Famous Art Movements To Keep Track Of

We have discussed how art has made an impact on our self-expression, but do you know which art movements have made the most impact in the world? In this article, we tell you all about the famous art movements to keep track of and how they have affected modern pieces. 

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Previously, we have mentioned how art has made an impact on how we express ourselves, and even how we create art, but did you know that there are art movements that have served and influenced a lot of art in the modern era? In this article, we’re going to go into detail about famous art movements to keep track of. 

Whether you are an artist waiting to create or just someone who enjoys art, we think that knowing these movements will help you understand more about what inspires modern art and the reasons why they remain relevant to this day. 

We know that not everyone is born as an artist, and we think that anyone can be an artist if they choose to put in the time and perseverance to learn the skills. However, knowing more about what inspires artists might help you find the drive you need to create your art.

The best thing about it is, a lot of people have been inspired by these movements, yet they are constantly finding ways to put their twists in their work. Let us know what you think of these art movements and if they inspire you as well. 

What Is An Art Movement?

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Before we get into the different famous art movements to keep track of, let’s answer what an art movement is. We see people throw around the term a lot, but how many of us understand what art movements are?

Art movements are defined by art styles that are representative of a philosophy or an objective. Most of the time, these art styles are followed by a group of people, and the following can extend from a few days to even decades after it was first introduced.

Aside from that, it also refers to a group of artists who practice a certain art style that becomes distinguished from most of the modern mediums. With that, art movements further prove how art is important in life and our culture. 

Famous Art Movements To Keep Track Of

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Now that we’ve defined what art movements are, let’s talk about famous art movements to keep track of. Let us know which of these art movements are influential to you. 

Art movements:

  1. Baroque: This art style was first introduced in Italy. It focused on realism and rich colors. This art movement focuses on opulence, and you would find it a lot more expensive-looking than the renaissance period. 
  2. Cubism: Some people would say that cubism is a form of abstract art because all the images done in this movement use cubes. 
  3. Impressionism: As the name applies, this art movement focuses on the impression artists have with their real-life occurrences. Famous artists in this category include Van Gogh. 
  4. Pop Art: Colorful art with popping colors didn’t become popular until the 1950s. It was a movement that was first started by Roy Lichtenstein, and most of the pop art now is inspired by Andy Warhol. 
  5. Art Deco: Last but not the least, we have art deco. This movement started in the 1920s and started after the end of Art Nouveau. Since its release, it has remained relevant. 

Key Takeaways

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There are a lot of art movements that continue to make an impact on artists now. However, not everyone knows what art movements inspire them. We have only listed a few of the most relevant ones, but here are famous art movements to keep track of that we think you should enjoy and check out if you decide to come up with a small hobby in the arts. 

Art movements have had the most impact when it comes to how people create art, and we think you would benefit from knowing more about them because they have an impact on expressing through art. 

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