Vectors: What Is Vector Art?

Art has developed into more complex processes while still honoring its roots. One of the most prominent developments in the presence of digital art and vector art. In this article, we answer the question, what is vector art? 

A low Poly animal vector art polygon painting

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Art has come a long way. We have seen people who used to do traditional paintings move to more digital arts with the use of different programs on computers that allow them to create paintings without actually using paint. 

With that, we also noticed that different forms of art can be found under digital art, namely vector art. In this article, we discuss what is vector art. Since digital arts are relatively new, there’s still a lot to be discovered from this form of art. 

It’s nice to see that a lot of people are embracing this form of art, but some people are still trying to grasp the concept of painting with a digital brush compared to more traditional methods, we’re hoping that this article can help clear up some things for you. 

We also understand that digital art isn’t for everyone, especially if you enjoy the feeling of getting paint in your hands, which is why we hope you read over this article and can enjoy understanding more about digital art and the branches that come with it. 

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Why Do We Need Vector Art?

A photo of a wolf howling at night in the wild

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Before we get started and answer the question of what is vector art, we want to discuss why we need vector art. If you are interested in printing digitally painted art, then you may want to make sure that the image you’re painting is formatted with a vector program because it affects the quality of the image printed.

You will notice that some digitally painted images aren’t capable of being printed in different sizes because the quality wasn’t created to cater to all sizes. That’s because vector images follow a certain equation to ensure that the quality isn’t damaged by the size of the print, but rather by the quality of the creation. 

This is why we need vector art because it can produce high-quality images if you decide that you want to print out the image and frame it as a painting. 

What Is Vector Art?

A Poly low illustration of a dog

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Now that we’ve gone over why we need vector art, let’s answer the question: what is vector art? Vector art refers to an image that was compiled by a series of mathematical equations. Specifically, vector art is composed of graphics such as points, lines, shapes, and curves that are compiled with mathematical equations. 

As we have mentioned, vector art is better for printed images because no matter how large you scale it, the quality of the image isn’t compromised because of the components of the image. So, if you want to create an image through digital art, we suggest creating it with a vector program because you can print it in any size and still yield the same quality as it was created. 

With that, we think that there are a lot of ways you can use vector art, which is why we think that some people would benefit from this art form. If you’re a traditional painter, you can use vector art to create your paint-by-number kit and come up with designs that are unique to you or create templates that you want to try. 


A line drawing of a wheel shaped circle with a box pattern background

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Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is vector art, we hope that you consider using this art form to create templates that you want to try painting or even painting with vector programs to create your vector art. We know that learning digital art isn’t easy if you don’t have the materials, but there are programs that you can find online that make it easier to create vector art if you don’t want to buy a drawing tablet. 

We love vector art and we think that it has a lot of uses, which is why we recommend that everyone try it.

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