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Article: Advantages of Listening to Classical Music During the Painting Process

Advantages of Listening to Classical Music During the Painting Process - BestPaintByNumbers

Advantages of Listening to Classical Music During the Painting Process

Have you ever wondered where music can take you? How far can it lead you during the creative process of painting, sculpting, or pretty much in the creation of any art form? Music, much like painting, is a very powerful art. It evokes feelings and thoughts; it taps into your subconscious and inspires you to create. It takes you off to beautiful places, somewhere magical, wonderful, and sublime.

While not everyone agrees that music can bring a good addition of inspiration and motivation as you indulge in the creative process, there are plenty of artists who prefer to play Richard Wagner or Beethoven in the background. Why is that? Well, they claim that not only does it help you be more creative, but it also provides other benefits to your physical and mental health.

Recent research studies have shown us that there is an amazing connection between painting and music. Although it is a matter of preference if you want to listen to music while you create your masterpiece, we highly recommend that you should listen to powerful yet relaxing instrumentals. If you’re not yet convinced, continue reading this article because we will give you the many advantages of listening to classical music.

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When two of the greatest pursuits in the world are combined– visual art and music, then you are off to create something remarkable. Music resembles visual art: passionate, emotional, and thought-provoking. On the other hand, visual art is also like music: it has patterns only that it is recognized visually, it’s a composition using lines and shapes, and a symphony of colors.

There are so many reasons why you should consider listening to music, especially the classical genre, as you create your works of art. For one, this genre was once the leading style of music in the world. It has a rich history that dates back to world-famous composers and eras. The great thing about this genre is that we have centuries of compositions to listen to and appreciate.

A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music

While taste in music varies because it is also a matter of personal preference, and with that belief, many people have concluded that classical music is not for them. They often cite its overly plain and boring nature, making them feel sleepy as they listen to it. If you’re one of them, we want to convince you that it's not the case; it’s just that you haven’t found the right composers yet. So, how do you develop a taste in classical music? Let’s find out below before we discuss the advantages of listening to classical music.

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In the age of rap, pop, and metal music, it is surely hard to develop a taste for classical music. Classical music is very complex, not monotonous, and has cohesion. Classical music is concerned with how shifts and variations are done; it is concerned with transporting the listener from one tune to the next brilliantly and imaginatively, as well as the emotional responses those changes elicit. It's all about the melody and the rhythm, not the lyrics we often find to relate to our emotions too.

To develop a taste for this exquisite genre, one must prepare himself for a journey. Listening to classical music fosters a deep respect for what it is, how it sounds, and where it originated from. Every classical song attempts to tell a tale through the notes without the company of lyrics. From start to finish, the piece has a stimulating and dynamic effect. 

Despite the peaks and troughs, you can understand what the musician is attempting to portray via the melody, whether it's excitement, grief, or any other powerful feeling. 

When it comes to composers, there are many well-known names to learn about. Relate this genre to your favorite type of music. For instance, if you’re into rock n’ roll, find a classical composition that is fast-paced and loud, such as the works of Richard Wagner, Mozart, and Beethoven. If you’re into romantic music, explore the compositions of Charles Gounod and Giacomo Puccini. If you’re into slow-paced, sad music, try listening to Tchaikovsky and Frederic Chopin. 

Advantages of Listening to Classical Music

To Your Physical Health

    1.  It helps in controlling your blood pressure:

It's amazing to learn that medical experts and researchers discovered a link between our blood pressure levels and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. They discovered that this composition, as well as many pieces in this genre, are in natural harmony with our own heart's natural rhythm, which helps to maintain ideal blood pressure levels.

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    2.  Better sleep at night:

It is not common for artists to suffer from poor sleep at night or worse, insomnia and other sleeping problems. If you’re suffering from similar conditions, you might want to consider listening to Mozart. Accordingly, one of the best advantages of listening to classical music is that it can be a natural remedy for a peaceful and better sleep at night, resulting in a more energetic body the next day. 

To Your Mental Health

    1.  Improves brain activity:

A group of researchers from the Northumbria University (UK) conducted various trials on students' neurological function while performing assessments as the students listened to Vivaldi's Spring concert. They were responding better and more efficiently than when they were listening to the melancholy Autumn concerto. The researchers concluded that listening to pleasurable and exciting compositions improved brain function.

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    2.  It uplifts your mood:

Plenty of research studies suggest that listening to classical music can make you feel better as it helps in the release of dopamine chemicals to your brain, which is responsible for the feelings of pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction. About a better mood, you also get to work better and efficiently because this type of music makes you feel at ease, removing the feelings of tension and pressure which can help you enjoy the creative process even more.

To Your Creativity

    1.  It boosts your motivation and productivity:

Classical music is one of the greatest kinds of background music. As enjoyable as it is to listen to your favorite songs, the vocal sections might frequently divert your attention while you are attempting to be productive in your activity. As a result, classical music's melodies and rhythms are simpler to listen to while you create your artwork. 

    2.  Classical music can be a source of creativity:

The symphony, rhythm, melody, beat, and overall instrumentals of the classical music you listen to can likely affect your creative choices while painting. This includes the colors you select for your palette, your movements and manner of applying your brush strokes, how fast you apply or blend the pigments, and so forth. Moreover, the decisions you make throughout the entire process are affected by your mood stimulated by the music. With such, be careful of the classical music you put on a play!

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Key Insights

While classical music is a hard genre to get into, just keep on exploring different composers and symphonies that will help you develop a taste for this genre. All compositions of this genre are almost perfect as they embody the complexity of human nature– our passion, emotions, and fantasies. With such, you can never go wrong with whatever piece you choose to play while you indulge in your artistic project. 

Always remember that choosing the right classical music shouldn’t be a chore: it must rather feel enjoyable as it helps us discover more about our creativity and intentions as an artist. And since it inspires and may even motivate us during the creative process, don’t be afraid to dance with the music; and by dancing, it means allowing it to affect your style, color palette, brushwork, and mood of your artwork. We hope that this article about the advantages of listening to classical music inspires you to explore more about the genre.  

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