ink works really well on a non-porous surface that needs a translucent color finish or a stained glass effect. Try this technique for yourself and see how it is better than the tie-dye method.

A splash painting

    5.  Create hard to imitate textures using food wrap:

This easy seal, press, and wrap method couldn’t be any easier! The steps are very simple and it is very fool-proof. The texture achieved varies depending on how much pressure you exert onto the plastic food wrap and it can even create lines which can be layered to make it more interesting. First, you need to apply a generous amount of paint onto your working surface, several colors will do and the color choices are up to you. Next, spread the paint on the canvas and place the plastic food wrap above it. Press it for a few seconds, move it around a little bit, but not too much and then carefully peel it off.

Allow the painting to dry before you decide on whether to layer some textured or lined parts with other paint or not.

A water colored abstract painting

Final Advice: Take Any Random Objects You See from Random Places and Use it as a Painting Device

As inspiration can be taken wherever you go, as long as you’re observant and open-minded, art materials and painting supplies can be taken wherever you go as well. They can be found anywhere, as long as you push your creativity to the next level. Remember, the only limit to your creativity is your imagination. For example, an old pair of shoes can be used as a stamping device, you can try painting on other surfaces apart from canvas and paper such as canvas bags, old plain t-shirt, and old school sneakers. Create amazing portraits using trash objects, paint using food dyes, and many more. These are few of the many things that you can use to create a masterpiece.

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