Upcoming Painting Trends For 2022

Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean that, sometimes, we can’t find a gem that we want to keep around for a while. In this article, we list the upcoming painting trends for 2022. Let us know what you think of our list.

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When it comes to trends, we know that they don’t stick around for very long. However, some of the things we pick up from these trends have the potential to stay and become a staple. We can only hope that the things we choose can be timeless and don’t turn tacky after the trend dies down.

In this article, we list the upcoming painting trends for 2022. We know that some people don’t see the point in following trends for paint colors, but they have a bigger impact on you than you can imagine. For one, how you paint your room sets the mood for the room. 

Colors play a big part in how we express ourselves, which is why we think that knowing the meaning of the color you’re choosing to paint your room is important. 

We hope that you like the trends we pick because we think that some of these trends have the potential to become staples in your home. Let us know what you think of these colors and which colors are your favorite because we want to know what colors you lean towards. 

We love hearing from our readers and we want to know your preferences. 

Why Is Choosing The Color of Paint Important?

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Before we get into our list of the upcoming painting trends for 2022, let’s talk about why choosing your paint colors is important. For one, how you paint a room will determine the function of the room. If you paint your room a color that is helpful for productivity, it becomes easier for you to be productive in that room. Aside from that, restaurants have testified about the effectiveness of using colors to influence a person’s mood. 

As you may have noticed, most restaurants use yellow and red as their paint and there is a scientific reason behind this. These colors are said to have the ability to influence hunger, which is why a lot of times when you see red and yellow together, you feel hungry. 

But that’s not all, the texture and finish of paint can also influence your mood, which is why choosing paint is more complex than we think. 

Upcoming Painting Trends For 2022

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Now that we’ve discussed why choosing paint colors is important, we’re going to list the upcoming painting trends for 2022. We hope you enjoy our list of the trends to look out for:

  1. Paint colors that complement your skin tone: As we have mentioned previously, the color you choose to paint your room can affect your mood; aside from that, it can also affect how you look. When it comes to clothes, we’re careful to pick colors that make us look good. We think the same can be said about the color of your room. 
  2. Textured finishes and surfaces: Another trend that we like is adding texture to the finishes of your walls. It makes the surface look softer and highly complements muted tones. Aside from that, it makes the general room seem more interesting because the texture slightly alters how it looks without having too much. 
  3. Warm tones: When we think of warm tones, the first season that comes to mind is Autumn. However, just because it isn’t the season doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the warm tones in your home, especially because it makes a room seem cozier. 
  4. Color Drenching: If you don’t have large rooms but want to give the effect of a larger space, color drenching might be the trend for you. All you have to do is paint the ceilings, the walls, and the skirting in a single tone. This gives the illusion of a larger room because the surfaces are in one color. 
  5. Nature-inspired colors: After being stuck at home because of the pandemic, something that kept a lot of us busy was nature. At some point, all of us tried to raise plants and it’s safe to say that those who were successful have incorporated them into their décor. For those who weren’t so lucky, you can always paint your cabinets the color of your favorite plant or even flowers. 

Key Takeaways

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Now that we have listed the upcoming painting trends for 2022, we hope that you consider our list because we know that choosing a color for your room can be tedious. However, we also understand that some people veer away from trends because they’re worried that the color they choose will lose value when the trend changes. 

With that, we think that some items on our list have the potential to become staples because they feature neutral tones, which we know can never go out of style. Aside from that, you can always add a personal twist to your favorite trends.  

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