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Article: Art 101: What Is Form In Art?

Art 101: What Is Form In Art? - BestPaintByNumbers

Art 101: What Is Form In Art?

There are a lot of elements in creating art to consider if you want to get technical with art. Previously, we discussed what value is in art and how it affects the result of your work, and now we move on to answer, what is a form in art? Read on to know more about this art element.

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Art is something that you can define in many ways. Some people would say that art is a free expression of your emotions, while others say that art is the science of creating something with your own hands. While both descriptions are accurate, there is more to art than just splattering some paint on a canvas and calling it a day. 

There are technical aspects in art that are considered when you are formally enrolled in an art course, or, you’re looking to have your art critiqued by experts. With that, all the technical aspects are criteria that people observe when it comes to critiquing art.

While these elements do fulfill the technical aspects of creating artwork, you don’t always have to follow them. These are just some of the elements that comprise art, but you don’t need all the elements to call your creation art.

If you’re planning on curating pieces of art or want to be an art critic, then you may want to look into the different elements to know what you’re looking for. 

In this article, we answer the question, what is the form in art. Let us know what you think of the different art elements.

Why Do You Need To Know The Elements Of Art?

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Before we get into answering, what is form in art, let’s talk about why you need to know the elements of art. There are 5 main elements, but there are sub-elements that you can read about if you want to know more about them. In this article, we’re going to discuss the main elements, but mostly, we want to focus on form.

While art is considered to be without too many rules, especially if you’re not taking any formal training, there is a technical side to it that people study when they begin learning everything about art. These elements are what form art, so you would use some of them for people to consider your work as art. 


What Is Form In Art?

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Now that we’ve gone over why you should know the elements that comprise artwork, let’s answer the question of what is the form in art? The form can refer to two things in art. First, it can refer to the element of shapes formed by the combination of lines, or to the overall form of the artwork such as its physical attributes and such.

With that, your form involves three-dimensional shapes and was more common in classical art. However, even if modern artists don’t use the form in some of their work, it’s still necessary for all budding artists to learn art elements because they do tell you about each element and how they compose your art.

People who sculpt, whether modern pieces or more classical pieces, use form and space. These art elements will remain relevant in creating art, which is why we are aware that knowing them and applying them when creating art is a necessary process. 

However, we also want to clarify that using all the elements at once is necessary. Usually, you use one or two of the elements in creating the art.

Key Takeaways

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Creating art is great. We think that being able to put together shapes and lines to create a painting is amazing. However, we also think that understanding the different art elements would make it easier to create if you want to be more technical. 

Aside from that, understanding these elements will also teach you how to use them based on your style. We hope that you learn more about what is the form in art and how each element has its use in creating art. 

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