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Article: Fun and Easy Abstract Painting Ideas that You Can Try at Home

Fun and Easy Abstract Painting Ideas that You Can Try at Home - BestPaintByNumbers

Fun and Easy Abstract Painting Ideas that You Can Try at Home

While it is understandable that abstract art is less appealing compared to others, we should break the mindset that it’s not as fun to make compared to creating non-abstract paintings. However, once you discover different styles, techniques, and hacks, you will realize that abstract art is more interesting than you thought. Today, let’s take a look at some of the abstract painting ideas that are fun to try at home, especially with your family and friends. 

A photo of a lady holding a paintwork

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Abstract art. How do we even begin discussing this ambiguous form of art? Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that the abstract expressionism movement is one of the most valuable movements in history, where most paintings are sold for millions of dollars. While many people do not get the full essence of abstract art because it is abstract and quite difficult to understand in nature, it is still celebrated as a valid form of self-expression. Yet despite the fame it has attained in the art world, it is still being criticized outside the art world. The common criticisms of abstract paintings are that they are child-like as if a child randomly splashes color in the canvas; or that they can be made by everyone, or that there is nothing so special about it.

Perhaps the worst notion about abstract paintings and other non-representational artworks is that they are less valuable than representational artworks. But that’s where they’re wrong. Countless abstract pieces are sold and auctioned everywhere around the world. There are plenty of modern art exhibits that only showcase abstract artworks to show that there is beauty in unconventionality. 

Secrets to Making a Great and Interesting Abstract Artwork 

You will know that a piece of abstract art is interesting and great once it provokes your eyes and it fills you with feelings and emotions while it also narrates a story to your soul. So, to make your abstract artworks more professional-looking, as if they’re made by painters like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, we will be giving you some tips and tricks that you can use before we proceed to give you some abstract painting ideas.

Multi colored abstract painting of people in an era

    1.  Choose your color palette wisely:

While it is common thinking that abstract art is just splashing random colors on a canvas to create a painting, it is actually more than that. The thing is, selecting hues for your color palette that work harmoniously together can be quite complicated because one hue can destroy the whole painting so be careful. Good color palette choices are neutral tones, earth tones, and primary color palettes.

    2.  Play with textures:

An interesting abstract painting is composed of great textures, shapes, and other elements that are eye-provoking. Don’t just use brushes when making this type of art. Use palette knives, your fingers, unconventional painting supplies that you can find in your house, study different techniques that you can apply in your canvas,  and don’t limit yourself from the conventional way of doing a painting. 

    3.  Tell a story:

In this type of art, there are two sides of the story: one is the story from the maker while the other one is from the one who perceives the painting itself. Combine all the elements together that work with balance and harmony. Use the colors and textures to portray your feelings and emotions. Use your instincts and intuition. Channel your subconscious and translate it into the canvas. 

A photo of a woman drawing on a white canvas paper while bending down

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Abstract Painting Ideas

    1.  Acrylic Paint Pouring:

Let’s start this list of abstract painting ideas with something that we can see all over the internet because of how easy and fun it is to make. Not only is it relaxing to watch painters do this technique but doing it yourself is more relaxing and enjoyable! You can even invite friends and family members to do this activity with you. To make this activity easier for you, there are several ready-to-use acrylic pouring kits available that you can purchase online or in arts and crafts stores so that you don’t have to premix the acrylic paints before you start pouring them on the canvas. The best part is that nothing comes out the same when you try this because of how loose and free-flowing the paints are.

A pink black and yellow abstract painting

    2.  Textured Painting:

This requires palette knives but if you don’t have that, you can also use plastic knives that come from takeout meals or even old credit cards as a scraper, or even a squeegee. As mentioned, don’t limit yourself to using the conventional art tools that we use in painting because certain movements and textures cannot be replicated by brushes alone. 

A multi colored yellow blue purple abstract painting

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    3.  Paper marbling:

If you’re quite intimidated by working on a canvas, then paper marbling might be the activity for you. All you need in this activity are simple objects that can be found in your houses such as food dyes, shaving cream, and barbeque sticks or toothpicks. Because of its simplicity, this is super fun to make with the kids. The finished marbled papers are great to use for art journal designs, postcards, gift wrappers, and many more.

A photo marbled marbling marbled paper

    4.  Abstract gold leaf painting:

If you’re looking for a more elegant and sophisticated art result that is displayable on your wall, then an abstract gold leaf painting is perfect. Gold leaf may sound like it’s going to break your budget but there are imitation ones that you can use for your artwork. The secret to creating a great artwork incorporated with gold leaf is a careful application of techniques-- from the color palette that you use, brushwork, workings with palette knives, and the movement as well as the flow of your overall painting. 

A photo of a gold leaf gold craft metal

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    5.  Basquiat-inspired paintings:

Jean Michel-Basquiat was a popular painter during the 1980s when the Neo-expressionism movement emerged. This type of abstract painting is characterized by graffiti style, which often includes texts, playful lines and shapes, and obscure figures using vibrant colors. 

A photo of two people admiring paintings on the wall

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