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Article: PBN Events that You Can Organize For Your Loved Ones

PBN Events that You Can Organize For Your Loved Ones - BestPaintByNumbers

PBN Events that You Can Organize For Your Loved Ones

Festive season indeed! Have you prepared your gifts? What are your plans for the holidays? Well, we suggest that you enjoy the holiday season and take a break to spend more time with your family and friends. That being said, have you thought of organizing an event to host for your loved ones? Well, if you’re still stuck in the planning stage, we’re here to help. In this article, we will be looking at some of the paint-by-numbers or PBN events that you can organize for your loved ones this holiday season!

The holidays are a season of giving so you might as well give them the gift of creativity through the beloved paint by numbers kits that can help beginners and non-artists to improve their artistic skills while discovering their inner strengths in the field of arts at the same time.

A photo of women at the painting class

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

We surely miss spending time with our loved ones outside our homes. Due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions still imposed in many areas of the world, social gatherings, including family reunions and dinners are restricted to a few people only. During festive seasons, we usually gather for holiday dinner, exchange gifts, and Christmas parties so why not try to spice things up a little this year and do something unique, rewarding, and fulfilling while catching up with our loved ones at the same time? If you want to meet up and enjoy time with friends and family without traveling to bars, restaurants, or other outside venues, you may arrange a small private event (for not more than five people, depending on the gathering restrictions in your area). Prepare some food or have a potluck and try some arts and crafts activities while socializing. Recently, private painting parties have grown in popularity. Events like such are held where small groups of friends may paint, unwind, and spend quality time together as a kind of quality bonding time.

PBN Events that You Can Host for Your Friends and Relatives this Holiday Season

Do you believe that nothing beats quality bonding time with your loved ones? Well, we do! So now, let’s take a look at some interesting PBN events that you can create for the benefit of your small beloved circle. Let us know if you take any of our suggestions and don’t forget to tell us about the experience!

    1.  Custom Paint by Numbers Kit Secret Santa Exchange Gift-giving:

Gift-giving is particularly popular in every culture celebrating the holidays. Since we already know the mechanics of this beloved tradition, let’s put a twist on it. Instead of having a Wishlist, have a uniform rule of only giving a Custom Paint by Numbers for everyone and as the Santa, you have to choose your favorite selfie of them or your favorite photo together with them as an element of surprise. This will put a smile on everyone’s faces knowing that everyone put a thought in selecting their recipient’s favorite photo.

A person holding a gift box

    2.  Music, wine, and paint by numbers:

Some of us surely miss going out to have a few sips of drinks. So while the pandemic is still ongoing, why not spend a night with your favorite friends filled with music, champagne, wine, and art indoors! Indoors may sound boring but here’s a fun twist: paint each other’s favorite portrait or selfies as you sip, eat, and socialize. 

But don’t forget to drink responsibly, though. Make a charcuterie board, create a holiday playlist or songs you and your friends rock into, catch up with each other’s life, chill, relax, and have fun. 

A photo of three young ladies observing and painting

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    3.  Mini Christmas art class with the kids:

We usually get arts and crafts during Easter with the kids where we spend time with them painting eggshells. This Christmas though, why not create a mini art class with you and your loved ones' kids where they can socialize, create art, be creative, and improve their self-esteem? You can ask them to create gift cards or paint using PBN kits with the adults. That way, they’ll know the basics of painting at a young age which can be helpful to improve their creativity and imagination. 

A photo of talented diverse little girls painting on papers with watercolors while sitting together at table

    4.  Potluck and paint:

Gather for a potluck dinner and after eating, time to get artsy with a paint by numbers kit! You can bring your kits, paint the kit that you received from your secret Santa, etc. The rule is up to you as a host. Just remember to have fun!

A photo of a pie cookie in a white plate close to cookies placed in a transparent glass star plate

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Where to Buy Paint by Numbers Kits for PBN Events?

Of course, these PBN events would be impossible without the main star of the show which is the paint by numbers kits themselves. Whether you and your loved ones prefer fixed design kits or Custom Paint by Numbers kits for the holidays, Best Paint by Numbers has something for everyone.

By clicking here, you will see the wide array of designs available on the site. With a multitude of themes such as nature sceneries, florals, animals, and popular painting kits you and your loved ones will get hooked on painting.

Thus, you may click here to see the available options that you can select for Custom PBN kits. The most popular ones are the Paint Your Very Own Photo kits, but if you want to be extra creative, there are fun twists that you can try with these classic kits such as Custom Pop Art kits, Custom Diamond Painting kits, Custom Crush-Brush Style PBN kits, and many more! Just check out the site and you will see the many possibilities of painting by numbers.

Happy Holidays from Best Paint by Numbers!

We hope that you consider hosting any of these PBN events for your loved ones this holiday season. These gatherings may be simple and small, but getting together with friends, acquaintances, or family to have a great fun time while everyone enjoys and relax while painting by numbers is a truly precious gift during this season of giving and joy. The best part about these PBN events is that you'll not only get to spend time with the people who are important to you, but you'll also get a wonderful painting to hang someplace on your walls to keep the memories alive.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit


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