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Article: Losing Yourself in Art: What Does it Mean?

Losing Yourself in Art: What Does it Mean? - BestPaintByNumbers

Losing Yourself in Art: What Does it Mean?

We all tend to lose ourselves in something. Whether it's reading a book, listening to music, or watching TV, there's always something that can pull us away from our day-to-day lives and immerse us in another world. But, what does it mean when people say they lost themselves in art? Does this mean they weren't paying attention at all? Or was their attention so focused on the piece of art that it took over their consciousness for an extended period?

African American woman looking at paintings in studio

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"Art enables you to not only forget yourself but rediscover yourself in the process," according to a well-known saying. For others, art is calming and entertaining; it is an excellent system to express oneself and lose oneself positively and productively. Many of us feel scared or intimidated when we hear the word "lost" or "losing." Such words connote confusion, lack of direction, and disintegration of one's self.

However, losing yourself in art does not mean the same thing. It means enjoying the artistic process from start to finish, drop your guard, and expand your boundaries. So in this article, let’s discuss a very important concept as an artist– losing oneself and letting go. After all, is there anything to lose if you try to get lost as an artist?

How does one find a passion in art?

Finding a passion for art can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. But the most important thing is that you find something that appeals to your interests, skills, and personality.

  • Find something you like: This might seem obvious, but it's easy for people to lose sight of their interests when they're trying too hard not to make mistakes or look like they don't know what they're doing. If this sounds familiar then maybe try taking some time away from art-making activities (like painting), so that when/if inspiration strikes again later on down the road—or maybe even before then—you'll already have had some practice at finding something interesting within yourself instead of just trying harder than ever before and failing again like usual.
  • Find something you’re good at Whether we're talking about skills such as drawing or painting or something more abstract like music's important that whatever area(s) interest/passion lies within has value outside itself! If someone tells me "I love playing tennis because I enjoy being outside", then surely this sounds way better than saying "I love playing tennis because my parents made me". Even though both statements are true...the first one sounds less cliched and more authentic (to me).

Losing Yourself in Art: A Process?

Art that excites you

When art excites you, it means that you want to see the same piece over and over again. It’s the art that makes you feel something—like excitement, happiness, or sadness—and it makes you think about what is happening in front of your eyes. Art that excites us can also make us want to learn more about the artist who created it!

Art that excites me depends on where I am at in my life. For instance, an artist admits:

“If I'm just starting as an artist myself and trying to figure out how best to express myself through my medium (or even if I've been doing this for years), then I might gravitate towards something simple and straightforward: painting watercolors or drawing cartoons; making sculptures out of found objects such as wood scraps; creating collages out of old magazines; writing poetry or short stories based on experiences from everyday life…”

An animation painting of people dancing

Make it part of your life

Art is not just an aesthetic experience. It can also be a way to connect with yourself and others, and you must find ways to make art a regular part of your life.

Here are some ways to incorporate art into your daily routine:

  • Look at art whenever you can. This doesn't mean staring at paintings all day long or scrolling through Instagram when you get home from work—but if there's anything that will help improve moods and make us feel better about ourselves, it's looking at beautiful works of art!
  • Look at art in your community (or even outside it). If there are galleries nearby where you can go visit new exhibits every week or two then maybe you'll start doing this more often because then you'll have something exciting going on outside my house!

A photo of woman holding paint brush close to a painting

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What does "losing yourself in art" mean?

Lose yourself in the art.

This is a great way of describing what it means to be so engrossed in an art piece that you become one with it. You're not thinking about anything else, you are completely focused on the art, and your mind is completely blank. This can happen when you are looking at a painting or sculpture for hours or even days on end—or even just for minutes at a time!

The idea here is that when we lose ourselves in something (whether it's music, video games or even watching TV), our minds are free from distraction and able to focus solely on whatever it is we're doing without any distractions getting in the way.

A photo of a woman sitting on a bench infront of a painting photo

Visit local galleries and museums

You can find inspiration for your work in the works of others. The art world is filled with people who have had personal experiences that shape their art and how they see it, so take a look around.

If you are looking for a specific idea or theme, try looking at paintings by artists whose work inspires you. For example:

  • Van Gogh’s Starry Night inspired many painters who followed him (including those from his period).
  • Picasso used Cubism as an artistic style during the 20th century, which was used by many other artists after him such as Miro and Warhol.

In addition to being inspired by other artists’ works, visiting local galleries and museums can help you find inspiration for your work. A museum exhibition may have a theme that inspires an idea in you. If nothing else, at least going out there will give you something new to think about!

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Find what makes you lose yourself in art

The first thing to understand is that when you lose yourself in art, it doesn't mean that you're being passive or disengaged. It's not just about sitting back and letting whatever happens to occur; rather, it's about finding your meaning and value within an object or experience.

So how do we do this?

First of all, let's define what "losing yourself" means: When we describe someone as being "lost" or "distracted," what we mean is that they are not paying attention to their surroundings—they may be daydreaming about beautiful and subliminal things or daydreaming about something else altogether! In other words, losing oneself means becoming absorbed by something else entirely—something meaningful; something creative; maybe even just plain fun!

A photo of a woman wearing checkered shirt and an overall

Takeaway: "Losing Yourself in Art" simply means becoming deeply engrossed in the art.

"Losing Yourself in Art" simply means becoming deeply engrossed in the art. It's not about losing your mind or getting lost, but rather allowing yourself to feel what it is like to be fully immersed in a work of art.

If you find yourself becoming lost in a work of art, then congratulations! You've just experienced what it feels like to lose yourself.


If you find yourself wondering "what does losing myself in art mean?", then there is no better answer than to visit a local art gallery or museum. If you can't afford this, then at least take advantage of the internet's vast library of images and videos. You will be amazed at how much there is to experience!

Of course, don’t forget to focus, take time to go crazy in the creative process, and allow yourself to indulge in all things beautiful and sublime. 

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