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Article: Which Creative Type Are You? Find Out the Answer Below!

Which Creative Type Are You? Find Out the Answer Below! - BestPaintByNumbers

Which Creative Type Are You? Find Out the Answer Below!

Creativity is not one size fits all – there are multiple types of creativity the same way with intelligence. For years, it has been difficult for many researchers, scientists, and psychologists to reveal how people get such creative tendencies. The phenomena of creativity are quite difficult to explain even up to now. One of life's great unanswered mysteries is what creativity is and where it originates from.

Creativity is quite hard to define because there is more than just one definition of it. The scientific investigation of the creative process (and the creative personality) has probably produced more questions than solutions: what makes other people more creative than others? Are creative people more intelligent than others? How do we categorize creativity? And so much more. But, if there is one thing that we know about creativity, we are sure that it includes a wide range of character traits, behavioral patterns, and thought patterns colliding in a single individual.

So if there is more than just one type of creativity, you’re probably thinking about what those are and which category you fall into. In this article, let us explore the different types of creativity to help you find out the answer to the question: “which creative type are you?” Keep on reading to know more about the topic and something about yourself, too! 

A photo of a man in black and white cloth drawing on a white paper while kneeling down

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While creatives are skilled shape-shifters, who just don't fit into one shape but rather, morph into multiple ones, we do tend to have one fit in a shape that best reflects who we are at our essence, with a distinct set of viewpoints, motives, gifts, passions, and ways of connecting with the world and people around us.

According to psychologists, creative individuals try to resist daily habits and routines that make them feel monotonous, which implies we're always changing. We frequently feel misinterpreted because we experience the world in a different way than other people—and neuroscience proves that our brains are built differently than those people who do not practice creativity.

Because of this, we tend to have fit in more than just one type of creativity but as said earlier, there’s one type that fits our core the most. Are you excited to find out which creative type are you?

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How to Find Out Which Creative Type Are You?

Many online quizzes will help you reveal your ultimate potential and type of creativity but this article recommends that you take the creative type quiz hosted by Adobe Create, from a group of designers and developers from the United Kingdom and Carolyn Gregoire, a writer, creative consultant, and co-author of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind. 

The quiz helps you determine the type of personality you have based on a series of questions with entertaining digital visuals that will empower your creative self. The creative type quiz assesses your different habits through psychological research and at the end of the quiz, you'll find out the type of creativity that you have to help you unleash your maximum abilities and creative potential. 

But before we take you to the online quiz that reveals the answer to the question: which creative are you? Let’s take a look at the creative types formulated by Adobe Create and find out yourself first which description suits you the most before you take the quiz.


Which Creative Type are You? A Quiz Powered by Adobe Create

    1.  The Artist:

The artist sees beauty and it contributes to the beauty of life, too. Their creative strength is that they can bring their concepts, thoughts, and ideas to life. Their untapped potential is being fearless when it comes to self-expression and when working with other creatives, they are best paired with the producer type of creatives.

The artistic personality exists in the area between the inner and external worlds, and their talent is the capacity to profoundly express what is within them. That is not always a simple process, but it does bring with it the ability to produce creations that communicate to people on a deep level and inspire inventive perspectives of interpreting the world around them.

A photo of woman painting on wall

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    2.  The Producer:

The producer type is the ultimate "man of action" of all creative sorts. They have a very creative personality that is matched by a practical realism and "gets it done" mindset. They are well recognized due to their excellent leadership abilities and their capacity to make their vision happen. They are a match for the dreamers when combined with other creatives. 

A red green and yellow graffiti painting on the wall

    3.  The Dreamer:

In the eyes of a dreamer, the world is filled with splendor and wonder. You perceive symbolism, analogies, and underlying meanings where others recognize facts and figures. Dreamers  are naturally driven to express their inner world through creative hobbies literary in writing, literature, music, and the visual arts, and they use their fantasies to fuel their creativity. Dreamers are best paired with innovators.

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    4.  The Innovator:

One thing that makes the innovator shine is that they can uniquely generate out-of-the-box ideas and they can come up with innovative solutions. The innovator views through the prism of possibilities and growth, issues and the solutions to them. Their focus is mostly on their surroundings, observing and always examining their processes, ways, and systems to move things ahead.

As a result, they are natural risk-taker with an insatiable urge to push limits and explore unfamiliar territory. They are not the type to do things the same way they have always been done. During the collaboration, innovators are best paired with the maker.

A digital photo of a man in a bow tie a shirt blue trouser barefooted sitting on a chair on a path holding an opened book on his head

    5.  The Maker:

The creatives who fall within this type are known for their dedication and focus which help them to achieve the level of mastery that they want to accomplish. They perfected the skill of bringing thoughts and concepts to life in three dimensions.

The labor of makers, who create the methods, processes, equipment, and inventions on which the rest of us rely, helps society enormously. They thrive at designing, crafts, architecture, and other sectors that combine artistry with commerce and technology. The makers are best paired with the visionaries.

A photo of a man and woman sitting in-front of a monitor

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    6.  The Visionary:

They are best described as the type of creative people who like to imagine the impossible. The visionary types live in a world of endless potential, preferring to perceive the world as they could be rather than as it is. They also have a vibrant imagination as well as a strong drive for realistic answers.

As a result, they can recognize the spark of possibility in all things and everyone, as well as inspire other people to do the same. During the collaboration, the visionaries work best together with the thinker types.

A photo of a woman in a red knitted sweater holding a lemon fruit

    7.  The Thinker:

Their creative edge is their intellectual curiosity and capacity to identify and create meaning. The Thinker believes that the examined life is truly the only one worth living for.

You are a constant learner who sees the world as a never-ending medium of knowledge, exploration, and truth-seeking. Seeking truth and knowledge is a lifetime endeavor for the thinker, who is driven by an insatiable thirst to know more. Thinkers are best paired with adventurers.

A photo of a woman sitting on a stool resting her head on her knee in a paint studio

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    8.  The Adventurer:

Adventurers are known for their significant levels of energy and creativity, enthusiasm, and playfulness. This sort of creativity is vibrant, outspoken, and multi-talented, with an innate capacity to amuse and inspire other people. They are quick learners who can quickly acquire new abilities and handle several tasks and jobs.

A photo of a person submerged in a body of water holding a sparkler

Curious to find out which creative type are you? Click here to start taking the quiz! 

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