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Article: How Good is Paint by Numbers for Kids and Their Development?

How Good is Paint by Numbers for Kids and Their Development? - BestPaintByNumbers

How Good is Paint by Numbers for Kids and Their Development?

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts a child could ever possess. It is also something that they can find useful for the rest of their lives. Accordingly, one of the best ways to improve a child’s creativity is by teaching them arts and crafts, especially painting. Do you know that you can teach your child how to paint without taking them to expensive art classes, even if you are not a visual arts expert yourself?

Well, the easiest and most affordable way of getting your child to learn how to paint is through paint by numbers for kids. Paint by numbers for kids is a fantastic art education tool for kids that accomplishes more than you may expect for your child. There are several online paint by numbers (PBN) resources with varying degrees of difficulty. However, for the purpose of providing your child a hands-on experience with art, we recommend you purchase an actual kit that they can use to paint and enjoy.

While some parents think that painting provides little benefits to a child’s development and mental progress, this art is so much more than that. It aids in their physical, emotional, and mental growth so before you judge these kits, keep on reading this article because we will be providing the various benefits of painting for kids. Read more if you wanna learn more!

A group of multiethnic children painting on papers with brushes and watercolor

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Though you may have heard of paint by number kits, you may not have realized that paint by numbers for kids exists. Paint-by-numbers activities have several advantages, including the ability to keep children calm and amused for more than ten minutes! But, it does more than simply keep your children entertained.

Painting by numbers encourages early growth in your child, which will be discussed further later. Paint by Numbers for Kids is not only a fun activity for them, but it also offers several mental health advantages such as enhancing cognitive performance, increasing creativity, and improving spatial perception. Finding an activity that does not require smartphones or iPads to keep their children entertained might be difficult for some parents.

However, with these fun little kits, you won't have to search any further for inspiration. This is because painting by numbers allows everyone to express their creativity, this activity will undoubtedly keep your youngster occupied for hours. As a result, spending their days at home no longer has to be dull.

What is Paint by Numbers for Kids?

Due to the pandemic and its increasing popularity thanks to the internet and social media, we’re sure that painting by numbers is something that a lot of people have heard of, including you. Besides, this has been a timeless activity both for kids and adults since the 1950s, making everyone feel like there’s a little bit of Rembrandt or Da Vinci inside them.

If you've been looking for a project to make your kid's education and recreation activities more pleasurable at home, Paint by Numbers for Kids is the option. Painting by numbers teaches them about different color combinations and how they work together, while also enhancing their imagination. This article will teach you about the advantages of using Paint by Numbers in your children's activities, whether as part of their educational exercises or simply making their day more enjoyable with you and the rest of the family.

The best part about these kits is that they come in a complete set but at a very affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about buying costly art materials individually. Moreover, the painting canvas that comes in the kit is huge, allowing the kids to enjoy a painting project for up to a week unless you join them to complete the image faster.

A photo displaying various paint pots on a white surface

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

To tell you more about paint by numbers for kids, each kit includes the following materials:
1 pre-printed canvas (either fixed design or customized)
1 set of basic paintbrushes – one small, one medium, one large
1 set of acrylic paint (all the colors you need are included)

For you and your kid’s convenience, these kits are ready to use! This means, there is no need to pre-mix the acrylic paints or prime the canvas. All they have to do is to prepare for a fun hour (or two) of painting.

The Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Kids

    1.  It teaches them to be detail-oriented:

While most of us agree that the more important part is the “bigger picture,” we also need to consider that beauty is all in the details. Being detail-oriented is one of the most important skills a person should possess and it is something that these kits can develop in your child. Completing a paint by number activity teaches you how to examine a subject and identify color regions. It assists you in shifting your emphasis from what the completed subject will look like to tiny sections and what color they should be painted.

 A cropped woman in white and a girl painting on paper

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    2.  A great way to enhance your child’s creativity:

Kids have some of the most vivid imaginations, particularly in the arts and crafts. Give them a brush and some paint, and they can let their creativity flow. After all, this is all every youngster wants! Although it may appear that defining the colors that go into the painting strips away from the creative side of the painting, there is paint by numbers kits that need more from the painter.

You may begin with simple kits — wider surfaces and fewer colors – and progress to more complicated ones. When your kid is comfortable with their work, they may branch out from the numbers technique employed in this kit to see what they can come up with. Even so, kids are honing the fundamental ability to learn the art of painting.

A cropped unrecognizable girl with hands in paints sitting on floor

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    3.  Improves their fine motor skills:

Their fine motor skills, or the capacity to use their hands to grip various objects beneficially, are critical not just throughout their childhood but also later in life. When your kids paint by the numbers, they are utilizing their hands as they were intended, increasing not just their strength and handgrip, but also their hand-eye coordination. Not only will their painting abilities develop as they practice, but so will their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, giving them more precision, control, and dexterity.

 An unrecognizable painter mixing colors on paper

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    4.  One of the best ways to de-stress:

Stress is inevitable, and even our kids experience it, too. Painting by numbers may assist your children not only physically and mentally, but it can also aid them psychologically and emotionally. Painting is a very calming kind of art and exercise. Painting allows them to express their feelings, disappointments, and whatever else is on their mind safely and constructively, which may result in a happier and less stressed child. Stress will always be a part of daily life, but it does not have to take over and take center stage. That is when paint by numbers for kids come into play.

A girl drawing with aquarelle on paper

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    5.  A great bonding tool for you and your child: 

Life gets busy, especially for parents. These kits are a great way to start bonding and having fun with them, creating memories, and doing something that both of you can enjoy. You can also let other members of the family join this fun activity so that everyone in the household can relax and get to know each other at the same time. Additionally, there is a substantial body of data to show that painting by numbers, and painting in general, may aid in the resolution of miscommunications, the decrease of anxieties, and the resolution of issues with you and your kid if any.

A photo of a woman with a girl crafting a guitar

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Final Insights 

Looking for a place to buy paint by numbers for kids? Look no further because Best Paint by Numbers can make it convenient for you. Just visit the site by clicking here, look for a kit that your child would like to paint, go to the checkout, and just wait for the delivery (the best part is, the shipping fee is on us!). Have fun painting with your kids!

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit


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