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Article: Unleash your creative side with adult kits

Unleash your creative side with adult kits - BestPaintByNumbers

Unleash your creative side with adult kits


An adult creating their own custom kit

If you want to keep your mind and hands busy during your spare time, then you might want to consider art as your new hobby. As adults, we often find ourselves thinking that arts and crafts are childish. However, they are not! You’re never too old to be creative.
If you have plenty of spare time and don’t know what to do with it, continue reading this article because we got you covered! We will provide several craft kits for adults that you might consider buying for your next arts and crafts store visit.

The Benefits of Doing Art

The benefits of art are almost endless, and that is why it is highly encouraged to do arts and crafts activities in our spare time. Not only does it make us more productive, it also gives us a sense of accomplishment in the end which boosts our confidence.
Doing arty activities such as painting, drawing, photography, etc. is very rewarding for our physical and mental health. Plenty of studies and research have shown that art as a hobby can reduce stress and anxiety levels. It boosts our dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes us feel good. Doing art also improves our concentration and critical thinking ability, and at the same time, it also promotes brain plasticity.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Choosing the right arts and crafts kits

The variations of art sets and craft kits differ according to age, skill level and the type of art you want to create. One of the most recognizable features of art sets are those plastic (sometimes wooden) cases filled with crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, erasers, etc. for children. But since art is not age-restricted, there are also plenty of art sets meant for adults like professional artist kits, craft kits for adults and the most popular, paint by numbers kits

A watercolor painting being created
If you feel creative and nifty, then you should try making crafts. Crafting is a very productive way to spend your free time. Unwind and lower the stress level of your body with craft kits for adults like you. It’s nice to let your imaginative side shine—the best part about doing crafts is that the finished outcomes are often useful! Do-it-yourself crafts are usually easy to do and the results are very promising.
Craft kits for adults vary depending on the type of craft you’re aiming to create and the tools you need for that particular craft.

The best craft kits for adults that will keep you busy for hours:


  • D.I.Y. Candle-making kits—if you’re a candle collector or a person who enjoys aroma therapy, this craft kit is perfect for you. The kit provides you all the essentials you need in candle making—the wax, essential fragrances, wicks, accessories, a melting wax pitcher and containers where you can put the liquid wax to solidify. The candles are easy to make as long as you follow the instructions. You can customize the color and smell of your candles which makes it a perfect gift for your special loved ones or you can keep them for yourself.
    A candle crafted for reading a book

  • D.I.Y. Bath bombs kits—if you like the idea of relaxing in your bath tub after a long, tiring day, then you should consider making your very own bath bombs! Bath bombs are usually expensive so do-it-yourself bath bomb kits are a good alternative because they’re inexpensive and they have pretty much all you need to create your own fizzy friends. Most bath bomb kits include all the ingredients you need, essential oils, fragrances, coloring and the mold. Your D.I.Y. bath bombs are customizable making them a perfect gift for your family and friends, or you can keep a collection for your own bathroom as well.
    DIY bath bomb ready to use

  • D.I.Y. Tie-dye kits—the tie-dye trend seems to never die out ever since it became popular and this year, it’s even more popular because of D.I.Y. tie dye shirts! Bring out your old white shirts, or towels, pillowcases, hats, tote bags, etc because it’s time to tie-dye!  Doing tie-dyes is like a box of chocolate… you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The best part about tie-dyes is that the results are always different and no shirts come out exactly the same.
    A blue tie-dye shirt made at home
  • Calligraphy kits—calligraphy may seem hard to master, but if you dedicate yourself with time and patience, you’ll be a pro in no time! Calligraphy and hand lettering is very versatile as they are not only seen in papers but also in rocks, bags, pillowcases, shirts, and so on. The beginner kits are usually composed of an instructional guide, a pen set, practice sheets, ink and nibs.
    Calligraphy on a table being prepped for use

  • Paint by numbers kits—paint by numbers kits have grown in popularity through the years thanks to its simple system and social media. Paint by numbers kits are almost everywhere and everyone seems to know what they are. With Paint by Numbers, you don’t have to be skilled to paint a masterpiece. There are no age restrictions and skill level requirements when it comes to paint by numbers kits
    An adult completing a paint by numbers kit

    There are plenty of selections to choose from, varying from landscapes, portraits, pop art, or you can even recreate famous paintings by artists like Van Gogh and Claude Monet. To make it even better, you can now turn your favorite photo turned into a painting with Custom Paint by Numbers! Now you can have something special to frame and hang on the wall anywhere in your home or you can also give it as a gift to your relatives or friends to share the joyous moments.

  • Diamond Painting kits—created in 2015, diamond painting is a mixture between cross stitch, mosaic and paint by numbers. Like paint by numbers kits, diamond painting kits allow you to create a dazzling and sparkly masterpiece. The instruction is simple: match the diamonds according to its corresponding symbols.
    Diamonds to be used for a custom painting

Now what?!

Now that we’ve mentioned a couple of craft kits for adults, it is time for you to select the craft kit that you want to use for your next arts and crafts adventure. Take a break from technology every now and then. Schedule a day in a week and invest your time doing arts and crafts in order to make yourself more productive. The best part about these craft kits for adults is that you can use them or even gift them to a special loved one.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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