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Article: Why You Should Visit and Where to Visit Art Fairs and Exhibits

Why You Should Visit and Where to Visit Art Fairs and Exhibits - BestPaintByNumbers

Why You Should Visit and Where to Visit Art Fairs and Exhibits

Supporting local and emerging artists is one of the best things you can do as someone who loves art as well. Art fairs and exhibits give a platform to many artists who do not have the means to showcase their artworks and craftsmanship by themselves.

While many people give less importance to art fairs and exhibits as compared to traditional art museums, that’s where they get their perception wrong. Accordingly, these are just as important as museums because most artworks from museums also came from known exhibits, while some exhibits also feature known museum artworks.

Moreover, art is considered one of the best ways to express and showcase human feelings and emotions that are so complex, that they can’t be put into words. With sophisticated artistry combined with excellent skills and talent, many artists dedicated time, and even devoted their whole lives, to be featured in one or more art fairs and exhibits.

Therefore, these two events and platforms are more important than most people think. It also provides artists the opportunities to show audiences of different niches and artistic interests with their techniques and methods.

With the importance given to art fairs and exhibits, you might wonder why it's important to visit and support them. Most importantly, what is the art fairs and exhibits that you should check out soon? All these and more will be discussed in today's BPBN featured article. Keep on reading to know more!

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Whether you aim to be an artist to pursue a professional career in the field or simply want to be an artist for self-fulfillment and passion, attending these fairs will help you expand your network which can be helpful in your artistic journey in terms of skill-building and connecting with like-minded people.

Various art fairs and exhibits are the finest approaches to lay the groundwork for branding, self-awareness, fundraising, networking, future growth, awareness campaigns, breaking new ground, and so forth. If you want to experience all of this, make your way to local art fairs and exhibits near you.

Before we get on to the best art fairs and exhibits around the world that you should check out this year, let’s have a brief overview first of the importance and the reasons why you should check out these art events.

Why You Should Visit Art Events

    1.  A great way to break new conventions:

Each artist is distinct in their own right. Consider making an artwork using the same materials as everyone else.  Your method of making that artwork may be comparable to someone else's. It will, however, never be the same quality with the exact same features. Why? Because every artist has different skills, though similar ones, but not exactly the same.

Even though an art show has the same concept, there will be differences in that concept. While you may interpret the topic in your own manner, others may not see it the same way you do. This allows you to examine your subject from a different angle, allowing you to reshape your perception, break barriers, and be unconventional.

A multi colored sketch art of a boy

    2.  Feel and get inspired by great artists:

This is addressed to both the watcher and the observed - the audience and the artist. An art show is a great way to feel encouraged. You are introduced to many artists' creations and their ways of thinking. You are exposed to fresh viewpoints and provided the chance to see the world in ways you have never seen before.

This gives you the motivation to accomplish something innovative. If nothing else, it allows you to respect people who have worked in this manner and inspires you to consider the world and its growth from a fresh viewpoint.

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    3.  A platform to know and support fellow artists:

Not only do art fairs and exhibits provide artists with ways of becoming successful, but it’s also a way of showing support to your fellows. Moreover, you get to showcase your talent, in case you were given the chance to be in an art show. Amateur artists have the chance to become the buzz of the community if they become successful at an art show.

Marketing paintings and other pieces of art at fairs will be a breeze if you find the proper collector. One big sale and everyone will know you've made your debut with a boom. Even if the deal is not on a grand size, you will make good friends or followers. And these things are important in the artistic world.

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Art Fairs and Exhibits to Visit This Year

    1.  Venice Biennale 2022:

The 59th Biennale of Venice, which has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic for a year, is now presenting its showcased exhibits from April 23 and shall last until November 27 this year. The main exhibition, which is curated this year by Cecilia Alemani, is often the primary draw.

The display will be themed "The Milk of Dreams," in homage to Leonora Carrington's writings, and will feature Surrealists and an unparalleled concentration on female artists. But, the 90-plus country tents that surround the event are just as intriguing. Some of the pavilions will interact with Alemani's show.

If you’re feeling intrigued to check out this whimsical exhibition, you can visit the official website to check tickets, current exhibits, and exclusive outlooks of the event.

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    2.  Art Basel 2022 (Miami Beach):

Art Basel is held annually in different places in the world including Miami Beach, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Basel, and Paris. This renowned art exhibit features many of the world’s most talented contemporary and modern artists that are currently making headlines in the art industry.

Not only will these artists present their artworks, but they will also be represented by various art galleries known for their prestige and groundbreaking sales. So, if you’re looking for a unique experience featuring various art forms–painting, sculpture, digital art, and cinema, then this art exhibit is worth checking out. This event will start from December 1 to 3 this year.

Have we mentioned that visitors will also be exposed to the artists featuring a conversation with them in a forum? Well, now you know!

Woman leaning on man standing inside room

    3.  La Biennale Paris:

The dates for the 2022 edition of La Biennale Paris have not yet been established, but we can expect it to take place over the Christmas season, just in time for a joyful visit to the beloved city known for its art. Prepare for an inspiring weekend as you journey through 6,000 years of art and decorative arts history, with everything from archeological finds to futuristic modern styles from different countries.

La Biennale de Paris is one of two premier art shows in Paris, France that every art fan should attend at least once in their lives. It began in 1956 as a French antique market and has subsequently expanded to include art, jewelry, and other home décor items.

A painting of a woman in-front of other paintings

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    4.  Frieze art fair:

Frieze is known for its prestigious publications of magazines featuring artworks. Their art fair is one of the most sought-after art events every year, which is held in different places in the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, and for the very first time, Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 1991, Frieze concentrates on contemporary art, but Frieze Masters, which overlaps with London's exhibition, features pieces ranging from prehistoric to current art pieces.

The October London event is our top selection for the most in-depth experiences, but we're also looking forward to Frieze's debut fair in Seoul in September.

Double sided Marilyn Monroe painting

    5.  The Armory Show:

Opening in September this year from 9th to 11th, The Armory Show, one of New York City's most prominent art shows, has an interesting history for connoisseurs: it was labeled after a modern art exhibition that took place in 1913 and was the first of its kind in the United States, helping to bring the continent's trending European creators and art movements of the day.

In homage to this renowned exhibition, The Armory Show debuted 81 years later. Outside of its annual autumn fair, it now celebrates the greatest artists in New York and provides year-round programs to put the city's top talent on the worldwide stage. This magnificent presentation, on the other hand, will feature artists and designers from all across the globe.

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