Easy and Cool Things to Paint that can Jumpstart Your Creativity

Look around and you will see so many things that you can paint, but sometimes, “creative blocks” happen. It’s totally normal to have those moments especially for beginner artists. No need to worry though because in this article, we will provide several inspirations for easy and cool things to paint that will totally awaken your artistic side!

Painting equipment about to be used for the next masterpiece

Oftentimes, we lack ideas and lose inspiration to carry out art. Inspiration comes and goes, but the most important thing that you should remember is to not let creative blocks stop you from painting. You don’t really need to have an exact picture or idea on your mind about what to paint. Sometimes, random brush strokes such as swirling and doing zigzag lines can help you come up with ideas to paint. 

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When in doubt, do abstract! Break that creative block by doing abstract paintings because there are no rules when it comes to that particular painting style. The best part is that no finished artwork comes out exactly the same: you’ll never know what you're gonna get in the end.

Abstract painting requires no skill, all you have to do is get extremely creative and imaginative. Choose all the colors you want and go! 

Abstract Painting Techniques to Awaken the Inner Artist in You:

  1. Abstract “Scraped” Painting:
    This super easy technique only requires you to get three objects: a canvas, acrylic paints of your choice and a hard flat object like old expired credit cards or even a scraper that you no longer use.
    Abstract scraped painting
    To obtain this type of painting, simply put a pea-sized amount of different paints around the canvas and scrape it in different directions using a scraper or old credit card. You can use different colors of your choice for a good blended effect and try going in various directions--up and down, left and right, etc. to achieve a good texture.

  2. Abstract “Marble” Painting:
    This technique is a little messy, but cool and fun! Make sure to have the materials needed at your side because you need to be fast-paced for this painting style. You need a canvas and a paintbrush. Also, put the following materials in a cup: at least two pigments of your choice and an even mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.
    An abstract marble painting on display
    This effect can be achieved by pouring the paints on the canvas first. Without mixing the paints, pour the rubbing alcohol-water mixture into the canvas. From there, you may do swirls and patterns on the canvas using a paintbrush of your choice.

  3. Paint-Pouring:
    This technique is messier than the last one and requires patience and fast hands but the outcome is very promising. The basic materials are a pouring medium, acrylic paint, and a canvas. Instructions and proportion of the acrylic paint and pouring medium varies, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
    Paint pouring technique on display

  4. Galaxy-inspired abstract painting:
    Want a bigger art project to impress your family/friends? You should consider doing this project because it’s out of this world! You will need to use pigments that represent the galaxy: black, white, blue, violet and a bit of red.
    A beautiful galaxy being painted

    The key to achieving this galaxy-like effect is to blend the pigments properly. Once your painting is completely dried, splatter a little bit of white paint using the tip of your paintbrush.

  5. Swirl painting using a fork:
    This technique is very straightforward and easy. All you have to do is to pour small amounts of acrylic paints (in various colors) all around the canvas and immediately start swirling them with a fork or a skewer.
    A completed swirl painting

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