Modern Art: Impressionism vs. Cubism

The painting features a lot of art styles. Most artists had their definitive styles, while some dabbled closer to more traditional styles. In this article, we discuss impressionism vs. cubism. Let us know what you think of these art styles

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There are a lot of different styles when it comes to painting. Some artists prefer realism, while some artists venture more into art that may seem outlandish. In this article, we discuss impressionism vs. cubism. 

They both have distinct styles but are vastly different. We think that there is a lot of potential for artists because these styles can be interesting to learn. We want to show you the difference between both styles and why we think they remain relevant to the development of art. 

What we love most about art is that there are a lot of styles that are available for you to try out, which is good if you’re still getting to know which style fits you.

We understand that finding your art style can be difficult because there’s a lot to choose from, but we hope we can help by comparing different art styles and showing their distinct characteristics so you can determine which one is better for you. 

We hope that this article is helpful for you when you are trying to find which art style you want to engage in. Let us know what you think of these styles in the comment section down below. 

What Are The Traits of Modern Art?

A post impressionist post impressionism painting

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Before we start comparing impressionism vs. cubism, we want to make a list of the characteristics of modern art and how we think these characteristics have made it possible for modern art to stay relevant. Here are the characteristics of modern art:

  1. Emphasizes use of materials: compared to traditional art, modern art puts more emphasis on the materials they use, and you will see just how they add the strokes with their desired paint. 
  2. It rejects history: One of the movements of modern art that makes it stand out from its predecessors is its rejection of history. They abolish any remnants of traditional work, which makes them take on more daring projects. 
  3. It promotes the use of dynamic actions: We enjoy the fact that modern art allows artists to take on more dynamic movement because they want to reject the concept of traditional art. 

Impressionism vs. Cubism:

A multi colored post impressionist post impressionism

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Now that we have covered the characteristics of modern art, let’s talk about the differences between impressionism vs. cubism. They both have pretty distinct styles but are great examples to show how modern art has deviated from classic art. 

Before we go into discussing the differences between impressionism vs. cubism, both styles come from modern art and were considered relevant in breaking away from classical art, but their styles couldn’t be more different from each other. 

Impression paints realistic sceneries with the use of exaggerated brush strokes to make an ‘impression’ of the scene. Artists who use this medium often use vivid colors to exaggerate the scene, which makes it seem real, but not quite. 

Whereas cubism uses more distinct shapes and lines, the color scheme doesn’t make much of a difference. A lot of people have found cubism to be more radical compared to impressionism because the images rendered were very different compared to their real-life versions. 

However, what we enjoy about cubism is that it embraces the traits of modern art and it serves as an inspiration for more contemporary movements.


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Now that we have talked about the differences between impressionism vs. cubism we hope it gives you an idea of the principles of these art styles. Since art can take on a lot of forms, we know it can be intimidating, especially when you’re still finding your style. 

 However, art, like all things in the world, is prone to development, so if you’re still finding your style, there’s a chance you may come up with one on your own. Let us know what you think of the different art styles and which ones you have tried in the comment section. 

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