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Article: Making Paint by Numbers look better

Making Paint by Numbers look better - BestPaintByNumbers

Making Paint by Numbers look better

A person teaching some studentsWhether you’re a beginner or not when it comes to painting by numbers, it is certain that the outcome would turn out fantastic as long as you follow the classic paint by numbers instructions. If you are looking for more detailed step by step paint by numbers instructions, click here.

Now that you’ve learned the basics with paint by numbers, why don’t you start learning the tricks of the trade on how to make paint by numbers look better

There are several ways to make paint by numbers look better especially if you pay attention even to the smallest detail. Continue reading this if you want to find out how!

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

Where do I start painting on my canvas?

Oftentimes, it is a little bit overwhelming to look at your new canvas, especially for beginners. With all the numbers, shapes and sizes of the contour, you may get confused about where to begin. Here are tricks on how to start painting with your canvas:

  • Start working with the dark colors first, after which you can proceed with the lighter colors.
  •  Work with one number at a time.
  • Start painting from the largest details to the smaller ones.
  • To prevent smudging the paint from your hand, go from left to right as you make your way from the top of the canvas, to the bottom part.

Things to keep in mind when painting:

My first paint by numbers set

  • Do not use an excessive amounts of paint as the canvas may not absorb it well and could cause unnecessary smudging.
  •  Since acrylic paints are quick-drying, make sure to work with only one number at a time.
  • Always seal your acrylic paints when they’re not in use.
  • Check the consistency of your acrylic paints before painting it on the canvas. If the consistency is a bit thick, you may add a drop or two of warm water to make the consistency more desirable.
  • Take a break every now and then. Don’t tire yourself and never rush your artwork. Remember, you can’t rush art. If you feel that your progress is slow, don’t be afraid and keep in mind that even famous painters took their time in doing their art. Leonardo da Vinci spent three years painting the Last Supper while he spent six years painting Mona Lisa!

Pro tip: When working with light colors, use a white out or a white colored pencil so that the numbers and spaces will not show through the paint. Just make sure that you won’t forget the number of the area that you’re shading.


Brushes for a paint by numbers set

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean your brushes between color transitions.
  • Try using a toothpick if you think that even your tiniest brush can’t fit in a particular area.
  • To increase the precision of your strokes, dip the tip of your paintbrush instead of submerging the brushes directly to the paint. In that way, you will also prevent your brushes from getting dried while you conserve the paint as well. Plus, it’s much easier to work on the intricate details when you use the tip of your brushes.
  • Carefully clean your brushes after using.

Pro tip: Use the brushes to your own advantage.

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit


Although there is no need to blend the colors when working with paint by numbers, there are several art theories on how to make paint by numbers look better and one of them is the art of zigzag blurring.

Paint being blended

  • Learning how to blend with colors or blur will make your artwork even more realistic. The tip on how to have a zigzag “blur” effect as an end result with your paint by numbers artwork is to stroke the painted color over the other near color on the canvas with the help of a dry, soft-bristled brush.

Soft edges:

  • When working with areas with several gradients of colors, try blending the colors on the edges into one another by going back and forth with a brush for a more natural-looking transition.

Painting with soft edges

Framing your finished canvas:

  • Make sure that your canvas is completely dried before proceeding to the framing process.
  • Choose assembled frames instead of the ones that you have to assemble to save yourself some time.
  • Be sure to buy the correct frame size that is compatible with your canvas.

Start your painting journey

Now that we’ve mentioned the tips and tricks on how to make paint by numbers look better, we hope that you take all the ideas as inspirations for your next paint by numbers activity. Have fun and learn the essentials of art with Paint by Numbers which will definitely unleash your inner artistic potential.

Make your own rules on how to do paint by numbers and how to make paint by numbers look better by using all the materials correctly in order to make the most out of  them. Start being artsy and grab your own Paint by Numbers today!

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

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