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Article: Why Creative Thinking is Important Even Among Non-Artists

Why Creative Thinking is Important Even Among Non-Artists - BestPaintByNumbers

Why Creative Thinking is Important Even Among Non-Artists

The thing about creativity is that it is difficult to define because there are more than just three definitions of it. Thus, people are just as hard to categorize in creativity groups or categories because the way we think varies over time and we get to improve alongside the changes and progress that we make. It is a common misconception from people that creativity is only reserved for the gifted and talented ones as if it is inherent and an individual is born with it. However, that notion is false because everyone is creative in their ways. What a lot of people do not know about is that this important life skill can be developed by everyone– artist or not. They don’t have to be a painter, sculptor, writer, or musician to be creative. Just exercising their lateral thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities are already a way of letting creativity shine. Is creative thinking crucial for an individual? To answer this question, let us discuss in this article why creative thinking is important, even among non-artists. So keep on reading to find out more information about this topic to inspire and motivate you to be a better thinker!

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Have you ever thought about where creativity comes from? No matter how many researchers, historians, scholars, artists, and alike try to answer that question, this question remains unanswered, even to this day. The creative impulses and tendencies of everyone are unpredictable and almost unmeasurable. Perhaps, one of the greatest reasons why creative thinking is important is that it allows a person to think outside the box and step out of their comfort zones to fully experience how great life is. When seen as a problem-solving process, creativity may be viewed as an ability rather than an inborn gift or natural "talent" which can be taught as well as learned. Throughout our daily lives, we are presented with challenges to overcome, from completing simple tasks to carrying out complex initiatives. The great news is that we can always enhance our abilities to problem solve and think laterally, even though we don't consider ourselves as artists or creative people.

What is Creative Thinking?

Have you ever asked yourself why some people can come up with innovative solutions while others are unable to? The capacity to read between the lines and comprehend the big picture all comes down to one skill: creative thinking. Our capability to look at ideas presented for a situation and develop fresh solutions that address the issue is also referred to as creative thinking. Best of all, this ability is not limited to creatives such as illustrators, writers, or other artists. Many people can benefit from thinking in this manner every day. They can also obtain several advantages in their careers regardless of how "uncreative" it may be in addition to a wide range of thoughts that might inspire change not just in themselves, but also in their surroundings.

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Can We Use Creative Thinking in Our Daily Lives?

Before we fully go into details on why creative thinking is important, let us first discuss if we really can use this skill in our daily lives. Is it really practical to be creative every day for the rest of our lives? Let’s find out in this section. 

All human beings require creative thinking skills to properly participate and interact in the course of everyday living. Creative thinking is a crucial skill that allows you to look at issues and circumstances in new ways and produce new or unusual solutions that do not rely solely on previous or existing answers. 

Everyone wants to be able to think creatively and provide fresh viewpoints, whether in their practical, professional, or personal life. With these, being able to think and prepare creatively assists a person to avoid troubles and undesirable scenarios while also allowing them to pursue their passions and ambitions. Inventing new ways to carry out tasks, solve issues, and meet obstacles makes this skill invaluable and important in our daily lives. Moreover, this way of thinking brings changes not just in your personal life but also in your career and organization. It brings fresh ways to perceive things that can help your working environment to be more productive.

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Why Creative Thinking is Important

Now, let’s discuss the different reasons why creative thinking is important. Knowing the reasons will inspire and motivate you to change the way you think: it acts as an engine of innovation and inspiration to make people think outside the box. 

    1.  It provides self-confidence and self-esteem:

It may be a cliché to hear that you should simply believe in yourself. Creativity is a learning experience that can help you gain confidence and self-esteem. Learning new things that you haven't tried before such as painting or playing a musical instrument can bring you a sense of pride and joy that you will not get from other things. It will also provide you with a sense of achievement that makes you feel better about yourself. With these, you will learn that the feeling of accomplishment comes from the process of learning and trying, rather than the ultimate result of what you've done.

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    2.  Creativity provides courage:

Falling into crucial challenges and situations, as well as making difficult decisions, are unavoidable, but you may deal with them with creativity and courage, allowing you to be innovative in finding a solution. And this gives you the guts to execute and accept the consequences, whatever they are; it also helps you accept failure and use it to progress continually and not be bitter about it. Moreover, another reason why creative thinking is important is that it makes you less open to the concept of giving up in the face of failure. It always encourages you to think differently and learn new abilities to help you be bold, no matter what scenario arises.

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    3.  Creative thinking improves productivity inside the workplace:

Have you ever encountered a company launch a fresh or unique idea only to fail or not reach significant changes or sales? Obviously not. When you present fresh thoughts or innovative solutions, it will overcome the barriers to the productivity progress inside the workplace and make a significant contribution to raising the level of innovation and creativity. Thus, inventive approaches become your team's way and the secret to victory, and this guarantees you and your team will not end up in failure.

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We hope that this discussion about why creative thinking is important to everyone– artist, or non-artist, helps you to become more imaginative, inventive, and innovative not just for yourself, but also for everyone around you. Bring changes and inspire changes for a better and more beautiful world as it makes life more joyful and worth living. Innovative thinking is not restricted to individuals who learn in creative ways. Anyone can learn to think creatively and utilize it to improve their lives and the lives of people around them. Everyone may increase their creative thinking abilities. This will assist you in creating, interpreting, and coming up with answers to issues in your everyday life routines at your school, workplace, or just at home.

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