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Article: Home Crafts: turn your room from basic to beautiful

Home Crafts: turn your room from basic to beautiful - BestPaintByNumbers

Home Crafts: turn your room from basic to beautiful

You probably consider your bedroom as the most important room in your house. In there, you can find peace, privacy, and a sense of comfort. Ideally, your master suite should be a personal retreat wherein you express your personality, favorite colors, collections, etc. from the walls to the ceilings. Now that most of us are still in quarantine and bored, you might want to consider re-decorating your room. Maybe add some decor that you can make yourself or with your family.

A room that looks like it belongs to a creative

In this article, we compiled a collection of home crafts that you can create to turn your bedroom from basic to beautiful. From cute wall arts to accessory organizers, you will definitely get hooked into doing these awesome room decors that are practical and aesthetic.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit
Show your creative side by trying out these easy to do homemade crafts that you can enjoy as an activity with your family without hurting your pockets:

  1. Wire mesh bulletin board—this bulletin board can be achieved by using simple tools like spray paint, brackets, and wire mesh. You can also add fairy lights to make it more stylish.A wire mesh board made of gold

  2. Storage ottoman—there’s nothing like building your own stylish piece of furniture, especially if it’s multi-purpose. This project may sound hard, but it is definitely doable for beginner crafters. You may repurpose your wooden crates and from there you can upholster and even add wheels to make it easier to move.An ottoman chair used as furniture and storage
  3. T-shirt throw pillows—if you have t-shirts that you don’t use anymore, you can repurpose them into decorative throw pillows. The best part about this project is that you don’t need a sewing machine (although you can use one if you have one) as all you need to have is a needle and some thread.
    A throw pillow made of tshirt material on a bed
  4. Canopy nook—if you (or your kids) dream of having your/their own secret space to read books, watch movies, play with dolls, etc., make use of your extra curtains or blanket, quilts and pillows to create a nook. You can also add colorful lights to make it more aesthetic.
    A boy reading with a flashlight under his canopy nook
  5. Clipboard wall organizer—can’t get enough of organizing? This project is perfect for you! Make use of clipboards that are no longer in use and from there you can paint or decoupage or even wrap in wrapping paper.
    A clipboard wall organizer used to beautify a house
  6. Hanging picture display—this crafting activity is ideal for those people who like Polaroids or just displaying photos in general. You can make use of yarns, twines or even Christmas lights to make your room brighter and full of memories.
    Several different pictures hanging on a wall
  7. Magnetic makeup board—tired of the mess, fix, repeat cycle you’re having on your dressing table? Why not try making your own magnetic makeup board? This project is very low-budget and effective for those make-up lovers out there who are in a rush.
    Set of makeup equipment preparing to be used
  8. Jewelry organizer—too much glitz and glam and not enough space? Make your own stylish and useful jewelry organizer instead of buying one. Upcycle your wooden boards, crates, trays or even shoeboxes to create an organizer for all your accessories.
    A wooden box used to organize jewelry
  9. Hook rack—make use of thick leftover wooden boards, paint, and stylish knobs and turn them into hook racks to organize your keys, coats, hats, bags, etc.
    A hook rack that is used for clothing
  10. Hanging floral wall—having a piece from nature is relaxing and it adds coziness to the overall vibes of your room. Update the look of your bedroom with fresh flowers or greenery or you can create fake ones using crepe papers, ribbon, etc. if you want them to last longer.
    A wall being beautified by vases with flowers in them
  11. Personal painting portrait—display a portrait of yourself in your bedroom to make it look more artistic and unique. Zero painting skills? No worries! You got Best Paint by Numbers to help you get started. Simply upload your favorite photo of yourself (or your pet or even a photo with a loved one) and we will turn it into a pre-printed canvas that you can paint. Click here to have your custom paint by numbers to elevate your room’s design.
    A paint your own iphone picture from BestPaintbyNumbers

    If you want a pre-designed image, you can browse on our wide collection of images as well. If you prefer a pre-designed canvas, click here.

  12. Sunburst mirror—save a dull mirror or buy one from a thrift shop and turn it into a sunburst-designed mirror by using three materials--wooden sticks, gold spray paint, and glue gun.
    A sunburst mirror that can be made from wood and glue
  13. Clay animal heads—mold your favorite animals’ heads such as deer, zebra, etc. out of clay and paint it any color you like.
    A clay animal head being made
  14. Floating candles—make yourself feel like you are at Hogwarts’ Dining Hall with these elegant floating (fake) candles that will surely make your room magical. For this craft, you will need empty toilet paper rolls, white paint, battery-powered tea lights, hot glue gun for the “dripping candle” effect, and a thread and thumb tacks for hanging.
    A plethora of floating candles in the sky
  15. R2-D2 trash can—a Star Wars fan? You will definitely feel the force by making one of
    these homemade crafts that will take your trash to the dark side. A trash can made to look like R2-D2

To wrap things up

Now that you’ve learned our collection of home crafts that you can make for your next bedroom makeover, start making yourself busy and productive by following our ideas. Whether it’s a Paint by Numbers portrait display or a collection of Harry Potter-inspired floating candles, these crafts will truly turn your bedroom from basic to beautiful.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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