Painting Trends for Bedrooms in 2022 with Sustainable Practices

You’ll never feel like you wake up on the other side of the bed feeling gloomy if the first thing you see when you open your eyes is a beautiful bedroom that matches your aesthetic and personal preferences that are guilt-free to the environment.

Many of us consider our bedrooms as personal and private spaces where we can chill, unwind, take a rest, and sleep. Hence, the feel and overall aesthetic of our bedroom must match our taste and preferences as it can likely affect our mood, especially if we spend a lot of time inside the room. 

Moreover, nothing's more comforting than to have a sweet escape that reflects our personality and makes us comfortable due to the surroundings. So, in this article, let’s take a look at some of the painting trends for bedrooms in 2022. If you feel like you should redesign your room, now is the chance! Plus, we have some tips to incorporate sustainable practices for your bedroom renovation project. Keep on reading to learn more!

A photo of bedroom with flowering plants

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Why You Should Incorporate Sustainability in Your Design

Before we get into painting trends for bedrooms, let us talk about sustainability first. As artists, we look up to nature– it has been a source of aesthetic inspiration for us since the beginning of time. Nature has done so much for us and the only way of giving back to the environment is by taking care of it through preservation and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Accordingly, the best way to start sustainable acts is in our homes, starting in our bedrooms. There are so many environment-friendly practices that we can do while we renovate and redecorate our bedrooms.

Nature needs our help more than ever before the effects of climate change become irreversible. To help you incorporate sustainability, here are some suggestions that you can do that may reduce waste and lessen the damage to the environment:

  1. Buy materials that are just enough to decorate or renovate your room.
  2. Declutter the objects in your room and donate those that are not in use anymore.
  3. Instead of buying new objects such as organizers, racks, etc., learn how to improvise and look for DIY tutorials that will help you upcycle old jars and other objects that can be transformed into something useful.
  4. Use acrylic-based paints: they contain fewer chemicals that are harmful to your health and the environment.
  5. Store leftover paint properly or dispose of them according to instructions that will not damage the environment. Better yet, reserve them for future projects.
  6. Consider buying pieces of furniture in thrift stores.

A photo of a bedroom with an opened window

Painting Trends for Bedrooms: Which Colors are In?

It is a common notion among psychologists that the colors of your surroundings may likely affect your mood. So other than the color preferences, you might want to consider these painting trends for bedrooms in terms of colors that will bring you a positive vibe according to experts:

    1.  Pantone’s Very Peri:

Pantone is known for its color matching system and in the year 2022, they have named the color of the year as Very Peri or PANTONE 17-3938. This color is a hint of refreshment to the eyes– a burst of purple that can bring anyone joy and comfort. And it also provides dynamic energy to the room, which can bring you to a creative and imaginative mood, perfect for artists, indeed!

A photo showing a violet room with an interior bed in an interior home

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    2.  Green: 

Green is included in the Color Palette Shades of 2022 so if you love nature, you might want to consider botanical shades in your room. These colors are refreshing to the eyes, it brings an element of space, and makes the room feel light, airy, and harmonious. 

    3.  Neutral Tones:

You can never go wrong with the classic shades– white, gray, brown, taupe, ivory, and their tones in the spectrum. Neutral colors bring you the feeling of warmth and comfort. Additionally, it brings contrast to heavier accents or decorations that you will incorporate into your room due to its soft and quiet look.

A photo showing a cup of tea on piles of books close to wool clothing and a camera on white sheet bed

    4.  Periwinkle Blue:

An incredibly versatile color between light blue and lavender that is considered one of the trending color tones for the year. Having a periwinkle space can give you a light, happy mood. Thus, it can also be paired with other colors, accessories, and design styles.

    5.  Moody Hues:

These tones are not for everyone, but if you find the dark comforting, consider repainting your room with moody hues such as black or dark blue. These tones match well if your room has a fireplace, for it adds a level of warmth, comfort, and coziness. Thus, these colors are perfect if you want your room to look heavy, stylish, and eccentric.

Interior Design 101: Themes for Your Bedroom

    1.  Minimalist bedroom:

This type of bedroom is perfect if you want minimal designs to make your room extra spacious. Thus, minimalist bedrooms focus on functionality and not the design, while making them elegant and stylish at the same time. While many people think that this bedroom theme is about creating a threadbare space, they’re wrong.

Accordingly, minimalism is a great theme for beginners in interior design as it has a small margin when it comes to making mistakes. This bedroom is about clean lines, restrained and neutral palettes, and simplicity. 

A photo of a woman using a laptop in bed covered

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    2.  Fairy-core aesthetic: 

This type of bedroom theme is suited for those with earth-toned color preferences, warm beddings, cozy furniture, and those who want a breath of fresh air by displaying houseplants inside their room. A great fair-core or cottage-core room is usually composed of plants and florals, sparkling fairy lights, whimsical furniture, and white-brown color tones.

A string of lights hanged on the bed frame

    3.  Victorian era-inspired bedroom:

Elegant, sophisticated, classic, and expensive. These four words describe what a Victorian-inspired room looks like. Stuff your bed with thick mattresses, silky or satin-like comforters, duvets, pillows, and blankets. Rich-toned colors like red and purple go well with this bedroom.

Moreover, pair your heavy-accent furniture and decorations with gold colors to bring an element of exquisiteness. While this room shouts luxury, you don’t have to spend tons of money when redecorating your room with this theme; you just have to upcycle and thrift!

A photo of a blue color interior of a bedroom

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    4.  Loft or nook-style bedroom:

Consider doing this theme if your room is in a side space or simply just not spacious enough for you and your belongings. This bedroom theme makes your room cozy and functional at the same time. Accordingly, bunk beds are the perfect bed type for this theme but instead of having a bed below, you replace it with a mini reading nook, a creative space, or even turn it into a mini office for your work-from-home set-up. 

An interior design of a bedroom

    5.  Contemporary bedroom: 

Scandinavian or nordic pieces are the trending furniture or designs for contemporary bedrooms. These elements make your room spacious, minimalistic, modern, and elegant. If you consider doing a contemporary-style bedroom, be sure to select vibrant colors that go along with soft textures and woody pieces. The key to creating this type of room is making it feel like you’re in a hotel master suite.

A photo of a bedroom area with no people inside the building

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Final Insights

A bedroom is a place where you usually start and end your day– that’s how important it is. So be sure to make your room look comfortable according to your preferences while keeping in mind to incorporate sustainable practices during the renovation process– upcycle, declutter and donate, use environmentally-friendly products, and so much more. So, which among these painting trends for bedrooms are you considering trying? Let us know!

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