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Article: Painter vs. Artist: Any Difference? Find out here

Painter vs. Artist: Any Difference? Find out here - BestPaintByNumbers

Painter vs. Artist: Any Difference? Find out here

We all have wondered about the difference between a painter and an artist at some point in our lives. Well, to answer this question, we’d have to expand our knowledge and way of looking at both of these professions. There’s a great chance that we are looking at this the wrong way. In this guide, we have put together some of the amazing facts of both the painter and artist that you may have overlooked before. So, Painter vs. Artist, any difference? Let’s settle that right now.

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If we are to look at an artist in the world of today, people are considered to be artists if they can bring out their inner voice through some abstract or concrete art. An artist is the one that can share his/her thoughts, experiences of life, ideals, and beliefs in a very meaningful way. That being said, any creative profession through which one can churn out something that showcases a deep meaning is a profession of an artist. These facts suggest that art is a very vast concept that comprises several professions. 

Painter, on the other hand, can be considered as a profession that can easily find itself under the category of an artist. A painter is someone that showcases art through brushwork and paints. The painter is an artist that paints something meaningful, something that is understandable only by the intellectuals. If you are looking to establish a career in painting, you can easily indulge yourself in some positive activities like painting by numbers. Now, let’s talk about these professionals because there is so much more to both of them. Let’s take a deep dive into these two and learn from different perspectives.

Who is an Artist?

The artist is someone who just enjoys self-expressing himself, whether consciously or subconsciously. Now, this definition is fit for all the professions out there. For an artist to express his thoughts, his feelings, and his experience, he is in no need of money or other expensive equipment. Artist can be anyone, any person who has the potential of producing something creative with a deep meaning. When it comes to art, it knows no face, no race, or anything, all it knows is art and self-expression.

Who can be considered an artist?

Many of us have limited the word artist to be just a painter, but that’s certainly not the case in the world of today. Nowadays, any profession can be considered as an art. There are countless ways of expressing your inner thoughts, your inner experience to the outer world. Let’s take a look at some of those creative professions that you have never thought of before.

Graphic Designing

You can consider the graphic designer to be a digital artist. This is a very vast profession, and it has further divisions including the visual designer (to provide the best visual experience when it comes to the digital world, applications, and websites, using different icons), the user interface designer (to provide the best experience in terms of user and audience analysis), and graphic designer (advertisements and conveying visual messages).

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Music, without a doubt, is included as a profession in the world of artists. It does not matter if you are a singer, composer, conductor, or arranger. If you are anywhere near producing music with deep meaning and exquisite melody, you are an artist.

A photo showing pages in a book containing musical notes


The writer: the one who expresses his thoughts through words, the one who lets people travel the world of his/her creation just through reading. The one which depicts a particular scenario in a way that you think that you are living it. A writer is, without a doubt, an artist.

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Countless other professions can easily find themselves under the category of art. Now that we have established that the word art is so vast and it comprises many countless professions, let’s take a look at one of its peak professions, the painter.

Who is a Painter?

A painter knows about colors, he can handle the brush quite professionally, he is familiar with the concept of composition, but most importantly, he has a vision and ways to approach certain visual designs. When it comes to visions and different ways of visual designs, things get complicated; if you see a painter with all the skills, but he lacks vision, then you can merely call him just a painter. He’s not an artist. 

For a painter who is an artist as well, you will always find his painting somewhat uplifting, provoking, and most importantly, his paintings will always be in demand, provided enough audience. But, the painter and artist does not do this for money, and they just want people to see the world from their perspective.

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Not Every Painter is an Artist

Keep in mind that not every painter that you see is supposed to be an artist. Even though his or her brushwork and skills are exceptional, if he lacks vision, his painting only tells you about certain places. You can find typical painter’s paintings on any other calendar. But, all of these facts do not suggest that this particular painter cannot become an artist. Everybody has to start somewhere. The natural artist-painter that has vision and everything else will be of no use if he does not have the skills to express his thoughts and vision.


So, Painter vs. Artist, any difference? Yes, there are a lot of differences between the two. An artist can be anyone, and a painter is one of those. The painter is certainly an artistic profession, and you can put it under the category of art. But, we certainly can’t limit the area of art to just painting, and it’s so much more than that, as we have established above. To sum it up, a painter can be an artist, but the artist is not supposed to be a painter only. 

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