Learn How to Make and Paint With Best Paint by Numbers

For many years, it seemed like Paint by Numbers kits had become a household staple in American homes, and eventually all over the world. Paint by number kits has demonstrated that anybody, regardless of age or technical ability (or lack thereof), can paint as long as they are prepared to follow simple directions and be patient with the procedure. With enough effort, dedication, and determination, anyone can become a Rembrandt.

Truly, these hobby kits are made for everyone. The last two years have taught us that everyone, regardless of age, requires a break now and then. This is one of the numerous benefits of a basic Paint by Numbers kit. If you feel stressed by everything around you—the never-ending chores, work obligations, family commitments, and other commitments, some time to unwind and engage yourself in an activity that you may enjoy alone or with family or friends.

Furthermore, it makes no difference if you lack strong knowledge or past expertise with painting because these kits are quite simple to use. By following one easy guideline, you will undoubtedly make a masterpiece that you will be delighted to exhibit in your home. Because PBN kits are designed for novices, you may encourage your children, young cousins, and elderly relatives to try. With that in mind, you might wonder how to make your own paint by numbers. Is it possible to try paint by numbers without the actual kits? Well, let’s figure it out in this article, so keep on reading to know more!

A photo of a woman with long hair painting on white canvas

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

When we hear the phrase "paint by numbers," the first thing that comes to mind is the ready-to-paint pre-printed sheet marked with shapes and numbers, developed specifically for novices who wish to learn how to paint. But, did you realize that painting by numbers is more than simply a kit? They are a method that may be taught to any new artist to provide a firm basis for beginning to paint.

Before getting the trademark of a beloved classic painting kit, painting by numbers is a technique in itself. The original creator of the kits, Dan Robbins, once revealed in his autobiographical book that he borrowed the idea from the renowned Renaissance painter, no other than the master painter Leonardo da Vinci himself.

He believed that by assigning numbers to particular areas and paint layers, students learning to paint can easily remember the particular color needed to paint the part. With this amazing technique, Robbins believed that anyone, including you, can paint like Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, or any artist you aspire to be. Also, even art teachers employ and teach this technique to their students who want to paint realistically. See how useful and practical the technique is.

So how do you make paint by numbers? Let’s find out below.

How Do You Make Paint by Numbers (Using the Technique in Your Own Artwork)?

Since paint by numbers is also a technique in its own right, there are plenty of ways you can use this technique and incorporate it with your artwork outside the classic canvas. So, how do you make paint by numbers applicable to your art? Learn here how:

    1.  Free paint by numbers print-outs:

If you wanna try paint by numbers but are still unsure if the kits are all worth it, you don’t have to force yourself to jump into the trend without trying some alternatives first: paint-by-numbers printouts. You can get these for free on the internet. Google images, Pinterest, and other sites offer free-to-use images just like the classic kit that you can paint and enjoy. However, the downside of this is that you have to purchase your materials which are smaller compared to working on an actual canvas.

A photo of paintbrushes with various colors of paints on a table

    2.  Use the number technique in your art project:

Are you still trying to perfect your artistic skills? Well, we highly suggest that you start working on a canvas (not the kits) and employ what you have learned using the classic PBN kits: the number technique. What you can do is that you draw a guide for your painting and then you start numbering the areas as if you’re creating your DIY painting by numbers kit.

Then, on a piece of paper, write down and assign particular colors to the number on the canvas so that you wouldn’t have a hard time remembering the color palette you’re planning to use for your art project. This way, the creative process will be more organized and well-planned, and thought of. Wouldn’t it be helpful to make the creative process more smooth sailing, especially if you’re not painting with the kits anymore?

A block painting of various colors on a flip pages

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    3.  Apply the numbers technique in other art forms than painting: 

Well, since this technique is very versatile, it would be ideal to try it out on other art forms such as painting vases, sculptures, and even when we create digital art. It would be very helpful to apply this technique to make the process less stressful with fewer hurdles and more relaxing.

Because let’s face it, studying colors and ensuring that you’ve placed the right color and color combinations can be a little difficult sometimes, especially for beginners. So, use this technique if you’re having a hard time not just in painting, but even when creating other art forms. 

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What Can You Learn with The Numbers Technique?

Now that you’ve learned how to paint by numbers by applying the numbers technique, let’s also take a look at some of the useful concepts you can learn with the famous kit and technique. 

    1.  Brushwork:

Another technical painting skill that paints by numbers kits may teach you is defining your brushwork. Brushwork perfection is what will set you apart from the crowd. You can be called a prodigy if you master this talent. Painting by numbers may teach you how and when to use various brushes, and you can number each brush to make it easy to distinguish which one is which. 

A painter painting on a canvas

    2.  Color theory:

When it comes to painting, understanding color is crucial. Knowing the color wheel, combining pigments, and understanding the three fundamental color groups are all part of color theory. It's also about using complementary colors to improve the aesthetic quality of your work. With a paint by numbers kit, you may learn all about it by studying the connection of colors in the image and their overall influence on the final result.

A painter holding a wooden palette

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    3.  Creativity:

Some people believe that paint-by-number kits limit creativity because the instructions are pre-written. However, it is dependent on the individual's will to explore and break the conventions to make their artwork more personal and distinctive.

These kits still enable you to choose which methods to use, such as overpainting, zigzag blurring, merging, and so much more. The pre-printed canvas is a blueprint that will assist you in gaining a clearer picture of your artwork, but it will not tell you precisely what to do.

Moreover, this article proves that the kits allow us to practice our creativity beyond limits. Why? Well, because we just taught you how to incorporate the creativity from the technique to your other artworks and other unconventional ways to make PBN by yourself.

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Start Your Painting Journey Today

Paint-by-number kits, according to some art aficionados, are not the best approach to develop this technique. They regard it as mechanical, uncreative, and formulaic. However, we respectfully disagree. We feel that our painting kits are more than just words: they make painting accessible to everyone, giving novices and non-painters the confidence to become the artists they wish to be.

We hope that you use the technique and other important insights you’ve learned from this article. Still, feeling unsure if you can start painting from scratch? PBN kits are always here to help. Order one now at BPBN and get exclusive discounts from the site. 

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit