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Article: Why do Artists Create Art?

Why do Artists Create Art? - BestPaintByNumbers

Why do Artists Create Art?

Art is all around us. From each one of our houses to the best art galleries. Can you imagine what life would be without art? A plain world with no shapes, no imagination, no color. A sad world with no color and no life in it. Fortunately, we do not need to imagine a world like that because it will never turn into real life. Just like people created art centuries before on walls and caves, they’ll continue creating art for the next thousand years. But, why do artists create art? Why would someone spend hours, days, or maybe months to create something unique that may never gain any real value? 

A man in a work apron painting on a work bench
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Throughout history, we’ve witnessed some incredible pieces of art. Either on canvasses or graffiti on walls, sculptures, or even just a drawing on a piece of paper. You sometimes stare at a piece of art and wonder what was the artist thinking when he made this? Why did he make this? Was he trying to create something just to earn money, or was he trying to pass a message to the world?

However, there might not be any particular reason someone creates art. Some people just love grabbing a pencil or a brush to start creating something unique for themselves with no message at all. Maybe, it would be good for a birthday present or just for being on your bedroom wall. But usually, artists have a certain purpose every time they produce something new. Below, you can see a few reasons that encourage each artist to paint or create artworks in general.

A photo of a man in blue brainstorming on a painting

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To express emotions-thoughts

Each artist has something different going on in his mind. Each experience changes how he feels, how his character is developed, how he thinks in general. These experiences produce different emotions and thoughts that an artist may use to express himself/herself.

Apart from emotions and thoughts, artists tend to use visuals to show their beliefs, values, and memories. Painting helps a lot of artists get away from the real world and get through different phases of life. 


Each big historical era or event is associated with paintings. Events like protests, wars, revolutions, and deaths to eras like the Ottoman Empire or Byzantine Empire. 

Today, we record history with photos, stored in servers or clouds. But humanity, before these technological advancements, used paintings and sculptures to record history. 

Paintings help the next generations learn and be aware of what life was before. School history books are full of paintings and sculptures of famous people during the era of Aristotle and are still preserved.

To inspire people or a group of people

As mentioned before, not all paintings have a certain message attached to them. But, in a lot of cases, art is made to send a message and inspire people to take action. “Taking action” can mean starting to work on yourself or a revolution against the corrupted government.

There are a lot of paintings representing a certain message. A good example is a graffiti on city walls that aim to wake the world by using smart phrases or telling a small story through visuals.

Also, artists attempt to make the viewer connect with the painting. They try to create art that is related to a certain group of people’s lifestyles and beliefs. 

Just for fun

We all have that one hobby or activity that helps us heal in tough times or we just enjoy doing. For many, people see painting as a regular activity. But it’s more than that; painting is certainly an activity that helps not just physically, but also mentally.

It’s relaxing, requires imagination, and creativity and the outcome is unique. Artists manage their mental health problems by painting as it is an escape from the world. When painting, you forget about your problems and you use your thoughts to create something of your own.

Also, it’s a good activity to perform when you feel bored or have free time. It boosts energy and increases blood flow in the brain which is vital for being more creative and happy. Painting gives light to our lives and helps in creating a less boring world.

To say what can’t be said with words

Have you ever heard the phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words?” Well, it’s true. Sometimes a painting or a piece of art can say more than an entire book. That’s the power of creating paintings with a certain purpose in mind. Words can’t always describe what you want to say, that’s why we use art.

Artists take advantage of this great power and create something that will affect the people viewing the painting.

To wrap up

There is no right or wrong when it comes to paintings. You can paint whatever you want as there are no limits to your imagination. Each artists’ purpose is different and they get inspired by different things. That’s why every new piece of art is unique. Thus, you should always move on and never get discouraged by others. If you started a painting that you believe has a certain message to give to the world, then go ahead and finish it. 

Don’t listen to anyone and keep painting, keep creating.

Now that you’ve seen why most artists paint, why don’t you ask yourself what are your reasons for painting?

A photo of a pencil in-between the fingers of a man

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