Art 101: Why Should Graffiti Be Considered As Art?

Some people see graffiti as a form of vandalism, but we think differently. In this article, we answer the question, why should graffiti be considered art? We hope that this is helpful for budding graffiti artists. 

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When people think of graffiti, the first word that usually comes into mind is vandalism. This is because most of the graffiti seen on walls are tags of gangs, but some graffiti artists put more effort into their work and these are called murals. 

However, despite the intricate details added to murals, some people still ask why should graffiti be considered art? We believe that graffiti is more than just a tag on the wall, and while we understand that it may be an art stain, some artists do deserve some recognition for their work. 

We believe that all forms of self-expression deserve recognition, which is why we are going to talk about the history of graffiti and the reasons why we think graffiti should be considered art. 

We hope that this article puts graffiti in a different light because we think that it’s a great way for people to express themselves. Aside from that, it allows people to freely express themselves with the use of spray paint and it’s different from traditional mediums. 

Let us know what you think of graffiti and if you would try it out for yourself in our comment section or through our emails. 

History of Graffiti 

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Before we get into answering why should graffiti be considered art? we want to discuss the history of graffiti. As we have previously mentioned, most people perceive graffiti to be a form of vandalism, and this can be attributed to its origins. 

Graffiti was first introduced in the 1970s and there are two styles to note. The first style, which is referred to as the wild style, is a bright and graphic style that uses a lot of colors. Most murals fall under this style because of the use of bright colors. 

The second art style in graffiti is called a stylized monogram. This would refer to the style of graffiti that most people use when they spray tags on walls. However, just because it isn’t colorful doesn’t mean it can’t be considered art. Both styles have been embraced by graffiti artists and have been used as tools to convey messages. 

Why Should Graffiti Be Considered As Art?

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Now that we have talked about the history of graffiti and its styles of it, let’s talk about why should graffiti be considered art? It is well-known that people have been using art as a tool to express themselves. 

Graffiti is also a way for people to express themselves, the only difference is that they don’t use conventional canvases. With that, we think that being able to express yourself in a public space should be considered art.  

However, we understand that some people may think of it as vandalism, especially if the wall that was painted isn’t public property. We think that getting permission would make it easier for artists and the public to come to an agreement that graffiti can be art. 

Graffiti is just a way for people to express themselves on a bigger platform. We think that we shouldn’t turn away from it, just because it can be unconventional for some people. However, we’re happy to see more people accepting this art form. 

Key Takeaways

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When it comes to expressing yourself, you shouldn’t place how you express yourself in a box. Some people find graffiti to be a great way to show people how they feel, and it is one of the reasons for us to think that graffiti is art. We hope that we answered the question, “why should graffiti be considered art.” 

There are more than a few ways to express yourself and graffiti has been a tool that some people use when it comes to letting the public know how they feel. Let us know what you think of this art. 

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