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Article: Home DIY Projects to Elevate the Home

Home DIY Projects to Elevate the Home - BestPaintByNumbers

Home DIY Projects to Elevate the Home

Are you stuck in the house and bored? Or finding a new hobby? Check out this article because we will provide you with several home DIY decoration projects that can keep your hands busy for hours. Now, let’s get crafty!

A cozy living room that looks like a DIY project



The overall aesthetic appeal of our home is essential to most of us. It soothes our vibe and it’s relaxing to the eyes. However, furniture décor is not cheap, so we try to improvise. Home DIY decorations and home crafts have been a staple in most houses since the 1970s.
Most of us feel that the spirit of creativity leaves our body as we grow old but that’s false! Creativity has no age limit. Reawaken your senses by carrying out DIY projects and crafts at home.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
There are plenty of reasons why you should start investing in DIY home projects. First, they wouldn’t break your budget—most materials can be found in your home which saves you money. Second, they’re easy to do and fun to make, as long as you make sure that the DIY project or craft that you’ll do is appropriate to your skill level. Third, they’re customizable—you design it according to your preference. Best of all, they’re incredible as housewarming gifts.
Just like coloring books for adults and paint by numbers, adults are highly encouraged to spend time making home crafts like DIY home projects because it is beneficial to their well-being. Studies have shown that creative people are less likely to develop memory problems compared to people who just sit in their house all day doing nothing.

10 Home Decors that you can D-I-Y:

  1. DREAMCATCHERS— it is said that in Native American culture, dream catchers protect people from bad dreams and nightmares. All you need are feathers, some beads, a needle, thread and a plastic hoop bracelet. If you have a hippie spirit on the inside, you might as well make your very own dream catcher for your bedroom.
    A dreamcatcher in the sunset

  2. WREATHS—if bohemian charms aren’t your thing, then you might want to do wreaths instead. Show your warm welcome to your visitors with a very cozy-looking wreath. Use a straw (or sun) hat as a base for your wreath, and from there, you can pretty much decorate it with whatever you like such as ribbons, dollar-store flowers, and so much more.
    A DIY wreath being made on a table

  3. MIRROR FRAME—mirrors can make your room look brighter and larger since they reflect light. Save your mirror from the dull side, or if you don’t have one, you can buy from a thrift store and update to something fancy using recycled materials such as wood, frame, etc.
    A DIY wooden mirror frame next to a vase

  4. TWINE LAMPSHADE—feeling extra nifty and thrifty? Try this twine lampshade that would surely look stunning anywhere in your house. No lampshade? No problem! Because you don’t need an actual lampshade for this one. In this DIY home project, all you need are balloons (that you have to carefully pop after the twines gain their shape), mod podge, plastic wrap, and spray paint. The idea is to wrap, pop, and paint.
    A piece of twine used for a DIY lampshade

  5. HOMEMADE CANDLE DISPLAY—obsessed with aromatherapy or feeling witchy? Try making your own candles according to your preferred aroma, color, and design. This project will save you money from those overpriced candles sold at furniture stores.
    A set of homemade candle holders on display

  6. PICTURE FRAMES—of course, it wouldn’t be home without photographs of your favorite moments. Instead of buying a basic-looking frame, why not make a beautiful one using recycled items like wood scraps or products that you can buy from the dollar store such as popsicle sticks? 
    An antique DIY picture frame

  7. WINE BOTTLE VASES—you probably have empty wine (or champagne) bottles somewhere in your house. Turn them into something magnificent using items like twine, paint, ribbon, and flowers. You can either paint them, wrap in twine, decoupage and so much more.A set of bottles used as a vase

  8. WOOD CRATE CRAFTS—they’re beautiful, rustic, and useful. Can be used as a table, nightstand, bookshelf, and storage cabinet. Simply paint your wooden crate and style it according to how you will use it.
    A wooden crate being used to hold some plants

  9. PERFUME DISPLAY—apart from empty wine bottles, you can also make use of empty perfume bottles to decorate your home. Depending on the type of bottle you have, you can turn them into things like oil diffusers, candle stands and glitter globes.
    Empty bottles being used for some DIY

  10. PAINTING DISPLAYS—elevate the look of your home with painting displays. Of course, you can buy paintings from local artists but imagine painting your own canvas… wouldn’t that be great?! Imagine the looks of your visitors when you tell them “I painted that myself.” That would be artistic! If you’re thinking that you don’t have the artistic skill to do that, erase your doubt because we got you a solution… and that is Paint by Numbers!
    Paintings on display for viewing

If you don’t know what Paint by Numbers is, then you’re missing out. Best Paint by Numbers allows you to paint like a real artist. The kit provides you the essentials to start your own painting journey: a pre-printed canvas, a paint set and brushes. You can choose from different photos and you can even turn our memorable photos into custom paint by numbers. It will surely keep you busy and the outcome is certainly rewarding. Start your painting by numbers journey by clicking here.


Now that you’ve learned some DIY home décor ideas, we hope that you take these Home DIY projects as inspirations to elevate the look of your home. It’s time for you to get your materials and get crafty. Have fun!

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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