Paint-by-numbers Custom Ideas To Consider

We see a lot of paint-by-number kits that are available online, and we have to think that they’re really fun to do too. However, sometimes the repeated prints can be a bit boring after a while, which is why we want to talk about customizing kits. In this article, we list paint-by-numbers custom ideas to consider

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Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Paint-by-number kits were popular in their initial release, and we think that a lot of people had fun being able to paint like famous artists without having to take an art class. However, there was a time when these kits dipped in popularity because more people were choosing to take up art classes.

Now that they’ve come back in style because of adult coloring books, we see a lot of companies releasing kits of great paintings like ‘Starry Night, to name a few. While these paintings are great, we think that it gets tiring to paint the same kits over and over again, which is why we want to suggest customized kits. 

In this article, list paint-by-numbers custom ideas to consider when you want to deviate from the usual path. Lucky for you, there are a lot of companies that provide custom options, and we think you’d have a lot of fun with these custom kits. 

However, you do have to expect that customized kits will cost a little more than the standard kits because of the logistics that go into getting the kit from the printer to you. Let us know what you think of these cool paint-by-number kits.

Why You Should Get Paint-By-Numbers

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Before we give you our list of paint-by-numbers custom ideas to consider, we’re going to tell you why you should get paint-by-numbers. Painting is relatively easy if you know how to blend and layer colors, but we understand that some people get overwhelmed with the idea of this, and don’t always have the means to take an art class. 

This is why we think paint-by-number kits are the way to go because they’re affordable and you can learn how to paint from experience. We do want to warn you though that if you want to get a more in-depth explanation as to why techniques are the way they are, you may want to reconsider taking an art class. 

But, if you just want to paint something and don’t want to take a class, then we definitely think you should get a paint-by-numbers kit to try for the weekend. 

Paint-By-Numbers Custom Ideas To Consider

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Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Now that we’ve discussed why we think you should get into paint-by-number kits, we’re going to give you our list of paint-by-numbers custom ideas to consider for when you’re feeling creative and want to express yourself using the canvas.

  1. A picture of your pet: Unfortunately, pets don’t live forever, but the best way to keep them close is to paint a portrait of them. You can easily do this by sending a picture of them to a company that makes customized kits. 
  2. A picture of your family: One gift that cannot be provided by anyone else is a painted portrait of your family. Snap your favorite picture with them and send it out early so that you can give it to them to paint or surprise them with the finished painting. 
  3. A photo of your lover: If you don’t know what to give your significant other for a special event, then you may want to give them a customized kit that they can paint or you can paint together.


A photo showing a colored Pencil lettering of choose joy on a white paper

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Paint-by-number kits are fun and we think that everyone should try them. However, don’t be afraid to come up with your own design! We think that custom kits make it a little more challenging, but it’s always good to challenge yourself so that you can improve your skills as a painter. 

We hope you like our paint-by-numbers custom ideas to consider because we think that you would have a lot of fun coming up with things you want to paint.  Let us know what other images you would use to customize these kits in the comment section or through email.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit