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Article: Five Famous Art Prizes

Five Famous Art Prizes - BestPaintByNumbers

Five Famous Art Prizes

Art prizes are just one of the things that make entering contests worth it. We want to talk about five famous art prizes that you can win if you choose one of these prestigious contests. Let us know if you have ever joined these contests before. 

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Joining art contests is fun because you test your abilities and you’re able to see where you need to improve. However, the best part of joining art contests is being able to secure the prizes that come with these contests. 

In this article, we discuss the five famous art prizes that you can win if you ever decide to join any of these contests. However, the pressure is on because most of the people who join these contests are also trying to secure these prizes, which is why you need to do your best. 

Although, we don’t think that winning is the most important goal because as an artist, exposure also plays a big part in the success of your art career and we’re sure you’ll get it if you join any contest. 

We think that you should join a few art contests in the course of your progression as an artist because it helps gauge how you’ll do in the competitive world of art. Aside from that, you learn more about your competition which can help you in the long run. 

Let us know if you have joined art contests before and what you think of them through comments. 

Why Should You Join Art Contests

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Before we get into the five famous art prizes, we want to talk about why you should join art contests. Here are some reasons why we think joining art contests is important for young artists: 

  1. It keeps your portfolio updated: Your portfolio is an important part of being an artist. It holds the record of all your creations and it shows other people your progress from when you first started to now. Your portfolio needs constant updating because it also shows that you are constantly improving in your craft and testing skills. 
  2. It helps improve your confidence: Having faith in your work and being confident in your skills are two characteristics that are important if you want to have a successful art career. Even if you don’t win, it takes a certain amount of belief in yourself to join an art contest. 

  3. It lets you evaluate your art from a different perspective: As an artist, being able to look at your creations from different perspectives allows you to look at your art from an outsider’s perspective and learn what areas you can improve on. This is important if you’re new to creating art or just want to know what you can do better with your art. 

  4. It gives you a chance to scope out your competition: The art career pool is full of people who want to make it in the art world, and the best way you can scope out the competition is by putting yourself in the arena with them. It also shows them that you’re confident in your work and are willing to test your mettle. 

  5. You gain advice from professionals: Usually, people who judge art contests are already in the art world and will be able to provide you with the insight you need to grow as an artist. They can also share their experience while growing as an artist and let you know what you should and shouldn’t do as you make progress. 

Five Famous Art Prizes

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Now that we’ve covered why you should join art contests, we want to talk about five famous art prizes that you could get if you join one. 

  1. The Turner Prize: This is one of the oldest art prizes that you can get. It was introduced to encourage more interest in contemporary art and was used to assist Tate in finding new work. 

  2. Hugo Boss: This art prize was first introduced by the Guggenheim Museum in 1996. It can be awarded to a solo artist or a group of artists and is given in honor of contemporary art and innovation. 

  3. Bucksbaum Award: This is a prize that rewards winners with $100,000 as a grant and is given to artists who join the Whitney Biennial. 
  4. Jameel Prize: This art prize is given to artists who create art that is inspired by Islamic tradition. It aims to honor the connection between arts and crafts and Islam culture. 

  5. Golden and Silver Lions: This art prize is one of the most prestigious prizes that you can receive. The Golden Lion is often rewarded to artists who join in the Best Artist Exhibition and for a lifetime of their achievements. 

 Key Takeaways

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Now that we have discussed the five famous art prizes, we hope that they inspire you to join art contests as well. If you’re not ready to join a big contest, some schools hold art contests with the same onus and we think that that would make good practice.

Art contests are so full of potential, which is why we think it’s important for you to try, even if you’re scared because these contests are a great way to see how you will fare in your career as an artist. Let us know if you have joined art contests. 

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