Easy Floral Paintings To Do For Beginners

Floral paintings are nice to look at. The simplicity of these images makes them stand out and produces a lot of feelings, even if they are just paintings of flowers. In this article, we list easy floral paintings to do for beginners. Read on to know more about these paintings that we recommend for new painters. 

A pile of books and a jar with blooming flowers on a table

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Flowers are beautiful, and a lot of people have come up with different sayings about them. We think that they make great subjects because they’re both living and still enough to produce still-life paintings. 

Flowers also have a range of colors which means that painting them over and over again won’t get old too quickly because there are a lot of color palettes to choose from. We think that a lot of people would enjoy having a lot of different flowers to paint.

Aside from that, botany opens you up to a lot of practice in painting different shades. The key to making the painting look realistic is by painting it in different shades and also layering it so that the painting ends up pretty. 

We love painting flowers because we think there’s something so pretty about painting realistic flowers to brighten up the room. This is also a great way to have flowers in your home if you’re allergic and can’t have flowers because they trigger sneezing fits and hay fever.

Let us know what you think of these paintings and our sample of easy floral paintings to do for beginners. Let us know your thoughts about them.


Why Should You Paint Flowers

A photo of colorful paints near a glass in art studio

Before we list easy floral paintings to do for beginners, let’s talk about why you should paint flowers. When you’re new to painting, we think it’s important that you allow yourself to learn the basics. 

Flowers are pretty easy to paint because while they have some details, they’re less complicated than other subjects such as realistic portraits. We also know that you can cheat the shadows and lighting a little bit to make the painting look better, but we think this is great if you want to practice layering and blending.

Aside from that, flowers always have a certain charm, and each flower is different, so we know you aren’t going to get bored with painting them while you learn how to paint.

Easy Floral Paintings To Do For Beginners

A photo of a green tropical ficus elastica houseplant in cozy room

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Now that we’ve covered why we think you should paint flowers, we’re going to give you some samples of easy floral paintings to do for beginners: 

  1. Lavender: Lavender flowers don’t have a lot of difficult details, so we think that this is a great flower to paint if you want to have a floral painting with minimal details. 
  2. Hibiscus flowers: One of the most common flowers that are painted is the hibiscus. They allow you to paint gradients and transitions without having too many details to work on. However, they do have a lot of variations, so you can practice your details with them. 
  3. White flowers: Some people feel intimidated by the idea of painting white flowers because it’s a color that can easily be influenced by details. However, the technique with painting flowers is using the details as accents to accentuate the white, rather than diminish its effect. 

  4. Tulips: Another simple flower you can learn how to paint is the tulip. It’s pretty, and simple enough that you can paint it with minimum shadows and it would still look good and aside from that, there are so many ways you can create tulips without having to have intermediate skills. 

  5. Peonies: These flowers are a little more difficult, but like the hibiscus flower, you can use them as a way to practice how to paint on layers, but these are a bit more challenging. 


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Now that we’ve listed samples of easy floral paintings to do for beginners, we hope that you take this time to practice the perfect way to paint flowers. Nature is one of the best subjects when it comes to art because they also impersonate things in life that may seem unnatural. 

We think that flowers bring more color into a room, which is why we think you would enjoy it a lot if you’re trying to get better at color. We hope that you enjoy these samples and consider painting them for your next painting project for your creative hobby.