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BPBN Music for Painters Vol. 2

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Inspiring relaxation music for painters Vol.2

Listen to the sound of inspiring and at the same time relaxing music while you paint.  

You get our 10 music tracks with 30 minutes length each in Vol. 2 now, which was produced exclusively for you by BestPaintByNumbers to bring you a more intense and beautiful painting experience.  

Painting is not only an activity to improve your artistic skills, it can also teach you the importance of mindfulness and living in the moment. Doing art, particularly painting, is a good way of practicing mindfulness - a skill which helps you attain inner peace, empathy, and an overall positive energy… especially when you do it while listening to relaxing music.

Unable to fully concentrate on your painting activity? 

Crack up some tunes with Best Paint by Numbers’ Relaxing & Inspriring Music!


  • 10 tracks of relaxing music that will help you immerse in your painting activity even more.
  • Each track is approximately 30 minutes long - 5 hours in total!
  • Not only useful during painting sessions, you can play the music in other activities that require concentration and even meditation.


  • Many research suggests that listening to music promotes creative thinking. Thus, music can help in broadening our perspective as well as enhancing our desire to expand horizons when making art.
  • It creates a positive mood in the atmosphere.
  • Listening to relaxing music can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Listening to music when painting can improve brain function and memory.

You will receive the music as a download via email after purchase.
The music can be played on all common devices that support MP3 (this is a common standard format and should be supported by 99.99% of all devices).