Easy and Creative Indoor Activities with Kids

Spend more quality time with the kids. In this time of pandemic wherein we socially distant ourselves to people outside our home, try to bring the family closer together.

So many things have changed this year due to the coronavirus. Our lifestyle has been highly affected and a lot of us are forced to stay at home most of the time to avoid health hazards.

Being stuck in the house while finding ways to entertain the kids can get challenging to most parents, especially these days. So we need to find new activities when kids ask, “what are we gonna do today?” Moreover, we can’t just let the kids sit around all day with their gadgets or watching TV.

So if you’re looking for frugal, fun, and creative activities with kids to bust their boredom, continue reading this article because we got a list for you!

It is very important to keep the kids productive, giving them downtime from technology. Setting a schedule for activities is also essential to avoid boredom and it can also create a unique bonding experience with everyone in the house. Instead of allowing them to get glued on their smartphones and TV, help them acquire new skills and cultivate new hobbies.


1. Simple Science Experiments - a lot of kids get excited when they watch Science experiments so why not let them experience it first-hand? Don’t worry, these experiments are kid-friendly and you don’t have to spend a fortune buying science experiment kits. Most materials can be found at home and the best thing is that the kids can learn and explore at the same time. Here are some simple science experiments that can wow your kids:

  • Baking Soda and vinegar volcano
  • Lava lamp
  • Slime-making

Elephants Toothpaste Experiment for children when they are bored
Elephant’s Toothpaste Experiment

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2. Teach your kids how to cook and bake - cooking is a very valuable life skill and teaching them how to cook will allow them to learn about the importance of eating right and staying healthy. Moreover, cooking activities are a pathway for the kids to use their imagination, and they can enjoy their creation as well. Check what’s available in your pantry, do the knife work, whip up amazing meals with the kids. 

Here are some easy and mouth-watering recipes that you can and the kids can make:

  • Two-ingredient banana ice cream (Click here for the recipe)
  • Whole wheat pizza bagels (Click here for the recipe)
  • Banana pancakes (Click here for the recipe)
  • Homemade apple pie (Click here for the recipe)

3. Bringing outdoor fun inside your home - months of isolation can make the kids bored and miss the things that they used to do with friends and other people. Initiate a new family activity that you have probably tried before the pandemic such as indoor camping, at home picnic, playing sports in the house, doing aerobic exercises together, D.I.Y. movie cinema, and so much more.

Indoor Camping - Things to do with your children

4. Start a reading club - most children perceive reading as boring and not worth the time. Teach them to cultivate a good reading habit by starting a book club. A time for reading is an excellent opportunity for the kids to use their imagination and critical thinking skills. Start the reading club by encouraging them to read poems, short stories, and other materials that they may find interesting. Tickle their thoughts and curiosity by asking them open-ended questions. Allow the kids to choose the book theme of the week and be consistent with the reading club schedule. 

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 A mother with her son reading a book. Things to do at home with children.

5. Crafts Activities with kids - fostering creativity in children is very essential as it can develop their mental and emotional health. Crafts activities can be messy sometimes but it has plenty of proven benefits. It can enhance their eye-hand coordination, dexterity, problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills among the many other benefits. Most importantly, doing art-related activities can give your child a feeling of self-accomplishment that can boost their confidence. 

Here are some crafts activities that you and the kids can enjoy:

  • Mason jar flower vases
  • Cardboard storage organizer
  • Homemade clay dough
  • Recycled Picture Frame
  • Origami
  • DIY bookmarks
  • Decoupaged shoebox

Crafting at home with pencils and colors.

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6. Paint by Numbers - paint by numbers a fun and easy way to create a masterpiece even without actual painting skills. It’s beginner-friendly and it has no age restriction so that everyone in the family can enjoy it. There are plenty of designs to choose from, ranging from preset designs to custom designs where you can personalize your very own Best Paint by Numbers kit according to you and your kids’ preferences.

The rule is very simple: match the number on the canvas according to its corresponding color. It will lead to a very beautiful painting in the end that you can frame and display somewhere in your home. Paint by numbers is great for the kids to learn how to paint and follow instructions at the same time. 

Each kit has everything you need to start off your painting journey--a set of brushes, acrylic paints, and a pre-printed canvas. Everything is ready to use so that all you have to do is spend time with your family and paint!
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Quarantine period shouldn't be a hindrance for you and your children to stay productive. More time inside means more opportunities to have fun by doing fun and frugal activities with the kids. We don’t know when this will last so might as well make the most out of it by trying new things that you and your kids haven’t tried before. It is the time for self-learning and discovery, so widen your horizons. Set a schedule for activities in your family as this can avoid boredom. Being creative can also create positivity so keep on trying new things together with the kids.


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