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Article: How to Paint by Numbers? Find out the Answers

How to Paint by Numbers? Find out the Answers - BestPaintByNumbers

How to Paint by Numbers? Find out the Answers

There’s no doubt that painting catches the attention of almost all of us at one point in our lives. Some people find it to be the thing that’s missing from their life; others, not so much. But, we all have tried to paint once in our life. Nowadays, when the world is open to so many opportunities in terms of choosing a career, you will find painting to be one of the best choices. So, how can one start to paint? The answer lies within the realm of paint by numbers. So, what you need to know is how to paint by numbers? We have put everything you need to know about a painting by numbers in this extensive and comprehensive guide. Take a look.


 Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

To learn how to paint by numbers, you need to have all the fundamental knowledge about painting and things that keep your painting kit in good condition. Don’t worry, you will find everything here in this guide. Learning to paint by numbers usually revolves around some of the steps listed down below. They include coloring the dark part first, starting with the descending order, covering the numbers and whatnot. These tips are all good and fine, but they won’t do you any good unless you have a clear mind. That’s what matters, your strong will to indulge your soul and body into something useful. If you don’t have that kind of will, you will find yourself in between gigs now and then. Assuming you are here reading this guide, you must have decided to give painting a go, and learning to paint by numbers is a great way to start. So, dive into this guide, thinking that you have to stick to it.

Get yourself a Good Painting Kit

The very first thing that you need to take care of is to get yourself a good and right kind of paint by numbers kit. You must be equipped with the right set of tools, and you are moving forward in the right direction. It’ll be handy in keeping you on track. But, don’t forget about the hard work that you will have to put in despite having all the goods.  


Descending Order

Even though this suggestion seems unnecessary, there are some advantages that it comes with. For instance, going in descending order will make you work on larger areas of painting at first. You will make your way to the little and smaller areas of the painting. Get yourself a magnifying glass when you are working on tiny areas of the painting; avoiding such negligence is important. In this way, it will consume less time and less energy from you. You’ll also be avoiding any accidental smudging.


Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Fill Out the Dark Areas First

Another handy tip that comes to mind is moving in a sequence of dark to light. Use the dark colors, and then make your way towards the light colors. This type of technique will help you better understand the composition of colors. You will understand how one color affects the other. You’ll understand the impacts of both dark and light colors on each of them.


Fill out the Same Colors First

The fourth suggestion in pursuit of learning how to paint by numbers is filling out all the numbers pointing to the same color. In this way, it’ll not confuse you when it comes to choosing colors, and you will find this sequence of painting useful as well. It can also help you in using the brush without mixing it with other colors. Once you are done with one particular color, you can let your brush out to dry and clean.

Cover the Numbers

To add neatness to your painting, you ought to cover the numbering on the painting. You can do it easily by coating twice or thrice on that section and let it dry. Keep in mind that the drying out part takes time, so don’t rush.


Avoid Smudges

This suggestion will keep on rolling with you throughout your painting career, whether it’s painting by numbers or just simply painting. Keep steady hands, don’t let your hands touch the painted area, which is still wet. You can avoid smudging by finishing the top area of the painting first. This precaution will reduce the chances of smudging.

Always Close the Paint Cup

Paints will dry out fast if they are not closed, and that’s just a useless paint cup. So, put some of your attention over here as well.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Keep The Brushes in Good Condition

Keeping the brush fresh and in the best condition comes after some precautions. As we have previously discussed, once you are done with a particular color, wash and rinse the brush with a soft and gentle approach. It’ll also add neatness to your painting as you will avoid mixing different colors.

Calculated Paint

Using the calculated amount of paint will be useful for you to keep it going for the long run. You have to be precise and accurate when you are filling a certain area of painting. Don’t let any color enter any other adjacent area. You can do that if you use calculated paint and don’t overuse one.

Choose Peaceful Workplace

When you are learning how to paint by numbers, it’ll be ideal if you have a peaceful workplace. A place where you can easily clear your mind and gather your thoughts and learn to be creative and thoughtful. Besides being peaceful at the workplace, your place should be bright and have the right amount of light.

A photo of a creative female artisan drawing in a workshop

Key Takeaways

We hope that you learn how to paint by numbers using these tips and suggestions. We would also recommend throwing in some of your creativity in there as well. Don’t forget to have fun while painting. If it starts to get overwhelming and unsettling, just remember that you’ll get to enjoy the exquisite piece of art that ends with the potential to give you those utter and serene moments of euphoria.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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