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Article: Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits

Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits - BestPaintByNumbers

Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits

Regarded as one of the most important and popular painters in history, Vincent van Gogh’s artworks are known for their very unique “impasto” style—the paint was thickly brushed on the canvas which resulted in the visibility of the brush strokes. 

Our favorite pop culture icon that inspired so many movies, books, and music inspired Best Paint by Numbers to have a collection of Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits that you can paint yourself.

Paint being spread on a canvas

If you’re a big fan of Van Gogh, check out this article because we will provide some interesting facts about the artist’s brief life. At the end of the article, we will show you a collection of Best Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits that you and your friends can enjoy.

The art of trying: interesting facts and lessons we can learn from the master painter

  1. Apart from his iconic pieces of artwork, Van Gogh is also known for his struggles with poverty and mental health during his lifetime. His vision of becoming an artist didn’t make his parents happy but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams and improving his skills. 
    This teaches us to turn the ugly into something beautiful, such as art.

  2. During his early times as an artist, he felt that his artworks weren’t good enough so he constantly practiced.
    Don’t stop trying. Practice makes perfect.

  3. He never reached success as an artist during his lifetime. In fact, his career as an artist was never really appreciated and he only sold one painting throughout his life, seven months before his death for only 400 francs.
    As tragic it may be, don’t let the circumstances around you stop you from doing what you like.
    Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

  4. One of his most recognizable artworks known as “Starry Night” was painted during his stay in a mental asylum when he was recovering from a mental breakdown.
    Even the most unpleasant emotions can help you create a masterpiece. To Vincent, Starry Night was the representation of hope—through the brightly lit stars and moon. Don’t be afraid to channel your emotions on your artwork because it can help you heal your scars. 

  5. He developed his own style of painting--thick strokes of paint and bold choice of colors which made him ahead of his time, making his artworks hard to imitate.
    Don’t be afraid to be unique and creative, experiment and make your own rules in art.

Paint by Numbers Van Gogh collection

Unleash the inner creative genius in you with Best Paint by Numbers kits. With over 20 designs of Van Gogh’s paintings to choose from, you will definitely enjoy these as a treat for yourself or you can give it as a gift for someone who’s passionate about arts and Van Gogh.

Let’s take a look at some of his fine artworks that are now transformed as pre-printed canvases that you can paint on your own.

  • Starry Night: as mentioned a while ago, this artwork is probably the most iconic out of Van Gogh’s creations. The best part is, you can get this kit for free! You only have to pay for the shipping and handling fees which makes it a very great deal. Click here to get your free kit.
    Starry Night Paint by Numbers

  • Sunflowers--another iconic masterpiece, this painting was a gift to his friend and fellow artist, Paul Gauguin. Get a firsthand experience to paint it yourself by purchasing this kit at a discounted price for only $28.95 USD. Click here to purchase a kit.
    Sunflowers Paint by Numbers kit

  • Café Terrace at Night--painted in 1888, this painting is a depiction of a colorful outdoor view in a coffeehouse at night. This kit is also for free! Simply click here so you only have to cover the shipping and handling fees, which makes it a great deal.
    Café Terrace at Night Paint by Numbers

  • Van Gogh Self Portrait--the portrait painted by the master painter himself. Grab this kit for only $28.95 USD. Click here to purchase a kit.
    Van Gogh Self Portrait Paint by Numbers

  • Almond Blossoms--he saw the beauty in everything, especially in nature. So if you love nature the way Van Gogh did, grab this Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kit for only $28.95 USD. Click here to purchase your Almond Blossom Paint by Numbers kit.
    Almond Blossoms Paint by Numbers

If you want to browse more designs from the Paint by Numbers Van Gogh products, simply click here.

Wrapping Up

If you ever doubt your artistic capabilities, remember what he said and I quote, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silent.”

Vincent Van Gogh is truly an inspiration for all the aspiring artists and beginners. Now that you’ve learned a bit of what his life was as an artist, we hope that you take it as an inspiration to get creative and create your own art or by recreating his artworks with the Paint by Numbers Van Gogh kits.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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