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Article: Ways to Do Art Based on Your Preferences and Personality

Ways to Do Art Based on Your Preferences and Personality - BestPaintByNumbers

Ways to Do Art Based on Your Preferences and Personality

We have explored different creative hobbies that you can pursue in most of our blog posts from this site because it is helpful for your mental health and it adds to the joy of living. But, if you want to level up your venture into the world of creativity, even more, we suggest that you delve deep into the world of arts. There are different ways to do art, not just visual arts like painting and drawing. Of course, there are other artistic art forms such as music, either in the form of singing, songwriting; performing arts such as acting, dancing, and theater; sculpture-making, clay molding, writing, and many more. 

A photo of a crop artist creating a clay sculpture

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How do you find the perfect artistic venture for yourself? Well, there are several ways to find out which will be later discussed in this article. Creating art makes life worth living and it also adds up to the happiness of others if you think about it. 

If you’re thinking about creating art, in whichever way it may be, we want to remind you that you shouldn’t be afraid to try for experience. Thus, never doubt yourself or your capabilities. It doesn’t really matter if you have zero skills in the art for now because as you engage in that field and as you dedicate your time to practice, you will eventually improve and develop your skills. Just remember to persevere and be patient.

Art 101: How Do I Find the Perfect Art for Me?

    1.  Invest in something that you’ve been wanting to try for a long time:

Think about your childhood dreams or the hobbies that you had as a child. Or, think about what really prompted you to go try creating artworks. Was it because of the music you listen to? Was it because of the films or TV shows that you watch? Was it because you purchased something artistic such as mini sculptures? It could be anything. Once you know your interest, then ask yourself if you want to try creating them for the sake of creating.

    2.  Budget:

For the sake of being practical, create art based on your budget if you don’t wanna go over the top. And here’s where your creativity is tested because you will learn how to seek alternatives if you’re a bit tight on the budget. 

A photo showing a person with a sketch book coffee jug ceramic mug and a tool set

    3.  Consider your abilities:

Perhaps the most practical way in finding the perfect art form for you is to base it on the abilities and talents that you already have. For example, if you’re already good at singing, why not venture into the world of composing lyrics or even playing instruments? Moreover, if you’ve done a little bit of drawing, then you can try digital art or if you have good penmanship, then try hand lettering or calligraphy. That way, it would be easier for you to hone a new set of skills. 

Things to Remember in the Art World for Beginners

Before we proceed to discuss the different ways to do art, it is worth mentioning the three important things to remember as a beginner in the art world. So, in whatever creative pursuits you’re pursuing, never forget these things:

    1.  Never compare your art to other people's art:

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when creating their art is that they compare their art from what they see in other people’s art. It’s okay to get inspired from the art of others but comparing will just give you frustrations and it could even demotivate you from continuing your works. Comparing is counterproductive. Instead, use them as an inspiration and perhaps try to do something better from it. 

    2.  Stay inspired:

You can never create art when you’re out of inspiration. That’s why as artists, we have this thing called artist’s block or creative block, a situation where we’re out of inspiration from creating new artworks. Hence, to avoid such circumstances, learn how to stay inspired by looking at other art, reading books, taking a walk in nature, visiting art exhibits, and so forth.

    3.  Do art for the sake of creation and not recognition:

It is not bad to want to be known for your creations, but, as a beginner, and to lessen your frustrations, do art for the sake of creating and not having fun. Recognition will come at the right time. Dedicate yourself to creating so you can really improve your skills because your day of recognition will eventually come, so don’t frustrate yourself into it. So, enjoy it while you can.

Painting of the galaxy using a spray paint

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Different Ways to Do Art that You Can Enjoy

    1.  Visual Arts:

This form of art is the one that we recognize through our sense of sight. Visual art uses the art of skill and creativity through the use of art supplies and mediums that can create artwork that can be felt, seen, and touched. Once these types of artwork are seen and met by the human eye, feelings and emotions are evoked. These are some of the types that you can pursue that goes under visual arts:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Architecture
  • Digital arts
  • Crafts
  • Fashion design and styling

    2.  Performing arts:

This type of art is pursued by performing in front of an audience. It is an interdisciplinary art because it integrates different skills such as dancing, acting, and singing. Performers, in this art, use their talents that feature the expression of body language, voice, facial expression, and monologue. These are some of the examples of performing arts that you can immerse yourself into:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Theatre
  • Body art
  • Street performance
  • Dance
  • Orchestra
  • Acting

Still photos of a different positions of a woman in white dress dancing

    3.  Cinematography:

Cinematography or film-making is the art of motion-picture photography that uses different technology, camera, and performing talents that produce a film or movie as an outcome. It employs different techniques and styles such as the use of camera angles, scriptwriting, choice of actors, acting, scene-making, and so forth.

    4.  Literature:

Literature is the art of writing and self-expression through the composition of texts such as prose, poetry, and drama. There are plenty of genres that you can select as a theme of interest, such as fiction (romance, thriller, mystery, and science fiction) and nonfiction (commentaries, essays, and memoirs).

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