What is PBNs for Adults and What Makes it So Popular?

Since the 1950s, Paint by Numbers kits has assured budding artists and arts and crafts enthusiasts that with a few materials and simple instruction, they too can paint. With the tagline “every man a Rembrandt,” these kits are a guarantee that everyone can create a beautiful painting with an almost foolproof process.

At the time of its creation, paint by numbers kits was a hit and after a few years, the original brand that made the kits a hit, known as Craft Master, had sold over 12 million kits, filling a beautiful framed artwork in every wall of homes in America and worldwide. Though the fad had died down as years passed by, it never failed to go back to the fad and become more popular than ever.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic where stringent lockdown restrictions were imposed in every place all over the world, people were looking for new hobbies to bust their boredom. Arts and crafts kits were a big hit, with almost every D-I-Y set requiring creativity being sold out and one of them was Paint by Numbers for Adults kits. So, if you want to know more about these kits and why they’re all over the Internet, read this article because we will answer the question: “what is paint by numbers for adults and what makes it so popular?” Read ahead to know more information!

A photo of a woman in white cloth painting on a canvas mounted on an easel

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

What is Paint by Numbers for Adults?

It may be quite safe to assume that everyone has heard about the painting by numbers by now. It has been a popular technique long before the creation of the original kits by Dan Robbins. Leonardo da Vinci employed the number technique to teach his students how to paint. Many years have passed and many children have still benefited from the technique not only because it taught them how to paint, but it also aided them in the development of their skills such as fine motor, and problem-solving skills as well as other cognitive abilities.

Paint by Numbers kits is everywhere. While the original kits were intended to be of abstract designs, the idea was later changed because the kits dedicated to the abstract expressionism movement in the 1950s were not a big hit with the public. During the first few years of its release, these were enjoyed in fixed designs such as landscapes, animal images, nature sceneries, and florals.

Now, many companies have improvised and improved the kits and made several spinoffs about the beloved pastime hobby kits such as online paint by numbers where you can do the art on your gadgets such as phone or tablet, Custom Paint by Numbers, Diamond Paint by Numbers, Color Pop PBN, and so much more. But, perhaps the most popular version of the kits was the Custom PBN and Paint by Numbers for Adults. You’ll know the reason why the kits are so popular in the next section.

A photo of a lady in black painting

What Makes Paint by Numbers for Adults so Popular?

    1.  Painting by numbers is meditative:

A lot of adults seek relief to destress themselves or to find simple pleasures in life to forget about the tough challenges that they face. One great thing about these beloved paint sets is that the process is almost mindless, yet creative. You do not need to exert a lot of effort to paint.

You just have to fill in the gaps according to their number and match them with the corresponding colors. You can do it for hours and the repetition sends you in a meditative state that allows you to stay in the present moment without thinking about anything else– all you have to do is relax and enjoy. 

A painting with orange and yellow colors of a body of water and trees

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    2.  These kits made art accessible to everyone:

For a very long time, it had been a common misconception for so many people that only the gifted and talented ones could paint. Since creating artworks wasn’t that accessible, especially if you wanted to create something by yourself on a professional level without spending too much on art lessons and art materials, it discouraged a lot of people from painting.

Each kit promises that every man is truly a Rembrandt inside, they just have to believe in themselves. With a little bit of effort, patience, and dedication, it is a guarantee that even you, without the technical knowledge in painting, can create magnificent artworks that you can give or display on your wall.

A photo showing art supplies and other painting materials with a completed abstract painting in a room

    3.  It’s a great way to spend time with yourself:

If you’re looking for an escape from your job without resorting to televisions, gadgets, and Netflix, then creating art is the way to go. Creating art gives the impression to many people that it is a difficult and strenuous task, especially for those who are inexperienced but paint by numbers for adults makes it simpler, fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Since painting requires focus and attention to detail, it can be a great way to spend time by yourself and focus on immersing yourself in the activity to ensure a foolproof process with minimal to no mistakes. You can sip a bottle of wine while painting to make it more enjoyable on your end or you can put on your favorite tunes to calm your senses and even inspire your artistic spirit even more. 

A photo of a lady painting an abstract photo

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    4.  This technique provides a framework about the basics of painting:

Many aspiring artists begin with curiosity and cluelessness if they venture into the world of arts. While some prefer guidance and go to art classes, some want to explore it by themselves and self-study the art of painting. Paint by numbers for adults can teach people how to paint. Since artists learn by firsthand experiences, what’s an even better way to experience painting without any frustrations than using the kits?

From learning how to properly handle brushes, through the basics of blending, color theory, color placement, shadows, lightning, and values, all these can be learned through using paint by numbers for adults kits.

A photo showing a painting being placed on top a white platform with a flower verse

Key Takeaways 

Relaxing, calming, meditative, fun to use, easy, enjoyable, and creative– these are some of the few words that we can describe paint by numbers for adult kits. Now that you know the basic information about these kits, why don’t you try them yourself so that you can see the magic of painting? Thus to answer why they’re so popular these days based on judgment. 

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Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit