Lifestyle 101: How Paint-By-Numbers Can Save Your Life

We can’t deny that life can get pretty hectic and sometimes we feel hopeless. Please don’t forget that it’s never too late to get help. We know that some people tend to turn to other hobbies, and we think that this is a chance to consider art. In this article, we discuss how paint-by-numbers can save your life

A photo of a beach boat painting in paradise with palm trees

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

One thing they don’t tell you when you grow up is that sometimes, life gets too overwhelming. You don’t even need a glaring problem, because sometimes you just want to give up your life and live the rest of your days as a cat. While cats are great and all, the world doesn’t give us a do-over button where we can choose to be a cute animal. 

We know that there are lots of things to consider before you let yourself feel hopeless, but if you do, we suggest going to a therapist to let you take a break from all your thoughts. In this article, we discuss how paint-by-numbers can save your life.

A lot of people have talked about the different ways they’ve coped, but you must remember that not everyone has the same coping mechanism. If you need further assistance, please consult with a licensed therapist because they can give you other methods of coping.

Art is a fun way to cope with life because it allows you to express yourself and you get a means to communicate your feelings to other people. Let us know what you think of paint-by-numbers and its benefits to your health.

Personal Story: How It Began

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Before I started on paint-by-number kits, I was a 20-something-year-old working an entry-level job. While life was generally tolerable, the tasks soon got overwhelming and I could feel my responsibilities catching up with me. 

I had just finished a whole day of work, and after I got home, I felt the weight of my life press on my chest, and I was crying from the general feelings of doubt and worry. I let myself cry for a while, but the feelings of hopelessness didn’t dissipate.

I soon found myself scrolling through Instagram where I found an advertisement for paint-by-number kits. I was intrigued by the post and decided to click the link and check further. 

After half an hour of scrolling through the website and seeing all these people rave about how much they love the product, I couldn’t help but give in to my whims and order a kit for myself. 

When I first held the kit in my hands, I was scared. I had no prior experience in painting, and I was afraid of messing it up. However, once I started, I couldn’t put my brush down. Since then, I’ve kept buying these kits when I feel like I need a break from life. 

How Paint-By-Numbers Can Save Your Life

A landscape nature sky clouds with green trees painting

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Now that I’ve shared my testimony, let’s talk about how paint-by-numbers can save your life: 

  1. It’s great to help you focus: One of the things we enjoy the most about paint-by-number kits is that they allow us to focus on something other than our work. 
  2. It’s nice when you need to stay busy: Some people tend to feel restless when they’re supposed to be taking a break. We think that paint-by-number kits are great because they allow you to take a break and they also keep your hands busy. 

  3. You learn how to paint: A lot of people think that painting is a difficult task, but with paint-by-numbers, you can paint without having any formal training. 
  4. It gives you a rush of dopamine: You can improve your mood by completing a paint-by-numbers kit because when you accomplish one, you tend to feel a rush of dopamine. 

  5. It’s a new hobby to try: Sometimes you just need a new hobby that will give you a change of pace, and we think these kits are worth trying out when you feel overwhelmed.

Key Takeaways

A temple nature art drawing painting

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

We know that life, in general, can be tiring, which is why it’s good to have a hobby that lets you take a break from the things that stress you out. We hope that you can experience how paint-by-numbers can save your life. 

If you need professional help, please don’t hesitate to call a therapist and ask for solutions to give you hope. Life is beautiful and we think it’s too short to let yourself lose hope overwork. 

With that, we want to know how you cope when life gets too difficult to deal with in the comment section.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit