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Article: Who Created Diamond Painting? Watch Out for This New Art

Who Created Diamond Painting? Watch Out for This New Art - BestPaintByNumbers

Who Created Diamond Painting? Watch Out for This New Art

Much like the paint by numbers kit, a new arts and crafts kit is taking over the internet due to its crazy similarity to PBN kits, offering the same mental health benefits for beginners and pros, young people and adults. If you’re a big fan of doing simple and repetitive craftwork that brings mindfulness, stress relief, and relaxation, then you should try diamond painting. Millions of people around the world who have gotten into the diamond painting kit craze may be wondering where this new form of obsessive art came from, and you might be one of them.

Painting, sewing, jewelry making, pottery, and other arts and crafts have all been around for as long as mankind, but diamond painting is a relatively recent addition to the world of crafts. It has been getting popular for several years and has swiftly become one of the trendy crafts to this day. This activity, which is enjoyed by everyone regardless of age and skill level, is less likely to decline in demand anytime shortly.

Due to its popularity across social media platforms, many hobby craft enthusiasts wonder who created diamond painting. So, in this article, let’s discover more about this trendy kit and find out the inventor of this new trend. Keep on reading to find out more!

A diamond resin flower

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Are you ready to become addicted to a new hobby? Let's find out why everyone is buzzing about it these days.

Diamond painting is a simple craft that both children and adults may enjoy. It is a very similar craft with a similar concept to paint by numbers only that they use different materials. Other people use the term "diamond cross stitch" since it also resembles the same technique as this type of needlework.

So in that sense, diamond painting is actually a hybrid between the two famous crafts: paint by numbers and cross stitch... but make it sparkly and glittery! Before we dive deep into the origins and inventor of this addicting craft, let’s find out more about diamond painting below.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a type of art in which pictures are painted with diamonds rather than acrylic paints. In essence,  it was designed to use diamonds in a sticky canvas to create a nice picture. A dull and average image is brought to life by simply gluing the diamonds, also called jewel drills, rhinestones, or drills over a sticky canvas marked with symbols that correspond to a particular diamond.

When completed, the individual stones blend to form a lovely mosaic-like image. This hobby is beloved by hobby enthusiasts of all ages and skillsets because it allows anybody to make a work of art deserving of the display without requiring any particular abilities or expertise.

Just like painting by numbers, painting with diamonds is as easy as 1-2-3! You also relieve the stress away with one gem at a time.

A resin diamond round pebble painting

Who Created Diamond Painting? 

While the concept is relatively new in the arts and crafts world, who created the diamond painting and its origins are quite hard to trace because many companies have launched products offering the same tools and concept. 

Diamond painting is considered to have evolved from a fusion of cross-stitch and sand painting. In reality, the creator of this new craft kit references a Sand Painting Card invention in the patent for diamond painting. According to the patent, this type of craft seeks to create a pattern using a plastic canvas, similar to a Sand Painting Card, and then follows the design and arranging of diamonds, similar to adding threads in a cross-stitch arrangement.

In the original form of the kit, diamond paintings were done on velvet-textured canvas, which made it impossible to adhere diamonds onto the canvas. With improved bonding procedures, the kit's popularity spread across the world, from its original country to China, to other parts of Asia and around the world.

diamond painting of a man

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

A Chinese business called Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. submitted the patent for what we now term diamond painting in 2010. A similar idea existed previously in which plastic beads were laid on velvet to form a picture. The creator of the present diamond painting devised the method of attaching resin stones to a canvas to overcome the difficulty of attaching the stones to the canvas due to poor gluing technique.

What Makes Diamond Painting Kits So Popular These Days?

Many people seek new forms to relieve their stress in a very affordable way without having to leave town or breaking their budget. Many people seek to partake in art even without prior experience. Hence why craft kits like Paint by Numbers and Diamond Art have a mass appeal because they’re affordable and best of all, easy to use– no artistic skill required! Now that we know who created the diamond painting, as well as its brief history, let’s take a look at some of the rewarding aspects of this beloved craft:

    1.  Mental health benefits:

One of the most impressive aspects of diamond painting is the perks it provides. This craft is more than a pastime hobby. It's a method to boost your mental well-being while also helping your children develop greater hand-eye coordination, perseverance, cooperation, and other skills. Some people even consider it a type of meditation because of the mindless repetition it entails.

Furthermore, it is a terrific hobby since it helps to relieve all of the tension that accumulates during the day. People are constantly in a rush in today's environment so diamond painting allows you to wind down, breathe, and relax while allowing your artistic side to shine. This restores equilibrium in your daily life and aids in the release of stress and relaxation of the mind.

    2.  A fun activity to bond with your family:

The entire family may participate in this fun and relaxing activity. You may either buy a large canvas and work on one kit as a family, or each person can have their canvas to work with. In either case, you may all create and enjoy the process together in one room, chatting, and creating memories you and your family will never forget. When you're finished, you may hang the finished artwork on your walls.

Your youngsters will be able to create something lovely regardless of their age and skills. It is thrilling for children to see what they have created.

    3.  It enhances your ability to focus and concentrate:

The brain requires stimulation, and focusing on specific tasks is an excellent method to do it. When you train your brain, you sharpen it, and this benefit will carry over until you get old as it diminishes the risk of Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other memory-related diseases. Concentration requires only a few tools which can be found on your kit— the diamonds, the applicator tool, and the canvas. Then, you're off to somewhere magical where you can focus endlessly for hours.

Exercising your brain in this way keeps it alert, helping you to focus better in your workplace or class.

Tiles from a scrabble set on white surface

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Key Takeaways 

We hope this article satisfies your curiosity about who created the diamond painting and the other information you want to know about this new craft. Come and try this activity yourself to see the wonders of arts and crafts. If you’re up to trying this, Best Paint by Numbers has something for you: A Diamond Painting Kit for only $39.99!

The best part of buying this kit? Well, you get to choose your photo that will be turned into a sparkly diamond canvas that you can create and display. Moreover, shipping expenses are covered by us, so it’s free! Get yours today before supply runs out! Click here to start your diamond painting journey. 

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit



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