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Article: Creativity during the quarantine (lockdown)

Creativity during the quarantine (lockdown) - BestPaintByNumbers

Creativity during the quarantine (lockdown)

Are you stuck at home? Don’t know what to do? Read our blog to erase the boredom!

It’s no secret that the current state of the world is a little less than desirable at the moment. At almost every corner, we always are reminded to stay at home and take care of our physical health. However, how do we manage our mental health?

On the bright side, we should use this time to be productive instead of mopping around. Best Paint by Numbers is here to give you tips in turning your "stay at home prison” to a “stay at home paradise!"


Yes, that’s not a typo, and you read that right. We’re sure you’re tired of hearing people tell you that now is the best time to do some good ol’ exercise for both your physical health and immunity, but what about your mental muscles?

Your brain could do some mental exercise to keep it alert and active! Many scientific journals and studies have proven that mental stimulation helps increase the flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the brain. According to Health Engine, mental stimulation "acts as a signal which promotes the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor (BDGF). BDGF is a protective chemical which induces growth and survival of neurons."

At least thirty minutes of sudoku, chess, crosswords puzzle, playing Boggle or Scrabble, memory games, or even learning a random fact a day would be enough to get those neurons going!

There’s no actual need to do the most challenging activity as it’s all a matter of what suits your taste and what level of mental stimulation you are comfortable to participate without feeling pressured.

All in all, it’s all just for fun!

Train your brain at home - this 5 tipps help you not to get bored


As humans, it’s in our nature to be attracted to shiny objects, whether we like it or not. Staying and staring at your home the past few weeks may start to become dull, so why not put a little sparkle?

How about DIYing some window clings from PVA glue? It’s a sure hit for the young ones. If you have some items at home that look a little drab, why not make them fab by covering them in glitter tape or sparkle washi tape? The glitter tape is a recent trend done by teenage girls that took the DIY crafting world by storm. Those are only a few fun ideas to help pass the time.

However, if you want a sparkly project that you can make the most out of, why not indulge in your inner glitter monster and get a Custom Diamond Painting Kit? You can turn any photo into a sparkling diamond painting.


In these trying times, everyone is a bit stressed out whether you’re a man, woman, child, or pet! I mean, who wouldn’t be? A proven method to relieve or cope with stress is to pamper or indulge in an activity that makes you happy. This is referred to as a spa day, but the correct term is self-care.

Self-care days are much like spa days, but it’s not limited to just mud masks and lemon water. It’s about a day where you do what makes you happy in a healthy way. You can spend the whole day binge-watching fail compilation videos on YouTube, and that’s still counted as a self-care day. Having a slumber party with your family or housemates is still a self-care day.

Even spur-of-the-moment decisions, such as dying your hair in crazy colors, still counts as a self-care day.

The bottom line is, in your self-care day, do what makes you happy.

Take care of your self with this 5 tips. Just enjoy the time we got at home and dont get crazy about COVID19


Even though Social Distancing is encouraged, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to get in touch with friends or family!

However, what we’re promoting is not hanging out physically, but hanging out virtually! Ther are many applications or websites that allow you to do voice and video calls on the internet, so why not level it up with some online multiplayer games? is an online free multiplayer draw-and-guess game for all ages! There’s no need to set-up an account, and you can play as is wit ha maximum of twelve people. Speaking from experience, it’s hours and hours of fun, shenanigans, friendly rivalry, and the occasional roasting of your drawing skills.

(Pro-tip, we always deduct points for players who use drawing tablets.) If drawing online isn’t your thing, why not try Never Have I Ever…, Uno, and these four other online multiplayer games.

 Stay at home and play with your friends and family. You can draw online and guess what it is.


If online games aren’t your thing and you prefer a more physical type of activity, why not settle down for a peaceful online art night? It’s strikingly similar to a wine and paint group night, but the main difference is doing it at the comfort of your own home instead of staying at someone else’s place. (The wine is optional, of course!)

Here at Best Paint by Numbers, we have a wide variety of kits to select. Perhaps a memorable Custom Family Portrait kit? Maybe a cool and chic Pop Art (Couple) Portrait kit? Maybe something easy and breezy like the famous Café Terrace at Night by Van Gogh kit?

There’s no need to mix and match colors as all you need is provided in all kits. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and have fun painting.


We know it sounds cliche, but it becomes less corny once you start bonding with the fam gang. There are many activities you could do together, such as doing some spring cleaning, play a friendly game of Monopoly, or even have a movie night!

If you want an activity that the whole family can participate in, including the family pet, why not do a Paint by Numbers – Pet kit? Sure, the family pet may not have the opposable thumbs to assist in painting physically, but being the model for a masterpiece is hard work, you know.

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, painting is a skill that anyone on any level can learn. Painting skills aside, there are many benefits to doing a kit together! Grandparents will finally have the chance for some quality time, parents will have the opportunity to relax, and the kids can exercise their fine motor skills, and the family pet?

Well, they get more attention, of course! The only possible downside to this is that everyone will have so much fun one kit might not be enough!



    Having a daily routine is always a good thing to help keep our mind and body busy. On the other hand, doing the same thing over and over again without changing anything can become a little drab and boring. The days are a blur if you do nothing to differentiate yesterday from today, so why not switch it up by changing something every day?

    It could even be something as simple as waking up and not making your bed (we can hear Moms all around the world groaning hearing this!) Maybe have juice instead of coffee in the morning. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe have a second breakfast before starting on your work or chores? Who says you can only wear make-up when you go out? Why not put a full-face of make for funsies! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated as long as you find joy in doing something different each day.

    My personal favorite? I usually have a heaping bowl of cereal, retreat to my office, and begin my tedious work and reports every day. Lately, I’ve been having been extending breakfast with my family. (So much so that breakfast almost became brunch!) It changes and sets my mood for the day when I’m blessed and surrounded by loved ones.

     Have a routine. We give you some tips to make your day easier.

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